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Illuminate Your Space: 6 Great Barndominium Lighting Ideas to Inspire

The way a barndominium is lit has a powerful effect not only on the functionality of the space but also on the style and look of your barndominium home. Lighting can make a barndominium seem more rustic or modern. 

It can draw attention to high ceilings, typical of barndominium homes, and make the space seem even bigger. It can also create a cozy atmosphere in a kitchen or dining area. 

These examples of barndominium lighting will illuminate ideas for your own barndominium.

Spectacular Southeast Georgia Barndominium of the Hewitts

Barndominium Lighting antler light

This barndominium has a living area that is dedicated to the owner’s love of hunting, so it should come as no surprise that it also has a chandelier made of deer antlers. The chandelier perfectly complements the collection of mounted deer heads on and around the fireplace. 

It hangs from the very center of the peeked roof, taking full advantage of the considerable height of this barndominium. It also draws attention upward to the beautiful light pine ceilings. The deer antlers are strung together into a circle. The light bulbs seem to fade into the structure of the chandelier.

The chandelier is also clearly visible from the second floor, giving it a lot of atmospheres and light. 

GS Realty Team Weatherford Barndominium

Barndominium Lighting simple and fresh

One of the most attractive aspects of barndominium homes is the high ceilings and large living spaces. However, lighting these large spaces can be a challenge. 

This barndominium faces a particular difficulty because it has high metal ceilings across an open kitchen and living area. Many barndominiums lower the ceiling over the kitchen to create a cozier feel and solve the lighting problem. 

However, this barndominium has a different take on the lighting issue in this kind of space. Chandeliers hang down from the ceiling, providing plenty of light over the kitchen and dining area. There are also lights mounted to the ceiling across the living area, drawing the eye up and providing lots of ambient light throughout the space. 

Beautiful Oklahoma Barndominium: Rustic Elegance

Barndominium Lighting rustic and elegant

This rustic barndominium is a great example of how to use lighting to accentuate the rustic decor that many people love about barndominiums. The interior walls of the living space are exposed light wood with beautiful red veins and lots of knots that add texture as well as a warm honey glow to the space. 

Sconces mounted on the wall going up the staircase emphasize the lovely color of the wood. A gorgeous ornate chandelier hanging over the living area dresses up an otherwise rustic space as well as casts gentle light over the seating. 

There are lamps and candles scattered all over the living area to provide cozy pools of light throughout. The ceiling over the kitchen is lower, with recessed lighting built into the kitchen ceiling to provide bright lighting in this space. 

3-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom + Flex Room Barndominium

Barndominium Lighting modern

This barndominium is a beautiful example of how lighting can be integrated rather than acting as a standalone feature of the decor. Recessed lighting is built into the entire living area, kitchen, and hallways. 

This recessed lighting is cast throughout the space. Shiny floors charmingly reflect the lighting. The lighting doesn’t draw attention to itself, but gracefully complements the decor of the space. 

The same lighting flows from the living area into the kitchen, but the kitchen is set apart from the living area by two beautiful circular chandeliers that hang over the island. A more ornate chandelier is situated in the corner where the dining room table goes.

Charming Arkansas Barndominium That Does A Lot with a Little Space

This barndominium isn’t large, unlike most of the examples on this list. However, it makes the most of the space it has, largely by the way it utilizes light. The simple rectangular open concept kitchen, dining, and living area is primarily lit by two matching chandeliers. 

The living room chandelier is made of dark metal holding warm yellow bulbs. It matches the leather couch below it very well. 

The dining room chandelier is more modern looking but compliments the look of the living area chandelier. It is made up of triangular panes into a circular shape surrounding light bulbs. 

Recessed lighting in the kitchen and living area adds to the ambient lighting coming from the chandeliers. 

Modern Indiana Barndominium with Large Shop

This beautiful, modern barndominium makes use of lighting fixtures to emphasize the sophisticated look it’s going for. Recessed lighting throughout the living area gently lights the space and draws attention to the high, slanted ceilings. 

Two chandeliers over the island and kitchen sink have a simple square design with exposed bulbs. They hang from long chains, emphasizing the sense of height in the space. 

The combination of these modern chandeliers with nondescript recessed lighting that doesn’t draw attention to itself results in a minimalist space that feels clean and bright. 


Barndominium lighting can make the difference between a space that pops and one that doesn’t quite feel right, if you’re not sure how to effectively utilize lighting in your barndominium or have any other uncertainties about building the barndominium of your dreams, check out the Barndolife ebook. It’s full of great ideas to help you imagine exactly what you want from your barndominium. 

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.