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Union Grove, Alabama Barndominium with Open Interiors and Stunning Modern Motifs

Alabama Barndominium - Exterior

Today’s featured home is a strikingly modern barndominium in Union Grove, Alabama, owned by Kayla Stone Harper

Alabama Barndominium with Stunning Modern Motifs

From minimalist, modern foundations, the builders and owners have filled the place with a range of homey, ranch-style motifs to create a barndominium that’s characterized by large, breathable spaces, freedom of movement, and a lived-in quality that makes it all the more welcoming.

There’s all kinds of design motifs and features to love about this barndominium, so let’s take a closer look!


Alabama Barndominium - Exterior 2

This Alabama barndominium’s exterior utilizes a simple, yet effective layout with a large, wide-open porch that makes the home look immediately inviting. We love the gunmetal gray of the walls and roof and the stark black of the garage doors, which looks particularly striking against the snowfalls that northern Alabama sees in the winter.

Alabama Barndominium - Porch

The peaked overhang roof on the front porch is mirrored at the rear, where the owners have spared no expense in creating an ideal space for chilled-out summer afternoons.

A grand outdoor fireplace acts as a striking focal point here, with an exposed chimney made with the same gray bricks as the cladding which surrounds the whole exterior. A mobile barbecue, a table and set of chairs, as well as a large outdoor lounger set in front of a mounted TV and plenty of lighting, gives you everything you could want for a blissful summer evening.

Alabama Barndominium - Side Exterior

Along the side of the home, a small carport stands opposite a side garage door, allowing maximum accessibility for vehicles.

Living Room / Dining Area

Alabama Barndominium - Living Room

The living room in this Alabama barndominium uses classic decor sensibilities against the more modern design of the home itself to create a space that feels just as luxurious as it does quaint and homey.

Alabama Barndominium - Living Room 1

A fireplace and exposed chimney (the reverse of the fireplace outside) acts as a focal point for a cushy, brown leather furniture suite. We love how the weathered look of the gray bricks, a simple wooden mantel, and a pair of mounted deer heads flanking it, give the living room a rustic charm that stands in striking contrast to the modernity of the wood-paneled ceiling the fan in its center. An oval-shaped coffee table, with a wood structure reminiscent of twisting roots serving as its legs, gives the room an extra little touch of modern intrigue.

Alabama Barndominium - Dining Room

Just off the living room, situated between the largest sofa and the kitchen island, stands a grand, classical dining room table served by 8 chairs with a similar timeless design. Simple and comfy-looking, we love how the central location makes it easily accessible from all parts of the home, great for family meals and gatherings.


Alabama Barndominium - Kitchen

The kitchen breaks from the more rustic elements of the home, leaning into a palpably modern, stripped-down design. A large kitchen island with its own integrated sink stands at the center with a cool gray marble worktop contrasted against the dark wood of the base. A cluster of recessed spotlights, along with a beautifully-designed hanging light feature, ensures great visibility when cooking and serving big meals.

Alabama Barndominium - Kitchen 1

The spaces between the island and the worktops surrounding the edge of the space offers excellent freedom of movement for the chef of the house, while a generous array of large white cabinets matches the interior walls, and maintains a beautiful contrast between the dark shades of the doors and trims.

Just like the living/dining room area of the home, the kitchen layout places a clear emphasis on wide-open spaces that helps the whole room feel that much plusher.


Alabama Barndominium - Bathroom Basins

Like the kitchen, the bathrooms in this Alabama barndominium learn more towards modernity than classic design, with tasteful execution that leads to stunning results!

The main bathroom’s basin unit features a beautiful wood-effect worktop with two contemporary square basins, each one fitted with a minimalist black faucet that matches a pair of simple black-framed mirrors on the wall. Two mounted lightbulb units, with black fixings and conical, transparent shades, flood the space with light and solidify a charming sense of 21st-century minimalism.

Alabama Barndominium - Shower Room

This room is fitted with a truly luxurious shower room, with a huge amount of space inside, a built-in corner seat, and two powerful black showerheads perfect for a long wash after a day exploring the great outdoors. We love the combination of simple white brick-work tiling around the walls, contrasted by the honeycomb pattern on the floor of the shower and in the little alcoves for shampoo and bodywash.

A secondary bathroom features many of the same design motifs, with a wooden worktop surrounding the basin and modern black faucets, and is served by a more traditional bath / shower unit with brickwork-style tile surround.

Wrapping Up…

This stunning Alabama home is another example of barndo design and decor done right, drawing the best elements from timeless ranch-style hominess and modern luxuries.

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