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Millsap Metal Home by HL Custom Homes

In the vast landscape of home hunting, all eyes are turning to the Lone Star State, and it’s not just a domestic affair. People from around the globe are setting their sights on building a home in Texas.

So, what’s the allure? Texas has an undeniable magnetism, drawing in dreamers and builders alike with its unique blend of rugged landscapes, vibrant cities, and a lifestyle that echoes independence and resilience.

As the Texas house market continues to grow, an interesting trend has emerged on the horizon – the rise of barndominiums. While traditional homes can come with a hefty price tag, barndos are stealing the spotlight as a cost-effective and stylish alternative. 

Forget the stereotypical barn-like structure! Barndominiums are rewriting the rules with a versatility that can cater to a spectrum of styles.

Our focus today is on the Millsap Metal Home. This is a prime example of how barndominiums are breaking molds and adding a dash of style and modernity to the Texan housing scene.

Get ready to be inspired by this one-story haven that proves there’s more to home building than the conventional, and where style meets substance while still retaining that Texas charm.


Welcome to the Millsap Metal Home, a model of modern living within the rugged expanse of Texas. Constructed by HL Custom Homes, a trusted name in homebuilding, this barndominium exemplifies a commitment to unparalleled workmanship and premier customer service.

In a state where individuality meets practicality, building a barndominium in Texas isn’t just a choice – it’s a smart move. The Lone Star State offers a unique canvas for homeowners, and barndominiums have found a special place in the Texan housing landscape. The expansive and diverse topography, combined with a climate that demands resilience, makes metal structures a fitting choice.

Texans appreciate structures that can withstand the elements while providing the versatility to adapt to their unique lifestyles. Barndominiums, with their durable construction and practical design, align seamlessly with the Texan lifestyle.

The first impression of this Texas barndominium is sleek sophistication, with a black and white aesthetic dominating the exterior. White metal sidings create a clean and modern facade, while touches of black on the trim and a sleek black roof add a touch of contrast and contemporary flair.

A generous covered patio welcomes you, serving as both an inviting entrance and a generous space to entertain guests. A symmetry to this home’s design creates a sense of balance and harmony. It’s a nod to practicality with a touch of modern style.

This intentional contrast adds character to the structure, creating a visual narrative that captures the essence of Texas – a blend of modernity and rustic charm.

This is in contrast to the main entrance, adorned with large, wide glass sliding doors. These doors not only flood the interior with natural light but also create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Step into the interior of the Millsap Metal Home, where a soft beige palette and rustic wood accents create a seamless blend of modern comfort and traditional charm. 

Living Space

The open plan layout, a signature of barndominiums, welcomes you with a sense of space that connects key areas for entertainment, linking the living room and kitchen in a harmonious flow.

A floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace adds character to the living space, becoming a focal point that exudes warmth and charm. The beige concrete stained floor complements the soft aesthetic, injecting a touch of luxury without overwhelming the space. The flooring choice resonates with the overall design, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Kitchen & Dining

This barndominium kitchen boasts elegant rustic wooden cabinetry and a generously sized kitchen island that is the centerpiece of the space. The wooden back door, reminiscent of rustic cabins, catches the eye, allowing natural light to flood the space for a dramatic effect. 


A walk-in kitchen pantry, both practical and stylish, features cabinets and plenty of shelves for optimal storage, even housing a built-in microwave oven for added convenience.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

This Texas barndominium doesn’t overlook functionality, with a well-appointed laundry area that caters to every homeowner’s needs. 

Connected to the laundry area is a mudroom, providing a third entryway and showcasing meticulous woodwork on furnishings and cabinets. It’s a thoughtful addition that speaks to the home’s attention to detail and practical living.


The bedrooms offer a canvas for homeowners to express their design preferences, with ample windows ensuring a bright and spacious vibe throughout. The main bedroom takes it up a notch with a stylish walk-in closet, blending convenience with aesthetics seamlessly.


The bathrooms in this Texas barndominium have been designed with luxury and craftsmanship in mind. A harmonious mix of wood, marble, and metal fixtures creates an inviting atmosphere. 

A spacious en-suite bath is a sight to behold, featuring double sinks, a freestanding tub, and a lavish double shower area. It’s a personal sanctuary that reflects the commitment to style and functionality present throughout the entire home.

In Conclusion

In every nook and cranny, the Millsap Metal Home tells a story of balance – a perfect blend of rustic and modern, comfort and style. It’s a space designed for the Texan lifestyle, where openness, practicality, and a touch of luxury coexist seamlessly.

A fusion of rustic charm and modern luxury, this barndominium encapsulates the spirit of practical elegance, offering a glimpse into the potential of metal homes in the heart of Texas.

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So, dive in, explore, and let the journey to your unique metal home begin!

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