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Bright And Cheerful Red Barndominium In West Liberty, Ohio

Join us as we head over to West Liberty, Ohio for today’s featured barndominium. Encompassing everything that one would dream up when hearing of a barndominium, this cheerful red home certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the West Liberty, Ohio barndominium itself, to the charming property, this is one tour you’re not going to want to miss!

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium - Lucia Ober

As we pull up to the property, the first thing that catches our eye is the beautiful barndominium itself. Painted a cheery red, it’s impossible to miss! The property also boasts an equally lovely property, perfect for those who love spending time outdoors.


West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Exterior - Lucia Ober

The cozy barndominium’s poppy-red exterior is mixed with a dark plank roof and contrasting white window trim. The use of different materials gives the home an interesting and unique look. The large overhanging porch with exposed wood pillars adds a rustic charm, whereas the “X” detail on the shutters pays homage to traditional barn doors.

The large patio area beckons visitors to stay and enjoy a cold beverage, and can easily be used as a multi-purpose entertaining space. Beautiful gardens edge the patio and only add to the property’s natural appeal.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Window - Lucia Ober

A closer look at this stunning barndominium showcases just how large the windows are allowing natural light to stream into the home. Small details can be noted, such as the rustic washbin planter and simple industrial light, which ties back into the country decor theme.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Porch (Night) - Lucia Ober

A nighttime view of this West Liberty, Ohio barndominium showcases just how charming and cozy the home is. In the evening, the stark red exterior is muted by the soft glow of the porch lights. We can nearly hear the cicadas lulling the rest of nature to sleep as guests enjoy a quiet night on the veranda.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Back Exterior - Lucia Ober

As we make our way around the back of the property, we are greeted by a charming lawn that would be perfect for hosting summer BBQs, or playing games with the family. A cozy firepit complete with ambiance inspiring lights makes for the perfect spot to end a long day.

We can also spot a detached garage/barn to the side which is ideal for storing additional belongings and vehicles. The matching exteriors pair well to provide a sense of continuity and visual interest.

Looking closer at the cheerful West Liberty, Ohio barndominium for Lucia Ober, we can spot a spacious back patio area that can act as an additional sitting area or outdoor cooking spot.


West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Kitchen - Lucia Ober

Stepping indoors, the first thing that catches our attention is the continuation of the barndominium’s theme. Eye-popping red cabinetry provides a stunning contrast to the more neutral tones used throughout the home. The kitchen is also complete with stainless steel appliances and plenty of counter space, making it perfect for those who love to cook and entertain.

We can tell by the placement of the french doors that the kitchen provides direct access to the back patio, another helpful feature when enjoying BBQ, sitting outside, or having a get-together. Along the same wall, more depth and texture have been incorporated into this unique country-style barndominium.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Living Room - Lucia Ober
West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Living Room (2) - Lucia Ober

The living area is spacious and open, providing ample room for furniture placement and decor options. A shiplap style feature wall matched with this West Liberty, Ohio barndominium’s staple red accent pieces and cozy electric fireplace is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or take a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

While some may think the exposed concrete flooring would be cold, this barndominium balances the unique feature by adding various rugs and runways that not only compliment the decor but also add warmth and comfort.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Front Window - Lucia Ober

Ensuring that the quaint and homey West Liberty, Ohio barndominium is comfortable for everyone, Lucia Ober even installed the perfect loft space, where furry friends can curl up, basking in the warm sun.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Bedroom - Lucia Ober

Continuing our tour, we head over to the bedroom which is a peaceful respite after a busy day.

The rustic charm continues as the contrast between the dark beams of the ceiling and concrete floors pop against the neutral-colored shiplap walls. A sliding barn door acts as more than just a barrier to the walk-in closet, it also provides a visual excitement to the room. Hints of red are mixed with airy drapes and white furniture to find an ideal balance between calm and energizing.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Bathroom - Lucia Ober

You know you are in a true one-of-a-kind barndominium when the bathroom is arguably one of the most beautiful and interesting spaces featured. Though there are so many different points of interest, this country cabin-inspired spa area doesn’t feel the least bit overwhelming.

The focal point, which is the his and her minimalistic sinks, are offset by the dramatic black chandler spotted hanging over the large soaker tub. A large, open-concept shower ensures the space is not closed off, and it is all tied together to the property’s overall theme with various wood and shiplap planks.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Stairs - Lucia Ober

Once you pick your jaw up off the floor from realizing there is a second story to this deceiving barndominium, you can be mesmerized by the mixed-material stairs. Incorporating different materials provides a fun and unique approach to what could have been just a simple stairwell. The intended “unfinished” look of the wood slats along the walls feels perfectly placed next to the tin-roof style stairs.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Upstairs - Lucia Ober

Upstairs we find an earthy mix of wood stains and can almost smell the unmistakable scent of fresh lumber. Using the same material from floor to ceiling can be a challenge, however, in this rustic retreat barndominium located in West Liberty, Ohio we couldn’t picture it any other way. A small “L” shaped desk and simple but intentional minimal touches (peep the uncovered Edison-style light blub), offer a cozy corner to get some work done.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Attic- Lucia Ober

Last but definitely not least on the tour is the untouched attic space found in Lucia Ober’s country escape barndominium. Infinite possibilities for this space await as the well-lit area can act as anything from an additional bedroom to a second living room.

West Liberty, Ohio Barndominium Unfinished Attic - Lucia Ober

As we wrap up our tour of this truly unique and delightful West Liberty, Ohio barndominium, we want to thank Lucia Ober for allowing us to showcase her home. A team of dedicated craftsmen from Alpine Structures out of Holmes County were able to construct her charismatic barndominium and matching garage in less than a day!

Thank you for joining us as we ventured through another stunning barndominium. If you are interested in learning more about what barndominiums are or how you can begin the journey to creating your dream barndominium check out everything you need to know in our “Barndominiums Made Easy” Program.

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