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Boyd House Texas Barndominium| Nice and Simple 3-Bedroom Shop House with Breezeway

Boyd House Texas Barndominium

Our barndominium feature is located in Boyd, Texas. The Boyd House Texas has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and some unique features.

What’s great about building a barndominium is that it is very flexible when it comes to design and layout. You can adjust the sizes of the intended spaces easily with the open-space concept. You can choose from different foundations you want for your build, even have a basement! And with that really high ceiling, you can have a loft for additional living space.

And then there’s a shop/garage that a lot of barndo-lovers prefer attached to their living quarters. You can have it any size you need for your purpose and have it connected- just a few steps from your living space. All these are for less than the price of building a standard home.

If in case you still wonder, sure it’s less the cost, but what else is its edge over a standard home? There definitely is a long list of its advantages, but for now, let’s appreciate this Texas barndominium beauty.


The Boyd House Texas exterior has a cool tone with its white walls and lighter shades of gray wainscot. Now, darker roofing shades usually make you think twice, especially in the Texas heat. Don’t let your color options be limited. With barndominiums, it only takes good insulation and you can choose whatever color you want for your dream home just as you imagine it.

Attached to the living space is a huge garage/shop, both connected by a breezeway. A breezeway is definitely a good idea to somehow detach the garage/shop for possibilities of noise (with all that vehicle fixing) going into the home, but still keep both living space and garage under one roof. But then again, soundproofing can fix that if you prefer an attached garage.

Porches are great for more than just making your home exterior look good. The porch definitely keeps this barndominium cooler inside, giving shade to your windows and doors when it’s hot, and keeping windows and doors dry when it rains. And the best part, you can hold gatherings in bigger porch spaces. Exactly what the owners of this barndo had in mind, so they made the back porch even cozier with a gorgeous stone fireplace!

Boyd House Texas Exterior
Boyd House Texas Exterior with Breezeway
Boyd House Texas Garage Exterior
Back Porch with Fireplace
Front Door with Wall Sconces
Front Porch
Back Porch Stone Fireplace
Breezeway Connecting the Living Space and Garage


Open-space Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area

You gotta love the warmth and coziness of the interior. It’s brown against the light gray walls. There’s that gorgeous floor which you’d think are wood planks but they’re actually concrete. Dark brown wooden barn doors. And, a center island that is quite unique but equally as lovely, especially the bench setup, which could also make additional storage. It’s a small kitchen but complete with stainless steel appliances, and the stove is on the center island.

Glass doors bring natural light in. And, a few eye-catching things in the white kitchen are the charming lighting fixtures and that nicely-patterned tile backsplash. The kitchen really stands out in this space, the white paint and countertop making it look neat. It’s also nice to be looking out while doing stuff f in the sink.

Center Island with attached benches
Barndominium Kitchen with lighting fixtures
Center Island with view of the open space
Banrdominium Center Island, White Countertop and stovetop
Banrdominium Kitchen Sink with Black Countertop and White Cabinets

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

All the bedrooms are well-lighted from the windows and added lighting fixtures. The master bedroom has its own attached bathroom and a bigger closet that is also accessible to the laundry area. The smaller rooms have their own closet and a shared bathroom.

Both bathrooms have brass fixtures that make it look really elegant. The tiles in the bathroom are also very attractive- the master’s bathroom with marble-like tiles around the entire bathroom and pebble stone shower flooring; and gray shower tiles for the common bathroom.

Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom and Door to Bathroom
Master Closet and Door to Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom Sink and Door to Closet
Master Bathroom Shower and Bathtub
Master Bathroom Shower
Master Bathroom Bathtub

Other Bedrooms and Bathroom

Bedroom Closet
Common Bathroom

The Storage and Pantry


The Laundry Area

The decorative tiles in the laundry area give a lively feel. The wall looks great, matching the white cabinets, gray walls, and black countertop.

Laundry Area

Boyd House Texas Garage

The garage is very spacious. This can function as a garage/shop and storage altogether. Some take their hobbies into the garage, especially that which includes tinkering and building things. Other garages are used as storage for things barely or not used inside the house or storage for collections like expensive cars. More commonly, this also functions as the work area, especially if the owner has a shop. Some even hold their gatherings in the garage given that it’s more spacious if you want to hold a bigger event. Of course, the place needs to be properly insulated.

Boyd House Texas Garage/Shop
Boyd House Texas Garage/Shop

You can go around lots of ideas for your barndominium. The best thing to do would be to figure out exactly what you want because you can always work that out with a barndominium. It’s great to be part of social media groups and check out some owners sharing about their build designs and layout and bumps they came across along the way. It is always best to avoid mistakes during your build in order to also avoid future renovation costs and to let your barndominium last as long as it is intended to with the proper build.

You can check out the Barndominium Life Program! It’s a great resource for everything about barndominiums- from planning to finishing and how to save on your build!