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Modern Farmhouse-Style Arkansas Barndominium by Julie Williamson

Lost in the maze of home styles, unsure of where your unique vision belongs? With the rising housing costs, the quest for the perfect dwelling has taken an innovative turn. Amidst this search, a beacon of possibility emerges: the barndominium.

Picture this: around 1,000 square feet of living space that challenges conventions and surpasses expectations, with a price tag of around 300K and considerably more affordable than a standard home. While a conventional house within the same price range might offer limited space and a basic layout, a barndominium steps up to offer greater space and more design options.

In simple terms, you get more bang for your buck with a barndominium. It’s a straightforward choice between constrained options and the expansive potential of a more versatile and accommodating living space.

Speaking of a variety of design options, a common rural home style is the classic farmhouse – a rustic haven evoking plaid patterns and vintage furnishings. Now, envision a modern reimagining of this iconic style, where innovation meets tradition in this Arkansas Barndominium.

Join us on a journey that transcends the ordinary as we explore a unique dwelling that harmonizes modern needs with classic charm. Read on and get inspired for a new way of living!


Welcome to the Arkansas barndominium by Julie Williamson. A masterful design in modern farmhouse style, this two-story marvel redefines the concept of curb appeal. At first glance, its striking all-black exterior commands attention, effortlessly blending classic barn aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

The gable barndominium roof crowns the structure, echoing the nostalgic charm of a bygone era. Yet, it’s the modern undertone that truly captivates – a symmetrical facade that pays homage to tradition while boldly embracing modernity.

The strategic placement of large glass windows and doors elevates the exterior, allowing nature’s beauty to flood the interior.

Our favorite outdoor feature is the wraparound concrete patio, an elevated setting that invites you to unwind and admire the surrounding landscape. Wooden beams and ceilings grace the covered side patios, creating an ambience of rustic coziness perfect for entertaining.

In combining functionality with leisure, this space seamlessly merges seating for both socializing and solitude, along with an outdoor grill that infuses flavors.

In addition to this architectural composition is the inclusion of a two-door garage, a mirror to the home’s design language. From the color palette to the structural lines, the entire design speaks of contemporary elegance intertwined with rural charm.


The interior, a harmony of whites, woods, and touches of industrial flair, embraces a minimalist aesthetic while capturing the essence of modern farmhouse living.

An open concept floor plan, the hallmark of barndominium design, seamlessly blends the living space, kitchen, and dining area to create a unified place for shared experiences. 

Living Space

Sink into the embrace of a large wraparound leather couch that invites relaxation while carefully curated decor elements punctuate the space. Verdant plants infuse touches of green, harmonizing with the rustic accents that echo the modern farmhouse theme.

The generous windows and soaring vaulted ceilings intertwine to create an ambiance of light and airiness. Natural light pours through the windows. 

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen embodies contemporary aesthetics while maintaining a rustic soul, thanks to prominent wooden accents and a butcher block countertop. The kitchen space, with its strategic cut-out, defines style with depth, adding an artistic edge to the clean lines of the home.

In the dining area, a rustic freestanding wood-burning stove becomes a centerpiece, radiating warmth both visually and tangibly. This is one among the many more barndominium fireplaces that make a visually appealing centerpiece and provide functional, comfortable warmth at the same time.

A large industrial-style ceiling fan hangs like an elegant yet powerful sculpture. Beyond its striking appearance, this ceiling fan serves a vital role in the space, ensuring a gentle circulation of air that harmonizes perfectly with the open floor plan.

Laundry Room

The laundry room, unpretentious yet seamlessly integrated, echoes the same white and wooden theme that flows throughout. Classic white cabinetry lines the walls, offering a space for organization and storage that doesn’t compromise style.

The room also effortlessly transitions between its roles, serving as a dedicated laundry hub and a convenient mudroom. 


The first bedroom, a bonus room brimming with possibilities, holds the promise of transforming into an entertainment haven, gym, office, or any imaginative space a homeowner can dream up.

The bedrooms boast a contemporary aesthetic, accentuated by dramatic black accent walls that perfectly contrast with the wide, wooden interior.

Plush beds invite tranquility, and the master bedroom extends a direct connection to the en suite bath, creating a seamless blend of functionality and elegance. The bedrooms’ interiors exude boho-chic vibes with rustic carpets and textures that cocoon you in comfort.


As you step into the bathroom, modern luxury takes the stage. A sleek gray shower area paired with industrial metal fixtures stands in striking contrast against rustic flooring and cabinetry, creating a space that embodies the perfect marriage of contemporary elegance and rustic allure.

Final Thoughts

This Arkansas barndominium by Julie Williamson stands as a testament to the art of blending old-world charm with contemporary elegance. Stunningly designed, it is a symphony of design that defies convention effortlessly.

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Create a unique home that reflects your individuality, your dreams, and your desire for a place that reflects who you are. The path to building your dream barndo home starts here!

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