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Morton Buildings Review

If you’re feeling stuck on building your dream barndominium, it helps to start with a metal building construction company you can trust. And thanks to metal building specialists like Morton Buildings, you can break ground on your barndominium anywhere in the United States with ease while working with a company you can trust.

Employing a dependable all-in-one barndominium builder and material provider takes away the hassle of collecting the building materials for your barndominium. And their expertise in the metal building field means they can help keep the cost of your custom barndominium build down.

Read on for our review of what Morton Buildings offers, why they are a trusted metal building company, and how to order from them in the future.

Morton Buildings Review

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Morton Buildings can trace its history as a company back to 1903 when it started in the construction industry making fences. Named after the small Illinois town where they began, they have been in the business of simplified framed farm buildings since the 1940s.

Their entire business model is based on offering higher quality, better-looking products than their competitors at an affordable price. This began with a distinct red trim on their first branded pole barn. And it is now why their company motto is “BUILT STRONGER. LOOKS BETTER. LASTS LONGER.”

If you are looking for a barndominium builder with proud American Midwest roots, Morton Buildings is a great option. Their current business specializes in metal building construction, which means they know exactly how to guide you through any metal building process to help you create your barndominium.

What products does Morton Buildings offer?

What products does Morton Buildings offer?

The goal of working with a metal building specialist is to remove the stress of you designing your own blueprint. When the framing supplies and open floor concept are already set out for you, your time and energy are left to focus on what details you want to add to the space. You can dream of anything from custom flooring to countertops or a lofted living area.

Their company offers a wide variety of metal building projects that you can pick from and customize. Working with Morton Buildings still allows you to get all your building supplies in one location, and you get the added bonus of working with a company that has been working for almost a century in the metal building industry.

The objective of every Morton Buildings project is to create a final product as unique and original as the customers they work with. To give you an idea of their work, you can scroll through an extensive online catalog of completed builds, alongside glowing reviews from satisfied former customers. You can also play with their 3D Studio, where you can play with color schemes for your farm storage, garage, horse stable, or home build.

Here are 3 of their most popular categories, all of which would make great barndominiums:

Garage & Hobby

Their Garage & Hobby category includes floor plan options for:

  • Vehicle Storage
  • Hobby shop
  • Detached garage
  • Recreational
  • Storage shed
  • Backyard office

Most importantly, Morton Buildings understands that garages are used to store more than cars. This is why they have focused on offering quality RV and tall vehicle storage, as well as boat and small vehicle storage. Their previous work also includes backyard offices, recreational pool houses, and woodworking hobby shops. All of these options are worth your consideration as you put together your barndominium fantasy build.

Home & Cabin

Home & Cabin builds by Morton Buildings include:

  • Ranch homes
  • Cabins
  • Shouses
  • Barndominiums

Both ranch homes and cabins offer a more traditional barndominium aesthetic. A ranch home is a single-story house. This is the closest option to a barndominium building kit you will find at Morton Buildings. The Morton Buildings ranch home comes in 3 styles – Rockford, Branson, and Decatur. These options come in 3 sizes, ranging from 1200 square feet to 2342 square feet. Each model differs in roof style, porch size, and whether or not your garage is attached to your open concept living area.

A Morton Buildings cabin can be designed to have two stories. Cabins can vary greatly in square footage and layout. Maybe this is your private getaway, or you’re designing your ideal home where you can retire and still host your family for the holidays. But each Morton Buildings cabin project is designed to fit the exact needs of the customer who orders it.

Morton Buildings shouses, also known as shopdominiums, offer a great combination of workplace and living space that is ideal for the woodworker or car junkie’s barndominium. The greatest benefit of designing a Morton Buildings post-frame home is that it can be customized to your every need, and it will better withstand the test of weather and time than a converted pole barn.


Because metal building structures have also gained recent commercial popularity, Morton Buildings has worked on several community buildings across the United States. Their two main specialty categories have been municipal buildings – like pavilions, public safety buildings, golf clubs – and churches.

If you are considering creating a barndominium that can also be used as a community building, you can check out Morton Buildings’ commercial building site.

Why choose Morton Buildings

Why choose Morton Buildings

Both homeowners and business owners have bought into the metal building trend for its easy construction and quick building timeline. But it’s still important to end up with a company you can trust. You want to purchase a barndominium kit from someone who has plenty of experience in the metal building industry and who is going to sell you a quality product.

Morton Buildings is an employee-owned company, which speaks to how completely they believe in the products they create. They source and create their own metal building materials, including steel frames, custom doors, and more. This is part of how they keep the price low and the quality high for each of their metal building projects.

They also pride themselves in offering an all-in-one metal building experience. This is done through their designBUILD program. When you approach Morton Buildings with a concept for your building, you can sign a single contract to complete both the designing and building of your barndominium through one company. This also means the construction crew that works on your barndominium works exclusively for Morton Buildings and will focus only on your metal building project until it is brought to completion.

No matter the square footage you want in your barndominium home or how you plan to use the space once your barndominium is built, Morton Buildings can help your vision become a reality. On top of this, the Morton Buildings company has been working with metal buildings for over 100 years, which means they know everyone else in the metal building community. If they can’t help you with one of their in-house services, they know someone else who can.

Morton Buildings Pricing and Financing

Morton Buildings Pricing and Financing

To give you a better perspective of the pricing breakdown for each of the housing models provided by Morton Buildings, you can contact your local Morton Buildings sales office. As part of their company promise, any price quote will already include the cost of material, labor, delivery, and taxes.

You can also visit their website for inspiration on the following (all of which can impact the final cost of your Morton Buildings barndominium):

  • Building use and size
  • Roof, siding, and wainscot colors
  • Any special features, such as a porch, sliding door, shingle roof, or wood accents

Morton Buildings is also aware that financing for barndominium builds can sometimes require non-traditional housing loans. For this reason, they will work directly with you to find the right lenders nationwide. You can call one of their sales associates today to learn more about specialized financing options through the Morton Buildings network.

Morton Building Warranty Policy

Morton Building Warranty Policy

Morton Buildings prides itself in its warranty policy. All warranty claims are handled in-house, and they do not include material or labor costs. Morton also offers a snow warranty with no weight limit.


Even though they are based out of Illinois, Morton Buildings is a great option for your barndominium kit nationwide. Their years of experience in the metal building industry are unmatched, which means they can help make your barndominium home building process stress-free and affordable. With the help of a trusted metal building specialist like Morton Buildings, your barndominium home can become a reality even faster than you think!

Now that you’ve read through our review of Morton Buildings, the only thing left is to start building your barndominium! Feel free to also look for further barndominium inspiration on our Barndominium Life blog, including how to build a farmdominium and DIY spray foam insulation and drywall for your barndominium.

Want to learn more before you commit to a metal building kit provider? Make sure to check out our program, “Barndominiums Made Easy.” It’s affordable, informative, and will give you every resource you need to confidently move forward with your barndominium build.

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