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Beautiful Tan Barndominium [Ranch Style Barndominium]

Texas Barndominium - Exterior

Today’s featured home is a truly beautiful barndominium Texas, built by Lufkin-based custom home builders Petty Constructions. This tan barndominium is one of a kind and fits perfectly on the property. We love this ranch style barndominium for so many reasons. Let’s tour this magnificent home. 

Tan Barndominium

With a moderate stature, a timeless exterior, and interiors that are full of beautiful modern decor, this barndominium is another great example of barndos that fuse classic ranch decor and a strong sense of hominess with the best modern materials and design conventions.

There’s no shortage of things to love about this Texas barndominium, so, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this tan barndominium beauty!


Texas Barndominium - Exterior 1

This tan barndominium gives you a warm welcome from the first sight of it, with a charming simplicity in its one-story design and a porch stretching the width of the house. The humble, instantly-recognizable shape of the home, as well as a woody, natural color scheme lets the barndo blend beautifully with the sparse treelines surrounding it.

Texas Barndominium - Exterior 2

The ranch style barndominium feels even more welcoming when you get closer and step onto the porch, with a classic wooden door flanked by two caged bulbs mounted on the front wall, as well as two large, fixed windows in white frames, which gives the place a nice modern touch that doesn’t clash with the more classical elements.

Texas Barndominium - Porch

A pair of beautiful wooden rocking chairs provides the perfect finishing touch to the exterior’s potent old-world charm.

Ranch Style Barndominium Interior

Living Room

Texas Barndominium - Living room

The timeless ranch decor of the exterior gives way to a beautiful modern living room. Gleaming wood-effect floors, wood paneling in the ceiling, a row of recessed spotlights, and generous use of whites and grays, plants the home firmly in the 21st century, contrasted by a trio of deer heads mounted on the largest wall.

We absolutely adore the living room’s focal point; a white-brick fireplace with a subtle curve at the base softening the room’s straight lines, a simple mantel made of light-colored wood, and a tall column of exposed brickwork mapping out the shape of the chimney. The stunning pale hues of this feature are reflected nicely by a simple suite of pale gray furniture.

Texas Barndominium - Living room 1

Though the space is fairly simple and not especially large, the tall ceiling of the living room with its modern fan at the center, and the fact that it allows you to walk straight through to the kitchen, gives it an open, breathable quality that makes the whole room feel more grand and spacious.


Texas Barndominium - Kitchen / dining room

The kitchen exhibits the same charming character as the lounge, where modern and classical design conventions are arranged in perfect balance.

A generously sized kitchen island, with a wooden base in a dark, warming color and a beautiful marble top, stands at the center, accompanied by a row of pretty brown barstools with adjustable height.

We love the pair of hanging lamps above the island with the rustic shape of their weathered-effect metal shades, which act as a beautiful foil to the space’s more modern elements. 

Texas Barndominium - Kitchen

The perimeter of the kitchen is characterized by the off-white shade of the cabinets, creating a striking contrast against the warm color of the woods used in the base of the island, the stove hood, and the door to a corner pantry. The classic black handles of the cabinets and drawers, as well as a stand-out wrought iron colored tap, and a subtly darker gray on a brick-effect backsplash surround, create wonderful accents to a cool, bright color palette.

Texas Barndominium - Dining room

A simple wooden dining table with benches stands a short way back from the kitchen, aligned with wide, white double doors that afford a far-reaching view of the land outside, and invite you to leave them open for breezy summertime dining.


Texas Barndominium - Bathroom

In the barndominium bathrooms, the more antiquated ranch-style motifs of the interior are replaced by a simpler, stripped-back, and palpably modern mien.

The main bathroom’s basin unit uses a gorgeous marble worktop similar in color and texture to the surfaces used in the kitchen, with the deep, square basins separated by a tall white cabinet, and fitted with a black, minimalist faucet. We love the interesting shape of the wall-mounted mirrors, and rounded light units that accompany each one, working together to fill the space with light.

Texas Barndominium - Bathroom 1

A bath/shower unit occupies the opposite wall, which has a short, long window inviting in natural light while maintaining total privacy. The tub is surrounded by a white honeycomb tile design with black trims that fortifies a sense of modernity, without causing a harsh clash with the more classic design of the other rooms.

Texas Barndominium - Bathroom 2

A second bathroom features a large shower unit with an equally striking design that emphasizes this barndo’s luxurious modern comforts. A black rainforest showerhead stands out boldly against a mellow brown sidewall, with another, conventional showerhead set against the back wall, where a medley of blacks, browns, and azures work together to create an eye-catching focal point in a stand-out ‘X’-shaped mosaic.

Wrapping Up…

This stunning tan barndominium is a prime example of how a ranch-style barndomium style can still work together with modern elements to create a perfect balance.

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