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Expansive Minnesota Barndominium | Half Shop, Half Home

Today’s featured home is an expansive Minnesota barndominium that equally balances a spacious living area and an extra-large, attached shop. Despite allocating roughly half of the 40×80 of the barndominium’s square footage to be a shop, owner Craig Otto and his family still enjoy plenty of living space.

Minnesota Barndominium - Exterior

Exterior – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Exterior 2

The first thing that stands out when viewing today’s featured barndominium is the many windows incorporated into the design. Ensuring each and every room is filled with natural light, the windows also provide stunning views of the property’s wooded surroundings.

Minnesota Barndominium - Exterior 3

We see the shop entrance on the opposite end of the Minnesota barndominium. One garage door and one large bay door open up to reveal the home’s shop space. This shop is extra deep, allowing plenty of room to work on large projects.

Minnesota Barndominium - Shop

The shop area in this barndominium is absolutely massive, taking up approximately half of the total square footage. The space is easily accessible by way of the two exterior doors and one garage door, making it convenient to move large projects in and out as needed.

Minnesota Barndominium - Exterior 4

The front of the home is marked by the covered doorway and attached porch, however, there is also direct access into the shop area by way of the second exterior door.

Minnesota Barndominium - Exterior 5

Interior – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Interior

Once inside, we can see the lovely rustic space in which Craig Otto and his family call home. Incorporating a ton of natural wood, the home feels warm and welcoming. Offering a second story, this Minnesota barndominium provides plenty of space.

Kitchen – Minnesota Barndominium

The kitchen found in today’s featured barndominium is a unique and colorful addition to the home. Opting for weathered green cabinetry, this kitchen also incorporates a rustic farmhouse sink, vintage-inspired pantry door, and a beautiful dark countertops.

Minnesota Barndominium - Kitchen

There is plenty of storage thanks to the many cabinets, and with both a kitchen island and peninsula off to the side, there is ample seating as well.

Minnesota Barndominium - Kitchen 2

Living Room – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Windows

One of the best features of this Minnesota barndominium is, without a doubt, the floor-to-ceiling windows that cover one entire wall in the living room. Not only does this provide an abundance of natural light, but the views of the property’s wooded surroundings are stunning.

Minnesota Barndominium - Windows 2

Master Bedroom – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Master Bedroom Door 2
Minnesota Barndominium - Master Bedroom Door

Nestled off of the main living room, on the barndominiums main floor is the master bedroom. A beautiful detailed barn door opens to reveal the master bedroom and its own private bathroom.

Minnesota Barndominium - Master Bedroom

The master bedroom features a rich natural wall color that is offset by the many windows to keep the space bright and airy during the daytime. There is plenty of room for a king-sized bed as well as extra furniture once Craig Otto and his family settle in.

Master Ensuite – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Master Bathroom

Attached to the master bedroom there is a gorgeous master ensuite that features an amazing tiled shower room. A true owner’s oasis, this spacious tiled shower is the perfect place to relax after a long day or warm up in during a Minnesota snow storm.

Guest Bathroom – Minnesota Barndominium

Minnesota Barndominium - Guest Bathroom

The second bathroom, or guest bathroom, is a cheery bright blue and also features the home’s signature dramatic wood door. A roomy vanity gives plenty of space for family members and guests to get ready and a windowed tub/shower combination keeps the room bright.

Minnesota Barndominium - Guest Bathroom 2
Minnesota Barndominium - Guest Bathroom 3
Minnesota Barndominium - Floor Plan

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