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Abla Family Barndominum: 5 Acres with Magical Landscape

This absolutely beautiful Abla family barndominum in Oklahoma was built on five acres, with three acres of truly magical landscaping. It covers 3600 square feet, but despite the roominess, it still gives a very cozy feel inside.

It is designed for comfort as well as style, with large living spaces and a huge kitchen downstairs and the master bedroom downstairs, and plenty of room for guests to enjoy upstairs.

Images were posted by the Abla family.

Oklahoma Barndominum

From the lush, gorgeous landscaping to the beautifully laid-out interior, every detail of the Abla family barndominum is envy-worthy. Even better, the Abla family was able to build this stunning creation with less than the cost of a conventional home.

They kept their costs down even further by using reclaimed furniture and doing most of the beautiful landscaping themselves.


Abla Family Barndominum

The exterior of the stunning Abla Family Barndominum, covering a solid three acres of landscaped area within the heavily wooded environment, is unquestionably one of the most incredible aspects of the home.

Thousands of plants including a wide variety of hostas, juniper, coleus, etc. are nestled among lovely rock hardscaping, surrounding sprawling trails amid the trees. Outside of the garden, lush fescue grass thrives under the heavy tree cover. A wide front porch is a perfect place to take in all the landscaping.

A charming little shed rests on the property as well, complete with its own quaint windows and little front porch.

Living Room

When you walk in the front door, you are greeted with a cozy sitting area with absolutely lovely imitation wood floors. Heavier furniture looks perfect with the high ceilings. A number of gorgeous house plants thrive with plenty of light that comes in through the spacious window.

Master Bedroom

The living room flows effortlessly into the master bedroom, which provides very convenient access to the outdoors from the bedroom. A beautiful four-poster bed sits in the middle of the room, and many windows provide plenty of natural light.

The master bedroom has its own very large bathroom with two separate sinks, a beautiful self-standing tub, a separate shower, and perhaps the most charming feature, a lovely little fireplace. There is also a spacious walk-in closet area on the other side of the bathroom.

Kitchen and Dining Room

An open floor concept combines the kitchen and dining room of the Abla family barndominum into one beautiful space directly next to the living room. A large dining room table sits on an ornate oriental rug. A double fridge and freezer provide storage for all the food you’d ever need, and a large island serves as a bar as well as a workspace.

The gas range would be the envy of anyone who enjoys cooking. A back door opens from the kitchen conveniently into a beautiful large screen porch. Directly off of the kitchen is a laundry area with its own sink and a small study, as well as a second toilet and sink.

There’s also another very large refrigerator and freezer in this area. A secondary sitting area is off of the kitchen, perfect for lounging after a satisfying meal.

Upstairs Bedrooms and Living Space

Up the stairs, you will find a small sitting area with a table and a couple of chairs. To the left and the right are two bedrooms, each with access to a central bathroom. While smaller than the master bathroom, this bathroom is also very charming, with a stand-alone tub.

There’s also a sitting area upstairs, complete with two couches and a large chair, a large screen TV, and a pool table. Details of the Abla family barndominum like a little bar with stools complete the effect. A fridge and freezer are cleverly hidden in a wooden wardrobe to provide drinks and snacks without having to go downstairs.

Extra Areas

This fun home features an exercise and game room, as well as a craft and storage space with access to the attic. The shed in the exterior of the property also provides access to craft spaces and additional storage.

More photos of the Abla Family Oklahoma Barndominium

Many trees surrounding the Abla  Family Barndominium
A view of the Abla  Family Barndominium porch
Abla  Family Barndominium entrance
A stunning view of the pathway leading to the main house
Pathway view from the porch
Abla  Family Barndominium view of the garden
Small stairway leads a path from the shed to the main house
A separate mini shed right beside the main house
A beautiful view of the landscape
Pathways leading to the main house and the shed
Outdoor recreational area of the Abla  Family Barndominium
Outdoor recreational area by the pool
Pool area
Recreational area by the pool
More trees surrounding the Abla  Family Oklahoma Barndominium

A Charming Oklahoma Barndominum Built by the Abla Family

This beautiful Abla family Oklahoma barndominum is a great example of how space can be fully customized to fit the exact needs of a family. The emphasis in this Barndonium is on plenty of light throughout the comfortable living spaces and absolutely stunning landscaping outside that will draw you out.

It is designed to be very comfortable for the couple who built it with a master bedroom downstairs and a massive kitchen area, but also provides all of the amenities that visitors will need with double bedrooms, a bathroom, and even a small kitchenette space upstairs.

If you’d like to learn more about Barndolife and possibly even build your own, don’t hesitate to check out the Barndolife ebook.