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Old Decatur Road Barndominium Texas Metal Home

Today’s housing market makes it hard to get a home. The price tags in the U.S. housing market have reached such heights that the average income would need to spike by more than 55% to make buying a home affordable.

In response to this financial hurdle, alternative housing options are gaining traction, with barndominiums leading the pack as a more cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Barndominiums have evolved beyond their humble beginnings, offering a versatile housing solution that challenges traditional norms. Born from repurposed barns, these structures have adapted to modern tastes, providing a budget-friendly alternative to conventional homes.

Our feature takes you to Old Decatur Road in Texas, where a barndominium stands out with its blend of stone and metal. Far from the standard barn-like structure that barndos have been known for, this structure not only defies expectations but also rivals traditional homes in both style and functionality.

Ready to discover the joys of barndominium living? Let’s get started. 


A metal home located in Texas, where the weather is as diverse as the landscape, the Old Decatur Road barndominium displays a practical approach to life in the Lone Star State. 

Constructed by HL Custom Homes, a team known for their unmatched workmanship and top-notch customer service, this barndominium seamlessly integrates durability with aesthetic appeal.

Texans are no strangers to the challenges posed by the state’s ever-changing climate, and the decision to build a barndominium in Texas is a strategic one. The resilience of metal siding is a practical choice, offering resistance to the relentless Texas sun, unpredictable storms, and everything in between. 

It’s a nod to the Texan spirit – tough, enduring, and unyielding in the face of nature’s whims.

HL Custom Homes, renowned for their commitment to quality, has fashioned a dwelling that not only endures the elements but also complements the Texan aesthetic. 

This Texas barndominium has white metal siding that balances modernity and tradition. The stone wainscot, a lower section of the exterior wall adorned with stone, adds a touch of timeless charm, marrying the contemporary with the classic.

End-to-end porches also wrap around this metal home, featuring wooden porch columns and beams that introduce a touch of nature to the exterior. Porches have long been a staple of Texan homes, offering a space to unwind, socialize, and relish the expansive landscapes that define the state. 

One standout feature of this barndominium’s exterior is the covered breezeway that links the main living area to the shop building. 

A breezeway, in simple terms, is an open-sided passageway. Acting as a sheltered connection, the breezeway provides seamless access between the home and shop, allowing the breeze to flow freely. It’s a smart choice that adds practical value and architectural interest.

The shop building, a functional space that complements the residential area, features large and stylish black garage doors. These doors not only enhance the shop’s visual appeal but also serve a practical purpose, providing ample access to vehicles and equipment. 

The contrast of black against the white metal siding adds a contemporary flair, creating a striking visual contrast.


Step inside the Old Decatur Road Metal Home, and you’ll find a contemporary living space that effortlessly marries modern elements with rustic charm. This creates a welcoming atmosphere that is quintessentially Texan.

Living Area

The open-concept layout of the living area seamlessly connects the living room, kitchen, and dining, fostering a sense of spaciousness and fluidity. The stained, cut concrete flooring throughout adds a touch of drama, elevating the overall sophistication of the space.

Wooden accents, with their warm-colored stain, are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the home, creating a harmonious blend of sleek modern elements.

A stone fireplace is a focal point, breaking the monotony of the mostly understated gray walls. It adds a touch of classic warmth, providing a cozy backdrop for family gatherings or quiet evenings.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and dining spaces continue the theme of blending metal and wood. Modern white cabinetry and a large island counter take center stage, complemented by a subtle white brick tile backsplash. Metal light fixtures introduce an industrial character, adding a touch of urban chic to the heart of the home.

A unique feature is the built-in bench dining, creating a cozy and communal setting.


Nearby, a pantry hallway offers ample storage. The hallway connects seamlessly to the home’s laundry room, which doubles as a mudroom.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

The strategic placement of the laundry room/mudroom near the second entrance ensures that messes from outdoor activities can be contained, keeping the main living areas pristine.


The design philosophy remains understated in the bedrooms. This allows homeowners to showcase their personal decor plans. The gray walls and stained, cut concrete flooring provide a neutral canvas for a variety of interior styles.

One standout feature of barndo living is the surplus of space, and this Texas barndominium is no exception. Larger than usual floor plans mean spare rooms are abundant, allowing homeowners the flexibility to transform spaces into a home office, gym, kids’ room, or entertainment space.

The loft room, in particular, steals the spotlight. Positioned on the upper level, it offers both ample space on the ground floor and an intimate, cozy atmosphere on the upper level. It’s a versatile space that can cater to various needs, adding an extra layer of functionality to the home.


Bathrooms in this Texas barndominium have a luxurious feel, with the en-suite bath connecting to the main bedroom’s walk-in closet. LED mirrors add modernity to the space. Including a freestanding tub completes the look, turning the bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Final Thoughts

The Old Decatur Road barndominum is a home that doesn’t just meet the demands of everyday life but does so with style and character. This contemporary design combines modern conveniences with rustic charm, creating a home that adapts to the demands of daily living while retaining its unique Texas characteristics.

If this metal home has ignited a spark of inspiration and you find yourself drawn to the allure of the barndo lifestyle, delve deeper into the possibilities with Barndominium Life. Discover a community that embraces the uniqueness of these homes, sharing ideas and guides that make the barndominium experience truly exceptional.

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