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Compact Fergus Falls, Amazing Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke 

Sometimes, function goes hand in hand with form. In today’s feature, we’ll explore the Fergus Falls, Minnesota barndominium by Taylor Lemke. This home delivers an aesthetically pleasing yet functional atmosphere that proves you can bring joy and comfort into even compact spaces.

In the United States, the average household spends $2,060 on its home utility bills per year. As people seek ways to save money and make their homes more sustainable, barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular among prospective homeowners.

Barndominiums are known for their energy-efficiency, partly because they can be easily weatherized. Barndos allow owners to save almost $358 on utility costs. As an added benefit, a more compact design may make it easier for some people to manage their space.

So, let’s dive into this Minnesota barndominium and discover how the owners created a functional home while maintaining an impressive and distinctive design. Let’s get started!

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Exterior


This Taylor Lemke barndominium is located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, which boasts many beautiful lakes and wooded areas. The aesthetic of the home is understated, with a sleek look that complements the region in which it resides.

Their metal barn structure makes barndos an excellent choice for cold climates such as Minnesota. Unlike wood, metal is less likely to rot and deteriorate from moisture buildup, which means it will last longer than traditional home construction materials.

Designed to provide a no-frills barndo look, the gray metal siding can withstand ice and snow, and can be hosed off to remove mud and dirt come summer. The addition of comfortable outdoor furnishings and potted flowers adds character and a feeling of comfort to the exterior.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Exterior

This Minnesota barndominium flaunts an attractive curb appeal. In contrast to the predominantly gray exterior, the simple front patio structure supported by wooden beams adds a subtle natural element. The wide lawn area and ample seating are our favorite aspects of this outdoor space.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Exterior

This putting green is perfect for playing a quick round of golf on a pleasant day. It’s always great to see how a space is utilized for family enjoyment.

A well-managed barndominium landscape can increase the home’s value and improve its environment. From the looks of it, Taylor Lemke believes this is an investment well worth making.


With a living space of 1,200 square feet and a workshop space of 1,520 square feet, this Taylor Lemke barndominium home offers functionality in a compact design.

Function over form is a growing trend in home interior design, allowing homeowners to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and filled with adaptability. It’s an approach that maximizes the use of available space while ensuring all elements of the room have a purpose. 

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Living Space

Living Space

Throughout the living room, the neutral color scheme harmonizes with the similarly toned-down furnishings, from the comfy couches to the carpet and wall decor.

Despite this, the room is never boring due to the variety of textures and patterns, which certainly contribute to its unique character. The Lemke family neon sign also brings a touch of zing to the space. 

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Kitchen


The kitchen perfectly marries practicality with charm. It’s highly functional, with plenty of space-saving shelves and cabinets. Meanwhile, homey decorative knick-knacks and fun lighting add a touch of personality.

Gatherings take place at the kitchen island, which provides plenty of space for long family conversations and accommodating guests while preparing meals.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Pantry


Having an organized pantry in your home feels much nicer than a kitchen overflowing with cans and boxes!

Also utilized as the family’s coffee bar, this area provides a quiet retreat from the busy living room and kitchen.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Laundry

Laundry Room

The Taylor Lemke barndominium certainly makes full use of its laundry room, ideal for larger families who need adequate space for keeping clothes neat and organized.

Having a dedicated laundry room in your home is essential to ensure that noise from the washer and dryer doesn’t disrupt other areas of your house. It also gives you space to store detergents and cleaning supplies safely.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Workshop


Having a multipurpose workshop for your barndominium can be incredibly beneficial. It allows you to use the space for all kinds of activities, from carpentry and woodworking projects to auto maintenance or storage. There’s even a small living area on the side of this Minnesota barndominium workspace to relax in after a long day.

Barndominiums are unique because their floor plans, including the workshops, are highly customizable. The barndo we see today illustrates that they can be versatile for a variety of needs. They can even be tailored for recreation, such as converting to a gym, office space, or even a personal man cave. 


There are two bedrooms and one bathroom in this barndominium. A custom work desk has been installed in the first bedroom for ease of use. Various personal trinkets on the shelves add character to the room. 

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Bedroom

The bedroom has abundant storage space with closets that reflect the goal of making the home functional in every way. Plenty of storage space keeps each room clean and clutter-free.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Bedroom

The main bedroom maintains a feeling of comfort. A contemporary approach is applied to the design, utilizing modern lighting and furnishings to ensure a fresh and clean atmosphere.

Compact Fergus Falls, Minnesota Barndominium by Taylor Lemke Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet

Do you see how maximizing your storage space can make a significant difference to your living space? It is easy to maintain a fresh, zen feeling in the bedroom when you have a walk-in closet dedicated to storing your clothing and other belongings.

Final Thoughts

The Fergus Falls, Minnesota, barndominium by Taylor Lemke is a great example of how maximizing your living space can be achieved by investing in storage spaces and prioritizing functionality. In a well-designed compact space, the family can experience a unique sense of calm and security. 

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