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The Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart (Wisconsin)

Many Americans are leaning more toward alternative housing. It has been reported that a staggering 61% of renters in major cities in the United States would be unable to purchase a home in the city where they live.

In recent years, a growing number of homeowners have expressed an interest in living in a barndominium. The humble concept of combining a barn and a home into one structure has evolved into a hot commodity for affordable and sustainable housing.

For today’s feature, we present The Lodge Door County, Designed By Mike Jeanquart, a barndominium that blends comfort and function into one stunning residence. The design of this home is sure to scratch that coziness itch, but with a sleek contemporary twist. Let’s get started!

Exterior of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart


In a lush tree grove amidst a scenic peninsula, the Lodge Door County, Designed By Mike Jeanquart, is a barndominium that is sure to impress with its unfailing charm and understated elegance.

This Wisconsin barndominium is intended as a vacation rental, with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms focusing on functionality. You and your family can rent it on Airbnb for a quiet getaway, and it is close to Lambeau Field for you Packers fans!

Exterior of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

This Mike Jeanquart Barndominium is situated in idyllic Wisconsin, home to Great Lakes and beautiful sceneries. Building a rustic home makes sense here, as an understated design only emphasizes the beauty of the natural environment.

Within this sprawling 2,437 square-foot space, you will find plenty of room to enjoy outdoor activities. The backyard is the perfect spot for barbeques with friends or stargazing on cold nights with a warm drink.

Exterior of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

You will notice that there are no roof penetrations, and all plumbing and mechanical venting is carried through the sidewalls. Ultimately, the effort is worthwhile since it provides a pristine appearance throughout the exterior of the home.

This white barndominium built with metal siding is both attractive and functional. It provides a sleek lodge aesthetic without being obtrusive, is easy to clean, and is well-suited to withstand harsh weather conditions. The half-brick, half-white wall and dark wooden patio frame exude a rustic, homey vibe.


The interior of the Mike Jeanquart Barndominium home is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on white walls and wooden accents throughout.

Living Area

Living area of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

Upon entering, you are greeted by clean design, understated furniture, and a spacious interior. Thanks to high ceilings and large open windows, the space is bright and airy and never feels constricting.

Sprinkled throughout the modest interior is an ambiance reminiscent of a rustic lodge adorned with mounted deer heads, an inviting coffee bar, and a fireplace.

Living area of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

The living room embodies a warm and welcoming atmosphere featuring hardwood floors, wooden furnishings, and a cozy sofa. Since the residence is designated as a vacation rental, it has ample seating for many guests. Additionally, multiple zones of radiant floor heating are installed to ensure a comfortable stay.

A distinctive feature of barndominiums is their large and open living areas which can be customized to meet your needs. In this case, the open plan layout includes a connecting living room, dining room, and kitchen. The stairway, constructed from an Oak tree that was salvaged during excavation, also gives the interior a sense of depth.


Kitchen of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

With marble countertops and mahogany kitchen cabinets, the kitchen radiates sophistication. Complete with wood accents, the kitchen ceiling and bar were all crafted on-site from Poplar wood.

A focus on functionality accompanies the stylish design, with modern appliances and a straightforward approach to the kitchen layout. Also, there’s plenty of room for many hands to help when cooking.

Kitchen of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

The kitchen sink counter is aesthetically pleasing despite its simplicity, with the marble cut cleanly to fit the sink. A sleek faucet and chic industrial lighting complete the look of the kitchen. Without a doubt, the kitchen island is a favorite gathering spot.

Kitchen of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

This Wisconsin Barndominium features a second kitchen on the upper floor to accommodate large gatherings of friends and family members. It is equipped with basic appliances that can be used for storing goods and reheating food quickly. The large TV and comfy bar stools make this another great place to hang out.

Do you fancy a cup of coffee? Here’s a coffee bar that is available 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. While a coffee bar can be as simple as you like, The Lodge Door County barndominium went above and beyond.

In this barndo rental home, a spare countertop has been transformed into a very cozy and Instagram-worthy coffee bar so guests can enjoy hot and freshly brewed beverages.


Rooms of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

The two bedrooms are designed to accommodate as many guests as possible while still ensuring a comfortable stay. It is a simple room with bunk beds, but the wooden elements and decor remind one of a modern lodge.

Room of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

The main bedroom is an understated beauty. The dark wood bedframe, doors, table cabinets, and bedside lamps promote a rustic cabin feel while maintaining minimalist functionality throughout the interior. Since the decor is subtle, the home does not feel cluttered, but neither does it feel boring, thanks to a sprinkling of rustic touches.

Since this Mike Jeanquart Barndominium was designed to be a vacation rental, there are no walk-in closets, and functionality was given precedence over a trendy design.


Bathroom of Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart

The bathrooms also exude simplicity. The space is focused on functionality while maintaining a modern appearance with touches of wood and black accents.

Lodge Door County Designed By Mike Jeanquart: Final Thoughts

The Lodge Door County, Designed By Mike Jeanquart, shows that there is beauty in functionality. It is even more awesome to find out that you can rent this modern Wisconsin lodge for a relaxing gathering with loved ones!

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