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General Steel Reviews – A Comprehensive Breakdown

When building a barndominium, you have a few different options when it comes to how you are going to do it. You can either build from the ground up completely from scratch, or you can use a kit. Barndominium kits are manufactured off-site and then delivered to your build site. They can be incredibly simple and are a great way to get the job done if you are new to building a home. 

If you are going to use a kit to build your barndominium, you need to choose the best possible manufacturer. General Steel is a large provider of barndominium kits that works all over the country. To help you find out if they are right for your project, we have gathered and summarized some General Steel reviews. By knowing what General Steel reviews have to say about the company, you can decide if they are right for you. 

General Steel Overview 

General Steel is a full-service supplier of barndominium kits and metal building kits. They have a dedication to quality and design that can be difficult to find in other providers. Because they have worked on such a wide variety of projects, they understand the needs and challenges of individuals. This means that they can work with you every step of the way and ensure that your project is a success. 

General steel reviews

One thing that General Steel reviews tend to point out is the trust that is garnered due to the company’s warranty. They offer a 50-year structural warranty on all their buildings as well as several other guarantees for other aspects of their buildings. This means you can rest easy knowing that your project is guaranteed. If you are new to the home-building process, this can be a big weight off your shoulders. 

Positive General Steel Reviews

Friendly Staff

One of the main common threads in almost all the General Steel reviews is the personality of the staff. People have been pleasantly surprised by how easy this company is to work with. If you are new to building a home or building, this can be a great way to get some peace of mind. Knowing that you will be working with nice people can go a long way toward building your confidence. 

Many General Steel reviews praise individual staff members by name. This shows they have enjoyed working with the same people throughout their project. This can be a great way to get the best service since the building process can sometimes be long and arduous. A friendly, knowledgeable staff is a great reason to work with a kit provider. 


Almost every one of the General Steel reviews online praises the company’s expertise. They have consistently been able to walk customers through the process and tell them the best way to go about things. Because of this, customers have felt looked-after and confident in their decisions. This can be a big help for builders of all kinds. 

General steel reviews

In some cases, General Steel reviews even talk about how the company helped them think outside the box. Some customers had special circumstances they had to work around with their projects. The team at General Steel was able to help them work around their issues and find the right solution. That kind of experience makes working with them an excellent choice for nearly anyone. 

Good Communication

No matter what, General Steel reviews specifically call out the good communication of the company. Even if what they had to say was bad news, the company was always good about letting the customer know what was happening. Not all kit providers have this kind of praise. It is, unfortunately, all too common for customers to be left in the dark about their projects. 

General Steel has a great reputation for communicating ideas. Chances are, if you are using a kit to build your steel building, you are not a construction expert. Many General Steel reviews talk about how the company was able to explain concepts and specifications clearly. This can streamline the whole process and make it easier for everyone involved. 

Negative General Steel Reviews

Pricing Issues

One of the things that comes up frequently in General Steel reviews is confusion about pricing. In some cases, some customers have had more money taken out of their accounts than was previously agreed on. This could be something to watch for if you are considering working with General Steel. Be sure to have a contract in place and know the pricing. 

In some General Steel reviews, customers have said that pricing has changed as the process moves along. Some hidden fees have come up, which can be problematic if you are on a budget. The best way to avoid issues is to know exactly what your budget is and communicate that clearly. This way, you can be sure not to go over with hidden fees and other pricing issues. 

General steel reviews

Slow Manufacturing Times 

One thing that seems to be fairly consistent in General Steel reviews is a long wait time for materials. Some people have had to wait several months for things to show up on their build site. Other customers have complained that their kits were incomplete.

One of the reasons why General Steel reviews may cite these issues is the way the company operates. General Steel is not a manufacturer of steel buildings. They broker the entire process and the kits are built by different manufacturing contractors. Because of this, you may experience some delays in getting your building finished on time. 


When building a barndominium or steel building, it is essential that you have the right people on your side. General Steel is a large company with all kinds of designs and options available to you. By knowing what General Steel reviews say about the company and what they have to offer, you can make the right decision. With a good kit, your custom home can suit your needs perfectly. 

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