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The Ideal Starter: Metal Home By HL Custom Homes 

Purchasing a starter home is an exciting and meaningful milestone in life. In our feature today, we introduce you to Metal Home by HL Custom Homes, an ideal starter home for those who are just entering the world of home ownership

Today’s competitive market means that a lot of first-time buyers have to settle for less when looking for a starter home. Finding a comfortable, spacious home that fits your budget isn’t always easy.

The average price of starter homes is on the rise, reportedly reaching around $215,000. This represents an increase of 5.5% over the past year alone. Generally, barndominiums are more affordable than traditional homes, especially if you build them from a kit. You’ll find barndominium kits available for under $100K!

It is for this reason that barndos are a preferred choice among many homeowners searching for an alternative to the traditional home. Their affordability, endless customization possibilities, and open-plan layout make them a compelling option.

Let’s now proceed with the HL Custom Homes barndominium and find out how practicality and tasteful design combine to create an impressive home. 

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Exterior


The Metal Home barndominium was built by HL Custom Homes, one of the premier commercial contractors in Wise County, Texas. With excellent quality service and high-quality construction materials, you can expect this sturdy home to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Texas.

The exterior of the home has a fresh appearance from the get-go. Metal siding provides protection from the elements, but it also gives off a barn-like aesthetic that enhances the rustic appearance of the property. The gable roof offers a reliable and practical option for completing the design.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Exterior

The outdoor space of this Metal Home barndominium provides plenty of opportunities to enhance curb appeal. Landscape design can transform a bare yard into a picturesque garden retreat with paths, flower beds, trees, seating areas, and more.

With the right design and vision, you can create a striking landscape to impress friends and family. There’s nothing more enjoyable than hanging out in your green space with your family on a nice day.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Exterior

As for the patio, it’s looking great with tons of design potential. Potted plants, comfortable outdoor seating, and mood lighting can make for the perfect covered outdoor space to entertain guests as well as relax and enjoy the fresh air.

The compact home features a practical design with simple yet large white windows that provide a contrast to the predominantly dark exterior. Clearly, these windows will bring plenty of natural light into the interior of the home, enhancing its ambiance.


The Metal Home has a warm and inviting feel on the inside, offering a wide range of possibilities for homeowners to customize it.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Living Space

Living Space

As soon as you enter the house, your eyes will be drawn to the open-plan concept, which is common among barndos. It combines the living room, kitchen, and dining room into one living space. For families as well as guests, this is a convenient way to interact.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Living Space

The living area has a contemporary feel with its minimalist design elements and high ceilings. A contemporary approach to a barn-like home can provide a modern and comfortable lifestyle while still embracing the rustic charm of rural life.

Many contemporary farmhouses feature amenities such as large, airy open floor plans, modern appliances, and plenty of natural light from big windows.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Living Space

It is a smart idea to use a fireplace as the focal point of your living area to bring warmth and comfort into the space. Not only does it provide a cozy spot for relaxation, but its presence helps create an inviting atmosphere that encourages conversation between family and friends. Plus, the stonework gives the space added depth and character.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Kitchen


It’s hard to beat the kitchen design of the Metal Home. A contemporary kitchen works well here to bring modern conveniences and style to the rural lifestyle.

The contemporary design can be tailored specifically for each family’s needs with modern appliances, fixtures, and surfaces that are both durable and attractive. With a tasteful cabinet design, it is possible to maximize storage efficiency in the kitchen and ensure that all necessary items are easily accessible at all times.

A central feature of many contemporary kitchens, such as this one, is the island. This is enhanced by the stonework and industrial lighting fixtures, giving the room an air of rustic elegance. 

Laundry Room

Having a great-looking laundry room can become a valuable asset to your home. Not only does it keep your clothes and linens clean, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Plus, having an organized and attractive laundry room makes chores more enjoyable! The laundry counter and cabinet in the Metal Home provide plenty of storage for linens, clothes, and equipment.


Continuing with the contemporary look of the Metal Home by HL Custom Homes, the bedrooms feature plenty of windows to let in natural light. Bedrooms with this feature are well-suited to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Alternatively, we can see this space being converted into an office, a recreation area, a games room, or even a mini-gym!

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bedroom

Additional closet space is always welcome. With the right organization, it can make finding items much easier. This is especially beneficial if you live in a small home with limited storage options.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bedroom

It is also possible to customize the main bedroom to your liking. The beauty of having a blank canvas is that you control how it looks and feels. You can also personalize your room exactly as you wish, as the homeowners are sure to express their creativity and personal touch with this space.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bedroom

We want to give a special mention to this attractive sliding barn door leading to the bathroom. It complements the home’s contemporary style while giving a nod to the humble rustic structure of the home itself.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bathroom


Both bathrooms have a modern feel. With sophisticated lighting fixtures, double sink counters, and large standout mirrors, the look is enhanced and made distinctive. 

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bathroom

Even a compact space can be transformed into a spectacular one with a tasteful layout. The toilet paper holder placed on the edge of the countertop is a clever touch.

Metal Home By HL Custom Homes Bathroom

The bathrooms also feature bathtubs, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. There is a strong focal point provided by the brick tile wall accents in the space, providing a personal touch to the rooms. 

Final Thoughts

The Metal Home from HL Custom Homes illustrates that you can start your barndominium home with simplicity and functionality. With its efficient design, it offers an ideal space for whatever you envision for your new living situation.

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Hopefully, we have inspired you to start your own barndo project. Regardless of how limited your budget is, having a home is possible.

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