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Contemporary Black Ohio Barndominium by Tanya Zalar Deszczykiewicz

Dreaming of a contemporary home is a desire shared by many. But with an average price tag of $430,300, the ever-soaring real estate prices across the country can make that dream seem ever more distant.

Enter the barndominium, a refreshing lower-cost alternative to traditional housing that doesn’t just make the dream achievable but also offers unique advantages. When you picture a barndo, you might envision a classic barn structure. However, these homes have now evolved, transcending their roots to embody a captivating blend of rustic and modern elements.

Our feature today takes us to an Ohio barndominium that perfectly encapsulates this fusion, setting the stage for inspiration and a fresh perspective on the possibilities of contemporary living. Explore a space that offers a glimpse into possibly the future of stylish yet affordable housing.


From the moment you set your eyes on this Ohio barndominium by Tanya Zalar Deszczykiewicz, you can’t help but be struck by its striking all-black exterior.

This bold choice not only makes a statement but also gives the home a standout appeal that’s hard to ignore. With its dark facade and minimalist landscaping, this home sets a modern tone that distinguishes it from the traditional barn structures you might expect.

Building a barndominium in Ohio is a smart choice for a multitude of reasons. Ohio’s varied landscape and climate make it an excellent location for these versatile structures. Barndominiums offer a cost-effective solution to home ownership, providing ample space while allowing for flexibility in design.

Their robust construction is also well-suited to Ohio’s ever-changing weather conditions, making them durable and dependable. In addition to their practicality, barndominiums often allow for quicker construction times compared to traditional homes, which can mean cost savings and a faster move-in.

Furthermore, their adaptability and spacious layouts provide homeowners with a canvas to craft their unique living spaces, allowing them to create a dwelling that perfectly suits their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. 

On one side, you’ll find a covered patio that’s perfect for outdoor entertainment, offering the ideal vantage point to savor the picturesque landscape. 

As night falls, the home takes on a warm aura, thanks to the cozy lighting sprinkled throughout. The patio comes back to life, adorned with plush seating and a hot tub, offering the perfect spot for relaxation and star-gazing.

The covered front patio, flanked by double glass doors, creates a dramatic entrance, setting the stage for the contemporary interior that awaits. 

Let’s not forget the enchanting charm of this Ohio barndominium during winter. The white blanket of snow adds a dreamy touch to the already captivating landscape.


Step inside this Ohio barndominium, and you’re greeted by a contemporary interior that seamlessly merges clean white spaces with industrial, wood, and brick elements, all set against a striking black and white backdrop. 

Living Area

The living area, with its soaring high ceiling, exudes a grand ambiance, where cozy leather seating gathers around a commanding centerpiece: a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace. It’s a blend of modern furniture and inviting comfort that strikes a perfect balance.

The thoughtfully placed side tables and decorative trinkets in the home’s hallways lend a lived-in, homey feel while maintaining a modern edge.

Game Room

Upstairs, a loft unfolds into a sprawling game room, complete with a foosball table, billiards, darts, and a convenient mini-bar, making it the ultimate hub for entertaining guests and enjoying time with family.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen, a stunning design, features a brick backsplash that complements the contemporary black cabinets and gleaming steel appliances. A touch of vibrant orange in the chairs adds a dash of personality.

The dining area continues this harmony with a mix of metal and wood in the table and chairs, seamlessly connecting it to the living space and kitchen. A distinctive feature is the sleek draft beer dispenser, providing a unique twist to this inviting area.

Laundry Room

Even the laundry room doesn’t compromise on style. This combines modern aesthetics with functionality, complete with a wooden beam bench. The bedroom, on the other hand, offers an understated elegance with abundant open space and large windows that flood the room with natural light.


The bedroom in this Ohio barndominium combines simplicity and spaciousness. White walls and large windows create a bright, uncluttered ambiance, offering peaceful views of the surrounding landscape. The minimalist design provides a serene retreat for rest and relaxation.


Moving to the bathrooms, the same contemporary design concept continues, utilizing a mix of wood, metal, and marble elements that create a spa-like atmosphere. Modern amenities and tasteful decor round out the experience, making these spaces equally relaxing and functional.

Wrapping Up

The contemporary black Ohio barndominium by Tanya Zalar Deszczykiewicz redefines modern living, effortlessly blending industrial and rustic elements in a sleek and comfortable space.

From the striking all-black exterior to the inviting interior with its blend of wood, metal, and brick, every corner of this home is a testament to thoughtful design. The best part is that all of this is made possible with a barndominium.

For more insights, inspiration, and ideas on the world of barndominiums, don’t forget to explore Barndominium Life. Discover the endless possibilities of barndominium living and take full advantage of this unique and versatile home concept.

So, let your imagination run wild and design the space of your dreams – all within reach, thanks to a barndominium.

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