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6 Jaw-Dropping Barndominium with Stone Exterior Features That Wow!

Stone can be used on a wide variety of barndominiums to achieve various effects while providing great functionality. Stone can offer either a modern or rustic effect depending on what kind of stone is used and how it is applied. 

A barndominium with a stone exterior can also benefit from the strength, durability, and easy-clean nature of stone. 

If you’d like to take advantage of all the benefits of stone in your barndominium, you’re sure to be inspired and encouraged by the use of stone in these six barndominiums.

1. Breathtaking View of 10 Acres and Barndominium in Texas

Barndominium with Stone Exterior in Texas

Stone is used tastefully in the exterior of this rustic barndominium. This comfortable, rustic barndominium rests on ten acres of park-like Texas land. Comfortable wooden chairs are even situated around the property so you can sit and relax in the midst of a walk. 

Most of the building is covered in vertical metal siding, but the wall against the downstairs patio has a stone facade. The stones are large and irregularly shaped with sharp angles, which matches the feel of the building. 

The colors are very similar to the shades of the surrounding land, integrating it into the property. It’s amazing how adding stone to just one wall can add style and dimension to the space. 

2. Borrowing An Old World Look For Your New Barndominium Grounds

Barndominium with Stone Exterior historic cottage by the river

This stunning little structure was once a cart house, then apple storage, and later a playhouse for local kids. It has been renovated into a beautiful little home. 

As much of the original building was saved as possible, a testament to what’s possible if you are dedicated to recycling materials. The contrast between the rough exterior and rustic touches inside and the clean white walls, ceiling, and roof inside is truly beautiful. 

This is one of the few barndominium on this list with the real old stone walls that most other structures are trying to imitate.

3. Deason Construction Brazoria County Barndominium

Barndominium with Stone Exterior ranch style

A facade of big stone pieces covers the lower third of the building. Stone is often used in the lower third of a building because this part tends to get dirtier easier. Above the stone is vertical aluminum siding. 

Stone is also wrapped around the lower third of the pillars supporting the porch, which is a clever detail. Horizontal rectangular stones are especially attractive in contrast to the vertical siding.

The effect is of a big, stone ranch-style home, even though stone only covers the bottom of the structure. Stone is also pulled into the interior, which helps to create an integrated feel throughout this lovely rustic modern home. 

4. Rosebud Barndominium: 2757 sqft Custom-built With Gorgeous Kitchen

This handsome barndominium takes advantage of the same contrast between long, horizontal rectangular stone on the bottom third and vertical siding over that as the Deason Construction Brazoria County Barndominium, but the effect is much different. 

This ranch-style barndominium home looks striking and modern, thanks to the contrast between the stone in shades of white and light grey and the sharp, dark grey of the vertical siding. Instead of pillars encased in stone, the pillars supporting the porch of this barndominium are thin, minimalist, and of a light color to contrast with the siding of the house.

5. Odom Family Florida Barndominium: Dream Home

You’ll love how this barndominium uses stone functionally and an accent throughout the design. A raised bed made of stone borders the house all the way from one porch to the other in a gently rounded pattern. 

This raised bed is planted with shrubbery and flowers and mulched with a rich red mulch that contrasts nicely with the deep blue of the horizontal siding. Stone also encases the entranceway completely and surrounds pillars supporting the front porch roof. 

The effect is to draw attention to the entranceways and flowerbeds as the dark blue horizontal siding fades into the background. 

6. Weatherford Texas Barndominium – Built by HL Custom Homes for the Butler Family

Large stones in shades of white and tan define the face of this ranch-style barndominium. The stones cover the lower third of the building. Stones go all the way to the roof where the porch roof peaks over the front door. 

Stones surround the beautiful windows and large front door for a striking effect. Stones encircling the pillars that support the wrap-around covered porch draw the look out onto the porch. 

The rest of the building is covered with charcoal-colored vertical siding, which contrasts strikingly with the light-colored stones. 

Enjoy Your Barndominium With Stone Exterior Features

Stone features can improve the look and functionality of your barndominium and add to the barndominium curb appeal of your home. Have fun thinking of exactly how you want your barndominium stone features to look. If you’d like more inspiration to help you imagine your ideal barndominium, Barndolife ebook can help.