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Black and White Illinois Barndominium by Alicia Luecking

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home, Illinois might just be the place for you. Ranking as the most affordable state in the US to purchase a home, Illinois offers an appealing opportunity for frugal living without compromising on quality.

The charm of residing in Illinois extends beyond its affordability, particularly in its rural areas, where homeowners can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle amidst picturesque landscapes. Combined with the state’s affordable living costs, rural living allows homeowners to live above their means and maximize their homes’ potential.

One increasingly popular way to achieve this is through barndominiums. These versatile structures offer flexibility in creating a dream home tailored to individual needs and preferences, whether it’s a spacious family residence, a cozy retreat, or a functional workspace.

Here’s a glimpse into an Illinois barndominium that exemplifies this concept, maximizing the structure’s potential while incorporating modern comforts and special touches.

Get ready to be inspired by the endless possibilities of barndominium living!


This impressive Illinois barndominium is by Alicia Luecking. To be specific, this is a pole barn home with post-frame construction. This type of building uses large poles to support the roof, which reduces labor and construction time compared to traditional timber-framed houses.

This building method also eliminates the need for load-bearing walls and pouring a foundation, providing greater flexibility in floor plans and a quicker construction timeline. Pole barn homes are sturdy, reliable structures that can withstand the changing seasons and meet the needs of a growing family.

Alicia’s barndominium stands out with its sleek, all-black exterior, creating a modern and sophisticated look. The home features covered front and back porches, perfect for enjoying the outdoors while staying protected from the elements. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, these covered porches offer a relaxing space to unwind.

The porch with a gable roof in the center adds a dramatic flair. Meanwhile, the wood columns and trim provide a natural contrast to the black facade, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Set against a snowy landscape, this barndominium is a sight to behold. The design and construction of Alicia’s pole barn home demonstrate that barndos can be both functional and visually appealing, offering a versatile living solution that suits a variety of needs and styles.


The interior of Alicia’s Illinois barndominium is designed with a stylish black-and-white aesthetic while incorporating personal touches that make the space truly unique. 

Living Area 

The living area has an open-plan layout that seamlessly connects the living room, kitchen, and dining areas, creating a seamless and inviting environment.

One of the features is the stained concrete flooring, which showcases a beautiful gray marble look. This not only adds a modern look but also provides lasting color and durability, as sealed stained concrete won’t chip, crack, fade, or peel.

The light and dark gray combination creates an elegant marbleized effect, and a fancy stencil adds a “trademark” to the home. The entire home features heated concrete floors, ensuring comfort year-round, while comfy leather couches in the living area complete the set, inviting relaxation.

A white vaulted ceiling further enhances the living space. When combined with large windows, the entire area is bright and airy, making it a delightful place to spend time.

Kitchen & Dining

This Illinois barndominium kitchen is one of the best we’ve seen. It features elegant white cabinetry contrasted with a black range hood and farmhouse sink.

A stunning kitchen island with a white marble countertop and elegant white bar stools, topped with a gorgeous light fixture, creates a stylish and functional centerpiece.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a pantry room with a fine frosted glass stencil, making it an inviting and practical addition. Having a nearby pantry room provides easy access to storage and keeps the kitchen clutter-free.


A bar stands on the side of the kitchen, constructed with a unique combination of wood and corrugated metal, blending rustic and modern elements. This area is perfect for entertaining guests and is a great conversation piece. 

Laundry Room

Nearby, the laundry room offers plenty of cabinets for storage. A dedicated laundry room helps keep the rest of the home tidy and provides a convenient space for managing household chores.


The bedrooms, which are ready for decorating, also feature the same gorgeous stained concrete flooring found throughout the home. Large windows flood the rooms with natural light. 

This results in such a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Each bedroom also offers plenty of closet space, ensuring ample storage for personal belongings.


The bathrooms are equally impressive, featuring a quartz seat and trim bath, as well as double vanities that provide both functionality and elegance. These well-appointed spaces offer luxury, making daily routines feel like a spa.

Final Thoughts

Alicia Luecking’s Illinois barndominium boasts a contemporary design, creating a comfortable and stylish living space that meets the needs of a growing family while maintaining its own modern rustic charm.

The thoughtful use of post-frame construction makes for a durable, flexible home. At the same time, the sleek interior design – with its elegant stained concrete flooring, vaulted ceilings, and sophisticated kitchen – creates a functional and beautiful space. The family also didn’t forget to add personal touches to make it truly their own.

These are the possibilities a barn dominium offers – rivaling a traditional home and even exceeding it in terms of value. Whether you’re inspired by the modern aesthetic or the efficient layout, Alicia’s home shows the potential of deciding to build a barndo.

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