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6 White Farmhouse Barndominiums for a Classic Home

The allure of a classic white home is timeless; proof of the enduring appeal of simplicity and elegance. There’s something inherently captivating about a pristine, white facade that transcends trends and stands the test of time, but a white farmhouse barndominium is even more spectacular.

White exudes purity and charm, making it an all-time favorite among homeowners and designers alike. But when you take the classic white barndominium and pair it with the rustic charm of a farmhouse, you achieve a level of perfection that’s truly captivating.

Enter the world of barndominiums, taking the fundamental elements of a traditional farmhouse and infusing them with modern living sensibilities. The result is a marriage of rustic aesthetics and contemporary comfort that offers the best of both worlds.

These barn-inspired homes often feature wide, open spaces, high ceilings, and plenty of room to breathe, making them ideal for those seeking a classic farmhouse vibe without sacrificing modern amenities.

Today, we feature six white farmhouse barndominiums with a classic look. Let these barndos inspire you and make your dream farmhouse a reality!

Source: Lake Charles, Louisiana Barndominium by Sharamie Trahan Moore

1. Lake Charles, Louisiana Barndominium by Sharamie Trahan Moore

Nestled on 4.8 acres of picturesque land in Lake Charles, this Louisiana barndominium by Sharamie Trahan Moore looks impressive.

With three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a 780-square-foot attached shop, it’s the ideal blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. The 2,400-square-foot living space combines the coziness of a bungalow with the spaciousness of a farmhouse.

The exterior, adorned in pristine white, is accentuated by exposed wood beams and columns, striking a perfect balance between rustic and contemporary design.

The wraparound porch is not only a delightful addition but also perfect for entertaining, while the 80×16 rear cover offers ample space for boat or camper storage. And the brick-clad outdoor fireplace? It’s the ultimate comfort on those cloudy, cold Lake Charles days.

Source: Lorena, Texas Barndominium by Lisa Cothran

2. Lorena, Texas Barndominium by Lisa Cothran

Lisa Cothran’s Texas barndominium effortlessly blends the timeless appeal of a ranch-style home with a touch of modernity. The all-white exterior with brick wainscot creates a classy look.

The guest house mirrors the same simplicity, ensuring calm even in the nighttime. The white Hardie siding enhances the aesthetic and reinforces the home’s durability and weather resistance. The side porch offers a shaded retreat to bask in the sunshine.

Attention to detail in the facade and the front porch elevates the curb appeal to new heights, making it a truly unique residence.

Source: White Metal Home by HL Custom Homes (Perrin, Texas)

3. White Metal Home by HL Custom Homes (Perrin, Texas)

HL Custom Homes’ White Metal Home in Perrin, Texas, masterfully marries modern design with the cherished Texas farmhouse aesthetic. The pristine white exterior, highlighted by sleek black trim, exudes contemporary elegance.

The wide front porch beckons you to enjoy the Texan sunshine while the covered outdoor area seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor living. The addition of a stylish black garage door adds sophistication to the design.

This barndominium showcases how a classic farmhouse can evolve into a modern abode.

Source: 80×40 Black and White Oklahoma Barndominium: Pursuing Your Dream Home

4. 80×40 Black and White Oklahoma Barndominium: Pursuing Your Dream Home

The Oaks family’s black and white Oklahoma barndominium is a bold take on exterior paint colors – especially for a rustic farmhouse. Featuring a white exterior and a black roof, it stands out boldly.

While darker roofs can raise concerns about energy efficiency, the interior design of this 80×40 barndominium is anything but ordinary. Split between a shop and a home, it boasts four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and high exterior walls that reach 20 feet.

The large vinyl windows flood the interior with natural light, while the dark exterior contrasts beautifully with the white interior. This unique home is a testament to breaking tradition.

Source: White Barndominium in Crafton Texas | Simple 4-Bedroom Paradise

5. White Barndominium in Crafton Texas | Simple 4-Bedroom Paradise

Within Crafton, this white Texas barndominium offers peace and quiet. The exterior’s simplicity, with white walls, gray roofs, and neutral brick wainscot, is a perfect canvas for the lush green surroundings.

The serene colors create a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for family living. This four-bedroom abode has two full bathrooms, a laundry room, a spacious garage, and even a spare room for furry family members.

With everything you need under one roof and the beauty of nature just steps away, it’s a truly idyllic setting.

Source: Luxury Farmhouse-Style Greensburg, Kentucky Barndominium by Jana Shofner Edwards

6. Luxury Farmhouse-Style Greensburg, Kentucky Barndominium by Jana Shofner Edwards

In the scenic backdrop of Greensburg, Jana Shofner Edwards’ Kentucky barndominium exemplifies luxury farmhouse living. The all-white exterior, rustic barn-inspired design, and the large double-sided fireplace are just the beginning.

Inside, the fireplace creates a cozy ambiance for gatherings, while outside, it sets the stage for alfresco celebrations. Multiple porches offer outdoor spaces for relaxation, and thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures bring the home to life at night.

Plush seating arrangements invite you to unwind and soak in the tranquility of the surroundings. In this barndominium, the charm of a classic barn meets the comforts of a luxury home.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve found the inspiration to reimagine your own living space. Whether you seek a serene, paradise-like retreat or a luxury farmhouse that stands out, barndominiums allow for customization and adaptation to your vision.

Whatever your dream home is, come explore even more possibilities and resources at Barndominium Life. Here, you can delve deeper into this architectural trend, discover incredible homes, and access invaluable tips and insights for your own barndo journey.

It’s time to turn your vision of a classic yet modern home into a reality!

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