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6 Eye-Catching Barndominium Accent Walls

When it comes to decorating your barndominium, you have a lot of different choices for the different design elements. Things like color and texture are all crucial but it is important to remember that not everything has to match. In fact, little pops of unique color can go a long way toward making your barndominium cohesive and beautiful. Things like barndominium accent walls, for example, are a great choice if you want to make your home stand out. 

When you think about barndominium accent walls, you might think about a single pop of color. However, there are all kinds of options when putting in an accent wall and you are only limited by your imagination. To help get you thinking about what you would like to do, we have put together a collection of barndominium accent walls. With a little bit of inspiration, you might be surprised by what a difference a single wall can make. 

6 Eye-Catching Barndominium Accent Walls

Modern Farmhouse-Style Arkansas Barndominium by Julie Williamson

The bedroom is an excellent place to utilize an accent wall of any kind. Since bedrooms tend to be an afterthought, many people don’t consider them a focal point of their home’s design. However, how you feel in a space is just as important as how others feel when they come into your home. Barndominium accent walls can add some unique hints of color and texture to an otherwise straightforward space. 

barndominium accent walls

This home takes the idea of barndominium accent walls in the bedroom and runs with it. With a darker colored wall on the same side of the room as the headboard, the whole bedroom feels cohesive. The eye is drawn outward, which makes the room look bigger. Plus, it gives the headboard a great chance to stand out and become the centerpiece of the whole space. 

Barndominium with Horse Stalls in Arkansas | Comfortable 2-Bedroom Living Space

Depending on how you have decorated your home, barndominium accent walls can either match or contrast with your themes. If, for example, you have a lot of modern colors and textures in the home, the accent wall can be organic. This gives the home a balanced, even look that incorporates everything the design world has to offer. Plus, it can give you a chance to stretch your creative muscles. 

barndominium accent walls

This home has a natural wood accent wall that is offset perfectly by the rest of the space. The neutral, modern colors of the floors and the rest of the walls are especially interesting. Plus, the natural wood coloring makes that whole side of the room look bigger. By mixing these different moods, the designers have managed to make the space work beautifully. 

Krum House Barndominium with Brick Wainscot by HL Custom Homes

In some cases, barndominium accent walls can be an excellent opportunity to make references to other parts of the home. By having little hints of color scattered throughout the house, you can break up the monotony of single hues. Because of this, it can make your home feel more thoughtful and lovely as people walk through it. This kind of attention to detail is a great way to make the most of color throughout the space. 

barndominium accent walls

This home is a great example of barndominium accent walls being used to reference other spaces. This wall is the same color as the kitchen island and the color is used in different small touches as well. This way, the designers did not have to rely on a bold color for much of the house. Instead, the wall and the little pops of brightness work on their own without overwhelming the eye too much. 

Breathtaking Ocala, Florida Barndominium

When you think about barndominium accent walls, you might think that they have to be used sparingly. However, it can often be very effective to put your accent colors on walls that take up a lot of space. This is a great way to maximize the color and get the most out of it. Plus, it can make the rest of the home look incredibly understated, which increases the effect of barndominium accent walls. 

barndominium accent walls

This is a great example of using barndominium accent walls in a bold, interesting way. In this case, the accent wall is the largest wall in the entire home. With the bright blue-green color taking up so much real estate, it makes for a unique, interesting choice that is incredibly beautiful. Plus, it gives the opportunity for the rest of the home to remain neutral, which is helpful for other decorative ideas. 

Mark Barnard’s Saskatchewan Barndominium

Sometimes, the best thing you can do with barndominium accent walls is break them up with windows. If you want to have a pop of color but you don’t want it to be extremely solid, using a wall with several windows can give breaks in the color and lighten things up. Plus, it draws the eye to the windows, which is great for a light, airy feel in the room. 

barndominium accent walls

This accent wall has windows on each side of the fireplace. This is especially helpful because the accent wall itself is black. Without the windows, it could potentially be too dark. However, there is a nice, even balance of light and dark that works wonderfully in this space. 

Incredible Harper, Texas Barndominium by Kristina Richie

It is important to remember that barndominium accent walls don’t necessarily even have to be accent walls. If you have a large door, for example, that takes up enough space, you can use this as a modular accent. With the right application, it can be a great way to introduce some movement and texture into the space. 

barndominium accent walls

This home uses a large barn door as an accent wall. The unique colors, patterns, and textures make for a fantastic accent piece. Plus, the fact that the door moves up and down the hall makes for some beautiful movement within the space and helps facilitate the flow. 


Barndominium accent walls are an excellent opportunity to let your imagination run wild. With just one wall, you can set the tone for your entire home. By knowing what others have done, you can see what is possible and how you can use an accent wall to its fullest potential. 

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