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6 Incredible Must-See Barndominium Rustic Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important considerations when building a barndominium. You want to be sure that your home’s kitchen has everything you need for practical use while also exhibiting your personal style. A rustic style can incorporate all these elements and really take your barndominium to the next level. To help you get an idea of what is possible, we have put together a collection of beautiful barndominium rustic kitchens. 

What Are the Qualities of Barndominium Rustic Kitchens?

Barndominium rustic kitchens have unique qualities that can work especially well with the rural, country feel of a barndo. A rustic look usually means that there are a lot of earth tones and warm, organic materials used throughout the entire kitchen. It can also mean that there are some elements that match the outside of the home as well as the interior. For the most part, it will simply mean that it feels home-like and warm while still having some touches of modern, contemporary style throughout. 

6 Incredible Barndominium Rustic Kitchens

It can be difficult to pin down what the rustic style actually means and how it can be incorporated with your design. However, it is one of those things that you know as soon as you see it. To help you get a good idea of what the rustic look is and what is possible with it, we have put together a collection of some incredible barndominium rustic kitchens. By getting some inspiration from them, you can come up with your own designs that will suit your needs and give you the look and feel you are searching for. 

Roman’s Retreat Barndominium in Harper, TX

barndominium rustic kitchens

Colors are incredibly important for barndominium rustic kitchens and they need to be carefully considered. This kitchen uses a combination of dark and light browns throughout, all of which give off that warm, country feel. From the stools at the breakfast bar to the warm hardwood, the colors in this kitchen feel organic and natural, which is a hallmark of the rustic style. However, they are light enough to keep the kitchen from feeling cramped, which is important. 

Organic materials are also important for the style of barndominium rustic kitchens. This kitchen uses rock walls to bring some of the outside inside. Having these kinds of natural materials like wood and rock is a great way to make barndominium rustic kitchens feel authentic. Plus, even just a little bit goes a long way in making the effect work. 

1939 County Road 596, Nevada, TX 75173

barndominium rustic kitchens

Wood is essential when designing barndominium rustic kitchens. This kitchen features a lot of wood throughout, especially with the custom cabinets all around the perimeter. Wood is the warmest material you can use in a home, especially when it has a nice, deep stain. This is a great example of how you can use the elements already in place to get the desired look. 

The light stone backsplash and accents in this kitchen are another fantastic element. They bring that natural feel in the home and connect it with the wood cabinets. Rustic generally means that there is something of an outdoor feel in a space. The stone elements drive this point home and tie everything together beautifully. 

The Castilla Casa in Mountain Home, TX

barndominium rustic kitchens

Barndominium rustic kitchens do not have to be cluttered and dark. In fact, you can combine elements of modern, contemporary design and create something truly original. This kitchen is an excellent example of how you can create a clean look that also has rustic elements. The most important thing is that your kitchen suits your needs and has the look you want. 

The large stone wall in this kitchen is what gives it the rustic look and feel. This one large organic element offsets the other parts of the kitchen, which are a little cleaner and more modern. This, combined with the ornamental chairs, gives this kitchen a fantastic, best-of-both-worlds look that we absolutely love. 

755 Milton Road, Rutledge, AL, 36071

barndominium rustic kitchens

It may seem that in order for barndominium rustic kitchens, they have to use darker colors. However, this kitchen proves that you can lighten things up without losing the rustic aesthetic. The stone wall and the light wood floors give the kitchen the organic look while also feeling bright, cheerful, and modern. 

One of the elements that brings this kitchen into the rustic genre is the pantry door. This door is similar to a barn door design, which is incredibly clever and effective. These kinds of touches are what make barndominium rustic kitchens so unique and very beautiful. 

Houston Texas Barndominium | Built by GAP Custom Homes in Brazoria County

barndominium rustic kitchens

When designing barndominium rustic kitchens, it is important to remember that a lot of the look can come from accessories. This kitchen is an excellent example with its lantern-style light fixtures and barn-door island. These small elements can make up a larger whole when they are all put together. They can also make the kitchen much more functional while bringing that style to the forefront. 

This kitchen is also incredibly effective because of the large stone archway. This is a great way to get the rustic look without having these elements inside the actual kitchen. Instead, the archway brings you into the rustic feel and compliments everything that is in the actual kitchen. 

920, Teague, TX, 75860

barndominium rustic kitchens

Sometimes, if you are going to make your kitchen rustic, it is best to go all the way with it. This is an excellent example of how warm barndominium rustic kitchens can feel. With wood, stone, and metal throughout, this kitchen feels as organic as possible. 

This kitchen uses different shades and stains of wood to create an organic feel with modern functionality. The large gas range and the metal washtub hood vent are incredibly rustic touches. Plus, all the dark colors make it feel incredibly homey and fantastically organic. As far as barndominium rustic kitchens, this is one of the most effective that we have seen. 


Barndominium rustic kitchens can bring a touch of the outside of the home to the interior. If you are looking to reference the construction of your home in your kitchen, this is a great way to do it. Knowing what other designers have done and what is possible will help you make the best design choices for your particular home. 

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.