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Springtown Barndominium with 2 Garages by HL Custom Homes

In the world of alternative living and sustainability, architectural innovation continues to reshape our understanding of what a home could be. A barndominium is one such marvel. Once humble, rustic barns, these structures have evolved seamlessly into embodiments of modern comfort, offering an appealing, quirky twist to the traditional. 

Barndominiums effortlessly blend rusticity and elegance, becoming a trend attracting those who appreciate spacious, tranquil settings. 

In the heart of the Lone Star State, Texas – renowned for its breathtaking views and hospitable culture – the appeal of the barndominium is further enhanced. 

This state’s distinctiveness, tightly knotted with its natural beauty, resonates with the barndominium ethos, making them an impeccable pair. Texas, a land of warm smiles and grit, lends charm to these sustainable homes, strengthening their allure. 

Today’s feature explores the charisma of this lifestyle. We introduce this Springtown barndominium, a testament to the wonders of barndominium living in the rustic heart of Texas.


Journey to the heart of Texas, where this Springtown barndominium with two garages by HL Custom Homes stands as an illustrious monument to innovative, sustainable living. This extraordinary dwelling bears the marks of Texan individuality, capturing the soul of the locale in its distinctive exterior design.

The gable roof of dark-colored metal weathers adversity with unyielding resilience, reflecting the practicalities of the southern climate. The robust material choices provide a stark, beautiful contrast against the backdrop of the expansive Texas sky.

The sidings are generously adorned with a mingling of wainscot siding and white paint, a perfect blend that harmonizes with the surroundings. 

An extension of the gable roof shelters the welcoming porch, inviting visitors and residents with a light-brown main door. This doorway is subtle in its elegance, offering just the right amount of stand-out appeal to underscore the grandeur of the overall design.

Tucked neatly aside, two white doors open to spacious garages sufficient for larger vehicles and outdoor equipment.

The surroundings, a verdant expanse of grass, introduce an open space that welcomes endless opportunities for landscaping, gardening, outdoor entertainment, or simply enjoying an unruffled view of the horizon. This particular setting makes building a barndominium in Texas even more enticing.


Within the heart of the Springtown barndominium, the interior celebrates sophistication intertwined with comfort. The polished concrete floor offers just the right sheen, subtly reflecting the purity of the pristine white walls. 

Together, they create a serene tableau, offering an elegant, understated canvas. This glorious fusion effortlessly transforms the interior into a space reflective of grace, simplicity, and modern tranquility.

Living Room

The living room’s spacious design immediately speaks of an inviting openness, connecting with the kitchen area to foster inclusive family togetherness. Large windows illuminate the space, letting in natural light and inviting the tranquil outdoors inside. 

The cherry on top is a fireplace that adds a striking focal point to the room, lifting the ambiance from ordinary to extraordinary. It radiates warmth and encapsulates the quintessentially cozy aesthetic of this Texas barndominium.


In the kitchen, dual sinks introduce a practical appeal for culinary enthusiasts. Lined with wooden cabinets, a versatile kitchen island offers ample preparation space, including a third sink for added convenience.

Embodying the ingenious use of space inherent in barndominium architecture, the island readily doubles as a breakfast bar, enhancing the overall functionality and erasing the boundaries between meal preparation and enjoyment.


The Springtown barndominium’s spacious bedrooms promise a retreat. 

Generous two-door closets with internal shelving systems provide ample room for mirror arrangements and dressing needs, further enhancing their practicality. 

To the delight of those seeking personalized comfort, each bedroom comes equipped with modern ceiling fixtures augmented by ceiling fans. These thoughtful features collectively provide occupants with a space they will cherish – a personal domain devoted entirely to their relaxation, comfort, and peace.


Imagine yourself in a spacious bathroom with dual sinks and abundant wooden cabinets offering generous storage possibilities. Two large mirrors create an ambiance of endless grace, enhanced by a window offering a serene, pastoral view. 

Adding further to the allure, a luxuriant bathtub comes complete with a shower feature, enveloping you in a spa-like oasis right within your home. This bathroom in the barndo is a sanctuary you will surely treasure.

Wrapping Up

This Springtown barndominium is truly a testament to architectural innovation. Nestled in the heart of Texas, it offers an appealing blend of rustic charm and modern comforts. This abode, rich in amenities and aesthetics, is poised to offer an unbeatable, sustainable living experience. 

We’re excited to extend an invitation to you to join our Barndominium Program. With it, we can help you realize your dream barndo, tailored seamlessly to echo not just your practical needs, but also the uniqueness of your vision.

Get started with us today!

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