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6 Stunning Barndominium Shower Ideas

When building a home, you have to be sure that you are creating something beautiful as well as functional. There are so many things to consider, and so many options for your barndominium design, but the bathroom is one area that should not be neglected. A shower that you love can make all the difference in your morning routine. Looking at some barndominium shower ideas is a great way to gather inspiration and come up with something amazing. 

If you want to create a shower space that will serve you well for many years, it is important to make it your own. To help get you inspired, we have put together a collection of elegant barndominium shower ideas. With a little bit of creativity and some great barndominium shower ideas, your bathroom can be the oasis of calm you need it to be. You can make the most of your custom shower design by seeing what others have done. 

6 Stunning Barndominium Shower Ideas

Summertown Tennessee Barndominium | 3-Bedroom Home with Incredibly Amazing Elements

One thing to remember when coming up with barndominium shower ideas is that tile doesn’t have to be boring. You do not have to stick with plain white tiles for your shower at all. In fact, there are all kinds of designs and colors available that you can use to perk up your bathroom. Sometimes, you can even find tiles that emulate other materials like granite or wood. 

barndominium shower ideas

This barndominium features a shower with wood grain tiles all throughout the space. This gives the shower a fantastic, organic feel that is difficult to come by with other barndominium shower ideas. If you are looking for the aesthetic of a country cabin with modern amenities, this could be your best choice. You get the best of both worlds while also creating something truly original.

Southern Utah Barndominium by Chelsey Burner

Your barndominium shower ideas are a great opportunity to come up with some interesting patterns. You do not have to stick to one aesthetic or look with barndominium shower ideas. Even though showers are conventionally one color and texture, you can break the mold. With a little bit of creativity, your shower can look unlike anything you have ever seen before. 

barndominium shower ideas

This barndo shower uses two completely different patterns and colors to create a fantastic final product. The use of the wood grain tiles, along with the pebble pattern, is a great way to create a sense of space. Plus, if you prefer the feel of the pebble material, you don’t have to use it all the way through. Barndominium shower ideas can be completely left field if you like and can be something you have never seen before. 

Millsap Metal Home by HL Custom Homes

One of the beautiful things about barndominium shower ideas is that they don’t have to stick to conventional designs. In fact, you can make something that has never been done before and make it suited to your particular needs. If, for example, you have two people using a bathroom, there is no reason why you can’t have two individual showers. It can be a great way to save time and make sure everyone’s needs are met. 

barndominium shower ideas

The shower in this barndo is one of the most original barndominium shower ideas on the market. With two individual shower stalls and a large bathtub between them, it is incredibly versatile. There are so many ways this bathroom can be used and so many ways to make it work. Plus, it is beautifully executed and made to look modern and classic at the same time, which is very unique. 

Union Grove, Alabama Barndominium with Open Interiors and Stunning Modern Motifs

While you can certainly use different textures and colors in your barndominium shower ideas, you don’t have to. In fact, something traditional and time-tested can be just as enjoyable and beautiful. Plus, with the blank canvas of straightforward design, you can add small unique touches that are very helpful. This is a great way to highlight certain things and make them the focal point by way of an accent. 

barndominium shower ideas

This barndo shower is an excellent example of how subtle barndominium shower ideas can be incredibly bold. With the plain white subway tile, the stark black of the fixtures really pops and stands out. Plus, the different texture and pattern of the floor and the inset in the cubbies are incredibly effective. These little touches against a traditional backdrop make for a wonderful overall effect. 

Modern Indiana Barndominium by Sasha Thoen

One of the fun things about coming up with barndominium shower ideas is getting to pick out fixtures. While most people will be focused on the shower itself, the fixtures you use are essential. You can create a fantastic look and get all the functionality you are looking for in one place. Choosing great fixtures can take your barndominium shower ideas to the next level. 

barndominium shower ideas

This shower has an excellent rainfall shower head and faucet fixtures in gold. These gold touches make for a great, cohesive look that is both modern and incredibly traditional all at once. By including some fixtures with a high-end feel, you can make your barndominium shower ideas pop. Plus, the black tile in the cubby is a great accent that goes very well with the gold hardware throughout the shower. 

Beautiful Charcoal Gray Barndominium Charming Home

The colors you choose for your barndominium shower ideas play a big part in their look. However, it is good to remember that your colors do not always have to be traditional. While earth tones and muted colors are common, you can add touches here and there that will make the shower into something completely different. 

barndominium shower ideas

This shower uses wood grain tile but with a green glass inlay around the whole thing. While these colors may not seem related on paper, in reality they have a fantastic look. Plus, the black fixture brings a touch of modern style to the whole thing and makes it feel incredibly well put together. 


Barndominium shower ideas are an opportunity to make your home truly your own. With so many different choices when it comes to materials, colors, and patterns, you can stretch your creative wings. By looking at some barndominium shower ideas others have used, you can mix and match things to make your own incredible design.

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