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Whitt Metal Home With One Big Garage by HL Custom Homes

Despite rising real estate prices, research still shows that Texas offers more affordable housing compared to areas like California and Florida. In an era where affordability and value are key factors, Texas is an attractive option for many homebuyers.

On top of that, the idea of living far from bustling cities is becoming an even better option. 

That’s why barndominiums have become a rising trend. These unique structures blend the rustic charm of a barn with the comfort and modern amenities of a condominium, providing a perfect mix of practicality and luxury.

Nestled in northwestern Parker County, Texas, this Whitt Metal Home with one big garage is a prime example. Crafted by HL Custom Homes, this property features an extra car space, ensuring ample room for your vehicles and storage needs. 

The spacious living room provides a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying cozy family evenings. Let’s start this tour! 


As you approach the Whitt Metal Home with one big garage, the striking contrast between the white-painted metal siding and the grey roof immediately captures your attention. This modern exterior exudes a crisp, clean aesthetic, setting the tone for stylish yet practical living.

The front porch is undoubtedly a standout feature, offering a welcoming gateway to the home. Beneath the sturdy roofing, designed with beautifully crafted wooden beams, this spacious outdoor area invites you to imagine leisurely mornings with a cup of coffee or relaxing evenings watching the sunset. 

The front walls are wainscotted with multi-colored bricks, predominantly yellowish in hue, adding a warm and inviting touch that perfectly balances the sleek metal finish of the rest of the house.

As you move through the backdoor, an even larger outdoor space unfolds. This versatile area offers endless possibilities. Whether you envision a cozy seating arrangement with chairs and tables for dining or you’re dreaming of installing a sparkling swimming pool for hot Texas summers, the backyard caters to your every outdoor whim.

Invite friends for a barbecue or garden to your heart’s content, or simply enjoy the open space. The sizable area guarantees ample room for both relaxation and recreation. Install a hammock and lose yourself in a good book, or set up a play area for the kids to burn off some energy—the choice is yours.

Building a barndominium in Texas is a particularly good idea due to the state’s wide open spaces and favorable building regulations, making it an ideal location for these versatile and spacious homes.


Stepping inside this Whitt Metal Home with one big garage, you’ll immediately appreciate the blend of modern comfort and rustic charm. The interior has been thoughtfully designed to maximize space while providing all the amenities of contemporary living.

Living Space

Is ceramic-like, shiny cement the flooring that suits your style? This property has a beautiful example, adding a sleek, polished touch to the space. Oversized windows flood the room with natural light, creating an airy atmosphere. 

You can easily add blinds to adjust light and heat for those cozy, comfortable afternoons. 

The spacious layout of the living room offers plenty of options for arranging furniture, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings or entertaining guests. Adding to the rustic charm, a sliding barn door discreetly leads to the laundry room, seamlessly blending functionality with timeless style.

Kitchen & Dining

Seamlessly move from the living room to the kitchen and dining space. Want a quick kitchen idea? A lovely white quartz countertop with a built-in faucet doubles as a breakfast bar, perfect for quick meals. 

The kitchen exudes simplicity with its neutral color palette – white cabinetry, light grey walls, and natural wood accents. Warm pendant lights hang over the kitchen island, adding a cozy, inviting feel to this functional space. The wooden barn door further enhances the rustic charm.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

An organized setup awaits your laundry needs, with a small countertop and sink tucked beneath white cabinets, providing practicality and storage. 

There’s an area specifically designed for washer and dryer hookups, laid out conveniently for seamless use. 

On the opposite side, a built-in wooden bench with overhead storage makes for an ideal mudroom setup. This spot is perfect for taking off shoes or storing coats and bags, keeping the area tidy and efficient while maintaining a cohesive, elegant look that ties in with the rest of the home’s design.


The spacious garage offers a blank canvas ideal for transforming into a functional workshop catering to various hobbies or projects. With its high ceilings and ample space, there’s plenty of room to set up workbenches and tools, allowing you to unleash your creativity. 

Ensuring convenience, an extra car space in front of the garage door adds practicality, perfect for additional parking or easy access. This area becomes more than just a place for vehicles; it’s a versatile space that enhances the home’s utility and appeal.


The bedroom features a clean, modern design with neutral tones and polished concrete flooring. Twin windows let in ample natural light, enhancing the room’s airy feel.

From the bedroom, you are led to a closet room filled with storage spaces, including built-in shelves and rails, providing an organized and efficient solution for all your wardrobe needs.


In this simple but elegant barndominium bathroom, you’ll find a space that epitomizes modern luxury and functionality. The bathroom features a stunning glass-enclosed shower with beautiful tile work, providing a spa-like experience. 

A large vanity with a vessel sink and wooden cabinetry offers ample storage and style, accompanied by industrial-style lighting for a warm ambiance. Additional built-in cabinets ensure ample storage space for all your essentials. The neutral color palette continues, accentuating the sleek and clean design, making this bathroom a serene retreat within the home.

Wrapping Up

This Whitt Metal Home with one big garage is the perfect blend of modern luxury and rustic charm. Looking for other listings or ready to learn more about barndos? Discover the possibilities with our Barndominiums Made Easy program and start your adventure today!

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