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Best Storied Pine Farm – Kirk And Shannon’s Bedias Barndominium

Today’s feature will present a fascinating look at barndominiums as the ultimate social gathering space. Located in a pastoral countryside setting, this gorgeous Texas barndominium is sure to impress with its rustic charm.

Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

The barndominium trend is growing, and it is not surprising. These flexible spaces have become staples of modern rural home design, combining the best of country living, such as natural materials and ample land, with modern aesthetics like clean lines, tall ceilings, and open floor plans.

These factors, combined with affordability, sustainability, and relatively low maintenance needs, make buying a barndominium an attractive and viable option for many potential homeowners.

Whether you are searching for barndominium ideas or merely curious about what a barndo home has to offer, let’s take a closer look at today’s features to find out more.

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Located on the Storied Pine Farm in Bedias, Texas, Kirk and Shannon’s barndominium offers the perfect setting for large family gatherings or celebrations. You can rent this barn-style home through Airbnb.

Featuring bright red metal siding with white accents and a monitor roof that adds depth to the home’s exterior, this barndominium has a classic farm look.

Outdoor space of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

There are many outdoor spaces available on the property, including this fire pit, or you can take in the view while enjoying morning coffee on one of the many porches. Enjoy the scenic surroundings while staying comfortable.

Exterior of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

The Storied Pine Farm barndominium offers multiple porches to accommodate a variety of outdoor gatherings. This is ideal for guests who are looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements.

Porches also contribute to the overall barn aesthetic, which is one of just many styles that suit a barndominium exterior. View other barndominium exterior designs.

Porch of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

Our favorite feature is the kitchen bar window, which, when opened, creates an ideal atmosphere for some genuinely delightful indoor-outdoor gatherings. There’s plenty of seating all around, so everyone can stay cozy. The rustic furniture adds a touch of country charm.

Kitchen bar window of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

There is no doubt that the covered patio makes for a great spot to host barbeques!


As part of an open-concept rustic home interior design, Kirk and Shannon have transformed a party bar into the ultimate convivial space.

This style is about creating a space that blends the warmth and comfort of traditional, rural living with modern trends in open-plan living. It also features colorful elements throughout to create a fun vibe, with plenty of entertaining options for guests.

Interior of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

Living Space

Incorporating country elements, such as leather furniture, wooden textures, and decor, you are transported to a rustic ambiance. Polished concrete flooring is both practical and stylish, maintaining an aesthetic that fits the home’s interior. 

leather furniture and wooden texture and decors

We love the clever choice to add roll-up doors at the home’s center that can be opened to enjoy the weather and view on sunny days. 

Bar inside Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium


As the focal point of the home, the bar is where all the action takes place. This is definitely the ideal place for entertaining guests, enhancing the ambiance with neon signs, a custom-made long wooden counter, and casual seating.

Mini coffee station - Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

The bar also has a mini coffee station for all your caffeine needs.

Kitchen of Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium


Featuring all-black stainless steel appliances and furnishings mixed with wooden countertops and accents, the kitchen embodies a modern rustic aesthetic.

In this open-concept home, the kitchen is adjacent to the bar. This airy room with virtually no boundaries opens up limitless options for hosting and entertaining, and creates the feel of a more seamless living environment.

Kitchen adjacent to the bar


The dining area of this Texas barndominium is generously sized and includes a Ms. Pacman cocktail game table that adds a touch of fun and character.

wooden dining table in Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

There is more to a wooden farmhouse dining table than just dining. A recreation area like this is perfect for playing games.

retractable staircase

Among the most awesome features of this home is its retractable staircase, which can save space or expand the area for large gatherings.

Bedroom in Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium


Featured in the bedroom are custom-made twin and queen bunk beds. Wood is used throughout the design, creating a cabin-like aesthetic that provides a sense of comfort and warmth.

Bathroom in Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium


Although initially posing a challenge, Kirk and Shannon successfully managed to design a small bathroom into the wooden bunk room that completes the cozy cabin ambiance. As a space-saving measure, the sink is mounted on top of the toilet. A very clever move!

metal top sink and a mirror edged with metal

In the ground floor bathroom, the wooden interior is complemented by a metal top sink and a mirror edged with metal to give the room an overall streamlined farmhouse look.

rain-head shower room in Kirk and Shannon's Bedias Barndominium

The rustic look of the rain-head shower room is completed by the eye-catching metal siding used as an accent wall, along with the metal pipe fixtures. 

In Conclusion

Kirk and Shannon’s Bedias, Texas barndominium succeeds on two levels: it seamlessly combines modern elegance with rustic charm, and its design lends itself perfectly to large, relaxed gatherings of family and friends.

Barndo homes can serve both intimate, starter-family needs and large, multi-family living. Whichever you need, Barndominium Life can provide you with detailed guides and the most reliable builders and kit suppliers in your area so that you can take the first steps toward the barndominium lifestyle of your dreams.

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.