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6 Stunning Barndominium Concrete Floors 

One of the best things about building a barndominium is their adaptability and simplicity. Because barndominiums use a concrete slab foundation, you can use that to your advantage with your interior design. Polished concrete floors are a fantastic way to make the most of this foundation and bring something unique to the table. There are all kinds of options for barndominium concrete floors and you can create something truly special for your home. 

Polished concrete floors can bring a level of sophistication to any home and, believe it or not, they can save a lot of money. Because you can use the existing foundation floor, you don’t have to spend money on new, extra flooring. By knowing what other people have done with their barndominium concrete floors, you can come up with the perfect design for your own. To help get you started, we have put together a compilation of some stunning barndominium concrete floors that will get you inspired. 

6 Stunning Barndominium Concrete Floors 

Stylish and Modern Wisconsin Barndominium

One of the great things about using barndominium concrete floors is that they look incredibly organic. If you are wanting to use other natural materials in your home, concrete floors are the way to go. They have the unique quality of looking both modern and classic at the same time. Plus, you can use the natural color of the concrete as a canvas to use other, bolder elements. 

barndominium concrete floors

This home uses the color of the concrete as a neutral tone upon which the designers have built the rest of the home. The organic feel of the flooring is modern-looking enough to make the wood wall paneling really pop. If the designers had used wood floors, it may have been too overwhelming. However, the balance of the different colors and natural tones is absolutely perfect and makes everything sit nicely in its own space. 

Surprisingly Spacious Paradise Texas Barndominium

When you use the built-in concrete floors in a barndominium, you are not limited to the standard gray color. While many people choose to leave the color as-is, the floors can be stained to be any tone you want. This, plus a coat of epoxy polish, can result in some seriously beautiful flooring. It can also help you match your floors to other elements in the home and create a cohesive look. 

barndominium concrete floors

These barndominium concrete floors are a great example of this. The brown stain color is a great addition to the rest of the home, which uses very nice, neutral colors. Plus, it contrasts nicely with the white stone of the fireplace as well as the white kitchen cabinets. Where it really shines, though, is the matching tones of the flooring and beams on the ceiling for a complete, natural look. 

Brookhaven Barndominium – Simple and Spacious 40×60 Pole Barn Conversion to Barndominium

If you want to create a matching look throughout your home, barndominium concrete floors are also versatile enough to do it. You can choose a color palette that will be doable throughout the entire barndo and with concrete floors, you can use them to make everything flow. This is especially true if you are sticking with natural, organic hues. The floors can make everything else pop and create that perfect blend of matching and contrasting. 

barndominium concrete floors

This home is a fantastic example of using barndominium concrete floors to solidify everything. The brown of the floors is perfect and light enough to make the rest of the materials live in their own space. The darker browns of the cabinets and kitchen island set perfectly against it. Plus, the lighter wood of the ceiling makes everything feel open and light without being too bright. 

Flatwoods, Texas Metal Home by HL Custom Homes with a Safe Room

It is important to remember that you don’t have to use organic, natural colors with barndominium concrete floors. You can stain concrete almost any color you like. Plus, the results can be incredibly stunning. If you want a pop of color in your home, concrete floors are a great opportunity to do it and make some bold, interesting choices. 

barndominium concrete floors

The floors in this home use a blue tone and a heavily polished finish to great effect. This pop of bright blue works wonders with the rest of the home, especially with the other colors throughout. It is especially effective against the white walls and the dark brown trim. These kinds of bold choices can really pay off and create a space that feels open and interesting as well as unique. 

Incredible Harper, Texas Barndominium by Kristina Richie

If you have a large, open space in your barndominium, you can use concrete floors very effectively. Because they can be so polished, barndominium concrete floors can create a sense of opulence and space. If you want to maximize a larger, open area, they are a great choice. They won’t feel as close or cramped as wood floors and make for an excellent overall feel. 

barndominium concrete floors

This is a great example of using barndominium concrete floors to make a space feel even more open. Because this room is already large, the designers did not want to close it off with heavier materials. The result is a big, light room that can be used for all kinds of purposes and design choices that won’t close it off no matter what. 

Rustic Whitewright, Texas Barndominium by Dustin Owens

One of the very nice things about barndominium concrete floors is their natural patterns. Concrete can have a deep, beautiful grain that you can use to your advantage. With a little bit of polishing, you can maximize the depth of the concrete and make your floors look incredibly beautiful. 

barndominium concrete floors

These barndominium concrete floors are a fantastic example of this. The designers have integrated the built-in patterns to create a floor with so much depth and beauty. Plus, the polished finish is a great choice that gives it that warmth and natural look that compliments the rest of the home. 


Barndominium concrete floors are a great way to get an excellent look without spending a lot of money. By utilizing what is already there, you can make your floors feel warm and inviting and add touches of color where you need them most. With a little bit of creativity, your barndominium concrete floors can become the centerpiece of your custom dream home. 

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