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2 Story Barndominium with Mother-in-Law Suite

In the tapestry of life, the bonds we share with our family are woven with threads of love and responsibility. Today’s family expects to take on the responsibility of caring for their aging relatives, with 70% of married couples taking on this noble task.

Having your in-laws in the picture can be a wonderfully enriching experience, offering not just an extra pair of hands but also an extra dose of love, care, and support for the entire family, especially the kids.

And now, we’re introducing you to an incredible Texas barndominium that takes this concept of multigenerational living to a whole new level.

Get ready to be inspired as we unveil an impressive living space that brings families closer together and offers a harmonious blend of modern comfort and the rustic charm of Texas living.


Within the picturesque Rolling Hills, this 2-story Texas barndominium we’re about to explore is a true gem. What sets it apart is its exceptional mother-in-law suite that comes later on.

This home is crafted by none other than HL Custom Homes, a premier company renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering breathtaking results. It is a true testament to their skills and determination.

While the basic structure draws inspiration from the classic barn-like design, this barndo transforms remarkably to achieve contemporary elegance. 

The gable roof, an unmistakable hallmark of traditional barns, is present, but it’s elevated with sleek gray metal siding. This is combined with a striking brick wainscot, giving the exterior a refreshingly modern aesthetic. 

Throughout the exterior, you’ll also notice a predominantly black and gray color palette, which beautifully complements the lush green surroundings of Rolling Hills.

Supported by wooden beams, the covered front porch not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of natural warmth to the cool metal exterior. 

Practicality meets style with an attached sleek black double garage, offering convenience and ample storage space.

For those moments of relaxation and entertainment, this Texas barndominium boasts a welcoming covered back porch, providing the perfect spot for outdoor gatherings, quiet evenings, and simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the Texas landscape.


It’s time to enter this Texas Barndominium, where you’ll be greeted by an interior featuring both modern and rustic elements. Prepare to be captivated by the clever use of woods, metals, and the soothing web gray walls, creating a tranquil yet stylish atmosphere.

Living Space

The moment you enter, you’ll find yourself in a wide open-concept living space where the living room and kitchen merge harmoniously. High ceilings add an air of grandeur to this area and provide an unobstructed view of the loft, making the entire space feel even more expansive. The room’s focal point is a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace. 

The open stairs lead gracefully to the loft, offering a seamless transition between the ground and upper floors. The loft holds vast potential for entertaining guests, with plenty of space for additional plush seating and even a dedicated game area.

Kitchen & Dining

The open design philosophy extends to the kitchen, where white cabinetry beautifully complements the gray and natural wood accents on the island counter and range hood.

Modern and sleek appliances, along with black handles and fixtures, create a sophisticated and functional space. Adjacent to the kitchen, there’s ample room for a dining area, perfect for enjoying family meals and entertaining.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

Moving to the other side of the main living area, you’ll find a room that conveniently connects the mudroom and the laundry area. Here, the sight of white and Tiffany blue cabinets is a true visual delight. 


The bedrooms offer ample space and benefit from an abundance of natural light streaming in through the numerous windows. Each bedroom maintains a contemporary design language, featuring muted color palettes and a variety of looks that add character to each space. 


The bathrooms are equally stunning, boasting an array of styles while staying cohesive with the overall design. They offer sleek, modern fixtures, elegant tiles, and even the luxury of a freestanding tub.

Mother-in-Law Suite

Let’s talk about the unique highlight of this remarkable home: the mother-in-law suite. This is more than just an extra room; it’s an apartment in its own right, complete with a full-sized kitchen and living space shared with the whole family. It really is like having two full kitchens under one roof. 

The design of this kitchen spares no expense as well, featuring stunning Minwax Classic Gray on knotty alder cabinets as the cabinet color stain. The suite is paired with a separate bedroom and bathroom, both stylish and functional in their own right.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to residential design and architectural expertise, this Texas barndominium by HL Custom Homes steals the show. A combination of modern comforts and rustic charm, both on the outside and inside, offers a living experience that is both inviting and practical.

For those who seek a harmonious blend of country and modern living, be sure to visit our other pages. Feel free to explore our site for more insights, tips, and inspirations about barndominium living.

Take the time to learn, be inspired, and finally realize that your dream of an extraordinary home will soon become a reality.

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