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Classic Rustic Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan And Sonja

Today’s feature offers a glimpse into a classic rustic barndominium. This charming abode is perfect for those who want a stylish home with a touch of the countryside.

Exterior of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja

As an additional income source, many homeowners are turning their homes into Airbnb rentals. There were nearly 1.4 million listings on Airbnb in the United States alone during the previous year, a 23% increase from a year earlier. This translates into nearly two-thirds of the additional rentals since 2020. Global listings follow similar trends.

Because of its lower cost compared to a traditional home, its unique appeal, and lower maintenance requirements, a barndominium is becoming a more attractive investment nowadays. 

And you are sure to be inspired by this Texas barndominium when it comes to setting your dream home in motion. Let’s get started!

Check out this Video Tour of This Barndo!


Bryan and Sonja’s barndominium, located in Bryan-College Station, Texas, is available for rent on Airbnb. A relaxing escape from city life awaits families and friends at this country retreat. It is located just ten minutes away from A&M Kyle Field and eight minutes from Downtown Bryan.

You can enjoy the classic red barndo look with this Texas barndominium. There is an unapologetically rustic appeal to barndominiums, and this home embraces it from the outset. Up to 10 guests can stay here–an example of how barndominiums can provide plenty of space for multi-family households.

Large single-door garage of the Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja

With a large single-door garage, this home provides ample workshop space. Many homeowners love barndos for their large open, spaces and seamless integration of work and living areas.

There is no limit to what you can do when it comes to adding a shop to your barndo. Take a look at our variety of barndominium plans with living quarters for ideas.

Peaceful outdoor space of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja

Here, guests can take in peaceful views of grazing cows while grilling outside or having a cozy fireside gathering around the fire pit, all set against a picturesque pond backdrop.

This Bryan-College Station barndominium offers something for everyone. Kids can enjoy bouncing on the trampoline while adults sit back and luxuriate in the beauty of rural living.

Outdoor amenities of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja

Aside from those inviting outdoor amenities, there is a Texas A&M-inspired hoop court in the backyard to add to the Texas spirit!

large covered wraparound patio

A large covered wraparound patio provides plenty of space for outdoor decor and comfortable seating. Almost every barndominium includes patios to ensure that homeowners are able to take advantage of the outdoors in comfort.


Brian and Sonja’s barndominium uniquely blends traditional and contemporary elements, creating a look that is both eye-catching and distinctive.

Get ready to be enchanted by a charming rustic design that has been updated with a modern twist!

Living space with a contemporary design

Living Space

Whether you’re looking for something cozy and inviting or sleek and stylish, this Texas barndominium seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. Generally contemporary in design, it features rustic textures and elements here and there that convey a sense of comfort. 

Kitchen space of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja


Barndominiums commonly feature open-concept floor plans that combine living, dining, and kitchen spaces. This creates an inclusive, convivial atmosphere to entertain guests, providing ample seating and spaces for socializing.

This layout style also adds natural light, which is a fantastic mood booster. With an open-concept floor plan, you can choose to customize your living space to fit your lifestyle. 

Blue accent kitchen area

Blue accents and generally cool tones can be found throughout the interior, complementing the kitchen’s elegant design. Various seating options and spaces are available to entertain guests while preparing meals.

Dining area with a large wooden dining table


The dining space connected to the kitchen and living space creates a better, more welcoming flow throughout this Texas barndominium home.

There is a lovely natural touch to the interior thanks to the large wooden dining table and the sliding barn door, which features fine wood details.

Bedroom of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja


With four bedrooms, this Bryan-College Station barndominium is ideal for accommodating a large number of guests. It is easy to notice the use of contemporary design elements in this bedroom, as well as the detailed use of blue hues throughout.

We also appreciate the large windows in the bedrooms. They bring cheerful streams of natural light inside and allow guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of their rooms.

Spare bedroom with bund beds

Designed to accommodate many guests, the spare bedroom has bunk beds with a consistent blue accent for a unified and practical design. The addition of a loft bed ensures guests have somewhere to sit while winding down for the night.

Master suite of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja

The master suite provides plenty of natural lighting, in part to the large, open windows. It is hard not to imagine being swept away by the breathtaking sunrise view from the comfort of your own bed. 

Compact bathroom of Bryan-College Station Barndominium by Bryan and Sonja


A compact bathroom offers the opportunity to decorate it to the hilt. The elegant flooring complements the sophisticated decor of the bathroom sink.

modern designed shower room

The shower room can also serve as an accent wall in the bathroom, and this modern design complements the rest of the space.

Bathroom space with a round mirror in the middle

This bathroom space has a timeless sophistication that we love. The black fixtures go well with the mostly white interior.

Glass shower enclosure inside the bathroom

A large, stylish glass shower enclosure completes this sleek bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Bryan and Sonja’s Bryan-College Station barndominium is a fine example of how rustic barndominiums can offer modern appeal without sacrificing the rustic charm barndo home offer naturally.

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