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Beautiful Barndominium Under 150K

If you are under the impression that bigger is always better, you have not seen this beautiful Barndominium under 150K. Located in Troy, Missouri, today’s featured barndominium is the perfect example of quality over quantity.

Exterior – Barndominium under 150K

With just 750 square feet of interior space and an additional 750 square foot garage, this home is small but mighty! And, while the exterior is simple and straightforward, the inside is anything but!

Interior – Barndominium under 150K

Inside this stylish and trendy Missouri barndominium under 150K, we can see that a lot can be done in terms of design, even with a small amount of space. By making use of walls, incorporating storage baskets, and opting for minimal clutter, the interior feels both spacious and cozy.

Barndominium under 150K - Living Room

Light walls are a must when capitalizing on space and attempting to make a room look as bright and airy as possible. The richness of the wooden floors and doors provides a beautiful contrast to the light blue walls.

Barndominium under 150K - Living Room 2

Personal touches can be found throughout the home, from the cozy farmhouse kitchen to the bright and airy living room. This just goes to show that no matter what your budget is, it is possible to create a beautiful and stylish home.

Barndominium under 150K - Picture Wall

Kitchen – Barndominium under 150K

Barndominium under 150K - Kitchen

The barndominiums beautiful kitchen is both compact and efficient, making use of every square inch of space. The open shelving above the countertop and the lower cabinets offer plenty of storage space. What we love most about this kitchen, however, is the use of color and pattern. The black matte cabinets are a trendy touch that ties the whole look together. And textured backsplash tile adds both interest and depth.

Barndominium under 150K - Kitchen 2
Barndominium under 150K - Kitchen 3

This barndominium under 150K has a space-saving bar-style dining area. This is the perfect solution for small spaces as it offers a place to eat without taking up too much room. The added bonus of stools means that you can easily accommodate guests.

Barndominium under 150K - Dining Area

Pantry – Barndominium under 150K

Barndominium under 150K - Pantry

This home has included a pantry, which is a must-have for any kitchen. This pocket pantry provides all the extra space for everything from non-perishables to small appliances.

Barndominium under 150K - Pantry 2

Office – Barndominium under 150K

Barndominium under 150K - Office

This barndominium under 150K, despite only featuring 750 square feet of interior living space, has a stunning office/closet area that is perfect for working from home. The desk and shelving offer plenty of space to spread out and get work done. There are plenty of trendy decor elements added that elevate the feel of the entire room. A cozy chair adds a space to relax and unwind, while the overall colors and tones are used to create a calming and serene environment.

Barndominium under 150K - Office 2

We love the use of different colors and textures to make this space ultra-trendy. Using every bit of vertical space also allows the room to be extremely useful without being overwhelmed with clutter. The deep green is offset by the brick wall, while the large window lets in natural light, brightening up the space.

Barndominium under 150K - Wall Decor

Garage – Barndominium under 150K

Barndominium under 150K - Garage

This barndominium comes with an additional 750 square foot garage, which is perfect for extra storage or a workshop. There are endless options for usage, and the extra space is always welcome. This garage is a great addition to the home, whether it be additional storage or a place to work on projects.

Barndominium under 150K - Garage Decor

Overall, this beautiful barndominium under 150K is the perfect example of quality over quantity. The small interior space is utilized to its fullest potential, and the overall design is both stylish and trendy. If you are looking for a home that proves that size does not matter, this is it!

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