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Flatwoods, Texas Metal Home by HL Custom Homes with a Safe Room

Ready to make your dream move to Texas? You’ve made the right choice. Texas offers a unique blend of expansive landscapes, diverse cultures, and a spirit as big as the state itself. With over 1,000 miles spanning north to south, Texas stands as the second most populous state in the country.

While building a home here can be a substantial investment, the Lone Star State welcomes innovation, and one increasingly popular alternative to traditional homes is the barndominium. This home seamlessly blends the rustic charm of a barn with the comforts of modern living.

These hybrid structures have become a symbol of Texas ingenuity, offering a cost-effective and stylish alternative for homeowners. The appeal? Think wide-open spaces, affordability, and the flexibility to personalize your living space.

Now, imagine a Texas barndominium that not only captures the essence of the state but also stands out with its own unique features. Look no further for inspiration! Our feature highlights a remarkable Texas barndo that effortlessly fits into the vast Texan landscape.

From its distinctive design to practical amenities, this home is a statement. Let’s dive in!


We welcome you to Flatwoods, Texas, world-class craftsmanship, where HL Custom Homes has instilled premier customer service into every aspect of this hand-built sanctuary. Their commitment is clear: to deliver unparalleled workmanship that stands as a testament to quality.

As you approach this bungalow-type home, you can’t help but be captivated by its standout front and back-covered porches. These outdoor spaces aren’t just extensions of the home. We can see them as lively gathering places on a great Texas day. Picture yourself unwinding in the shade, enjoying the vibrant energy Texans are famous for.

Barndominiums, with their durable metal construction, are uniquely equipped to withstand the extremes of Texas weather. The robust materials not only provide resilience against scorching heat and intense sun but also offer exceptional durability in the face of severe storms, making them a smart and weather-resistant choice for Texan homeowners.

The exterior of this home is a true visual delight, adorned in luscious burnished slate metal siding that gives it a distinctive and uniquely rustic hue. The front porch steals the show, boasting an elegant gable roof and a stylish wooden front door that beckons you inside with warmth and sophistication.

This Texas barndominium presents a clean and stylish aesthetic, blending blacks and elegant browns with metal accents.


Step into the heart of Texas elegance with this contemporary barndominium that effortlessly combines clean, sleek interiors with a touch of rustic charm. 

As you enter, a primarily white color palette sets the tone, complemented by carefully curated touches of wood, metal, and pops of color, infusing character into this stylish residence.

Selecting the perfect barndominium color combination is a creative journey. From creating a cozy rustic retreat to embodying modern sophistication, the wonders of choosing your color combinations can truly transform your space and make it your own.

Living Space

The living area immediately captivates you with a stunning blue stained concrete floor, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical durability. 

The open-plan layout seamlessly connects the living room with the kitchen and dining areas, providing a fluid transition between these active spaces. There are also numerous windows throughout the home, contributing to the cozy atmosphere as well as providing ample natural light.

A focal point in the living room is a brick fireplace, adding warmth and charm to the overall design. It’s a nice contrasting break from the mostly soothing color scheme of the home.

Kitchen & Dining

Moving into the kitchen, sleek white cabinetry adorned with gold fixtures harmonizes with a dark wooden island and range hood cover, creating a stylish culinary haven. The addition of kitchen bar counters invites casual seating and dining, making the space feel more open and inviting.


The bedrooms maintain an understated look with the same captivating blue stained concrete floors, allowing homeowners ample opportunities for personalized decor. Sliding barn doors add a modern touch to the rustic charm, creating a perfect blend of old and new.

The “Safe Room”

A unique feature awaits on the side – an integrated safe room, accessible through a Homeland Safe high-security in-swing door with password authentication. This innovative addition serves as a secure storage space for valuables, offering peace of mind in the comfort of your own home.


The bathrooms showcase a harmonious blend of black, white, and gold, creating a luxurious retreat. The spacious shower area, adorned with gold fixtures, complements the double sink vanity. 

A stylish drop-in bathtub adds a touch of opulence, providing the perfect spot for relaxation. Additionally, a separate bathroom with its own bathtub offers convenience and indulgence.

In every corner, this Texas barndominium exudes a thoughtful balance of Texas elegance and modern functionality, making it a truly exceptional and inviting home.

Final Thoughts

The Flatwoods, Texas Metal Home by HL Custom Homes represents a seamless fusion of innovation and timeless Texan charm. From the sleek interiors that seamlessly blend contemporary design with rustic touches to the reliable safety of the integrated safe room, this barndominium offers a unique living experience tailored to the Texas spirit.

As you explore the possibilities that barndos present, it’s clear that these homes hold a special allure, allowing for a range of customizable designs that cater to individual tastes.

Ready to embark on the journey of barndominium living? Dive into the world of possibilities with Barndominium Life. Experience the charm, versatility, and character that come with embracing the barndo lifestyle!

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