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Beautiful Black Metal Barndominium [Must See]

Ready for a truly beautiful barndominium? This black metal barndominium is a must-see and will give you many great ideas for building your own barndominium!

Texas experienced the highest population growth in 2021, and new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show this growth continued in 2022. More than 230,000 people moved from other states, while 118,614 migrated from other countries.

The demand for new homes has increased with the significant influx of people. And lately, a certain style of residence has been gaining popularity—the barndominium

This unique structure, called “barndo” for short, offers the best of both worlds: a traditional barn-style exterior and modern interiors. Its charm and practicality are hard to resist, and the fact that this style of home can be customized to meet a homeowner’s needs makes it even more appealing.

Today’s feature exemplifies how flexible and stylish a Texas barndominium can be. Let’s take a closer look!

B&W metal barndominium exterior

Black Metal Barndominium: Exterior

Today’s feature is a Black metal barndominium by Mr. Space Makers LLC, a local custom home builder. 

Black barndominiums typically give a more modern look, but this black metal barndo has been given a vintage touch with its color contrast and stone and wood accents. The exterior walls feature black metal siding and Austin stone wainscoting, while the custom gable roof is painted white.

The combination of these colors, along with the natural wood accents and large windows, give this barndo a unique character that stands out from other homes in the neighborhood.

B&W metal barndominium exterior with garage

Mr. Space Makers constructed two porches with steel posts on either side of the house to add dimension to an otherwise blocky structure. As we all know, well-designed porches boost a home’s curb appeal and provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

B&W metal barndominium interior

Black Metal Barndominium: Interior

When you enter this Black metal barndominium, you are immediately greeted by an inviting and spacious living area with a 1/2 vaulted ceiling. Industrial meets classic with the home’s ceramic wood plank tile flooring and white-painted walls with shiplap accents.

The kitchen, dining, and living area are all connected by an open-concept design, giving the house a modern feel while still maintaining its farmhouse charm. 

B&W metal barndominium living space

Living Space

The living room is the perfect cozy spot for entertaining. The wood accent wall where the television and fireplace can be mounted adds warmth. The large windows bring in lots of natural light, making the room feel even larger. 

B&W metal barndominium kitchen


The kitchen is the very definition of quaint with a touch of modernity. The custom wood cabinets and black marble countertops provide plenty of storage. At the same time, the gray herringbone tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and industrial light and kitchen fixtures give the space a touch of sophistication.

B&W metal barndominium kitchen island

In stark contrast to the rest of the kitchen is the massive white island, which serves as a great place to prep meals and entertains guests. A kitchen island is a must-have for any functional barndominium kitchen, and this one certainly makes a statement by not matching the rest of the countertops.

B&W metal barndominium bedroom


The bedroom is a cozy retreat with carpet flooring and white-painted walls with paneling and mustard yellow accents. A modern-style bedroom furniture set could easily fit in with the room’s warm and inviting atmosphere, and if you didn’t look out the window, you wouldn’t think it was part of a countryside barndominium.

B&W metal barndominium barn sliding door

What does give away the farmhouse look, however, is the wood sliding door that serves as the entrance to the room.

When thinking about barndominium doors, consider the space you are working with and the overall look you want to achieve. Barn-style sliding doors are space-saving and add a nice rustic touch to the room.

B&W metal barndominium bathroom


The bathrooms in this metal barndominium are outfitted with modern fixtures and custom showers. Meanwhile, the wood cabinetry maintains the home’s rustic theme.

B&W metal barndominium bathroom shower

For this first bathroom, both the bathtub and the shower feature beautiful marble tiling. The shower may be small, but it offers a black rain showerhead and a shower seat for the perfect spa-like experience.

B&W metal barndominium bathroom 2

Unlike the first bathroom, this one follows a more traditional style. The wood cabinets and black bathroom fixtures remain, but simple white walls have replaced the marble tiling.

B&W metal barndominium bathroom 3

The next bathroom shower replaces marble tiling with white subway tile, which contributes to part of the home’s industrial-style aesthetic. The shower area also features pattern tile accents, giving it a more distinct look.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, Mr. Space Makers LLC had both modernity and farmhouse charm in mind when designing this Black metal barndominium. The exterior features mostly metal siding for a contemporary look, but the wood frames and stone wainscoting add a unique touch of rustic charm. 

The interior is just as impressive, with modern fixtures and appliances complementing the traditional-style wood cabinetry and flooring. As we said earlier, these are key features of a barndominium, allowing homeowners to create a beautiful, practical, stylish home.

If you love Mr. Space Makers’ work on this Northeast Texas home and want to hire them for your next home project, you may contact them at 903-680-0011 and

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