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Rolling Hills Barndominium with Single Car Garage by HL Custom Homes

It’s easy to see the timeless appeal of the color brown, which has long captivated homeowners with its rich warmth and elegant simplicity. Just a few years ago, brown was considered the dominating color trend, and it’s easy to see why.

Brown evokes a sense of comfort, stability, and connection to nature, making it a popular choice for those seeking a cozy and inviting atmosphere in their living space.

Now, imagine embracing the beauty of brown within the unique framework of a barndominium

A barndo is a versatile and customizable dwelling that combines a barn’s rustic charm with a home’s modern amenities. With open floor plans, exposed beams, and natural materials, a barndominium offers the perfect canvas for showcasing the timeless appeal of brown.

What makes barndominiums truly special is their design versatility, letting ideas come to life. Whether you prefer a modern aesthetic with sleek lines and minimalist decor or a more traditional farmhouse style with rustic wood accents and vintage charm, a barndominium can be tailored to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

And in Texas, where the spirit of the Wild West meets modern-day luxury, this barndominium is sure to impress with its mix of modern and rustic elements. This is further enhanced by a warm brown hue that adds depth and character to the residence.

Get ready to be inspired by the seamless blend of old and new in this captivating Rolling Hills barndominium.


Welcome to Rolling Hills, Texas! A serene enclave tucked away amidst lush trees and picturesque landscapes, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Known for its tranquil atmosphere and abundant wildlife, Rolling Hills is a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking privacy and solitude. It’s within this idyllic setting that our Texas barndominium stands proudly, crafted by HL Custom Homes with a commitment to unparalleled workmanship and exceptional customer service.

As you approach this one-story home, you’re immediately struck by its modern simplicity and functionality. The brown metal siding seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, while the stone exterior adds depth and character to the front porch.

Speaking of which, the large covered front porch beckons with its welcoming ambiance, offering the perfect spot to greet guests or simply unwind on a beautiful day. Wood columns add a touch of rustic charm to the porch, further enhancing its appeal.

At the center of it all, a gable roof lends a modern farmhouse aesthetic to the home. A one-car garage with a brown door sits discreetly on the side, ensuring a seamless aesthetic from every angle. 

At the back of the home, a covered back porch provides ample space for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. This porch provides plenty of room to chill and soak in the tranquil surroundings.

From the carefully crafted details to the inviting ambiance, there’s no shortage of charm to admire in the exterior of this Texas barndominium. 


Enter the inviting interior of this compact yet remarkable Texas barndominium. A rich, earthy aesthetic and abundance of wood accents create a rustic yet modern atmosphere that’s sure to captivate. 


Before delving into the main living space, let’s take a moment to appreciate the thoughtfully designed one-car garage. The space is compact yet clean. 

That said, the garage offers plenty of space for tinkering and pursuing hobbies, showcasing an ingenious use of space that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

As a fun fact, barndominiums provide so many options for homeowners that they sometimes prefer garagedominiums. This type of barndo focuses on the garage side of the home, putting the spotlight on your vehicles. Additionally, many people use their garages for business purposes.

Living Space

The moment you step into the main living area, you’re graciously greeted by the warm embrace of wood. Lots of wood flooring stretches throughout the home. A stunning wood front door adorned with intricate glass details also demands attention. 

The living room is furnished with built-in cabinets with a striking finish that adds both functionality and visual appeal. Meanwhile, large windows flood the space with natural light. The vaulted ceiling creates an airy ambiance despite the compact dimensions.

With this home, the living room seamlessly flows through an open plan layout, connecting effortlessly to the kitchen and dining areas. This is a design choice cherished by many barndominium homeowners for its sense of spaciousness and connectivity.

Kitchen & Dining

In the kitchen, the same exquisite wood finish adorns the cabinetry. This is complemented by salt and pepper granite countertops that add a touch of elegance.

A large kitchen island serves as the focal point, offering ample space for meal preparation and casual dining. It also has the potential for bar stools to be placed for additional seating.

Across the room, the dining area is illuminated by stylish farmhouse lighting, creating a cozy ambiance for shared meals and gatherings.

Laundry Room

Adjacent to the kitchen, the laundry area boasts ample space for a washer and dryer. There are plenty of shelves for extra storage solutions, ensuring both convenience and practicality. 


As you explore the bedrooms, the same wood and brown aesthetic continues. This creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The main bedroom impresses with a customized closet space featuring grand double doors with a varnished wood finish, offering plenty of storage for your wardrobe essentials while still being in style.


In the bathrooms, granite countertops and large mirrors contribute to a sense of luxury and spaciousness. There is a dedicated glass-enclosed shower area in one and a shower and tub combo in the other.

Throughout this Texas barndominium, there’s a cohesive blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, creating a space that feels both timeless and inviting. 

The Bottom Line

The Rolling Hills barndominium by HL Custom Homes is a fine example of how a compact space can still make a statement. 

From the inviting warmth of the wood accents to the ingenious use of space throughout, all details highlight a barndo’s versatility – no matter how big or small they are. This is modern country living at its finest.

Immerse yourself further in the charm of rural living fused with the contemporary flair found in barndos, with Barndominium Life as your guide. Explore the distinctive features, the eclectic designs, and the endless possibilities of these homes.

Step into barndominium living today and unlock the chance to turn your dream home into a stunning reality!

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