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8 Inspiring 3 Bedroom Shouse Floor Plans to Maximize Space

If you are a business owner or craftsperson and you want the convenience of your own workspace, a 3 bedroom shouse or shop house could be one of the best options for you. Not only do you get the benefit of having a space to do your work, you also get a spacious, multi-room residence connected to it. This allows you to get your work done without having to commute to a rented space or a shared space with other craftspeople. 

There are many different advantages of a 3 bedroom shouse. However, in order to get the most out of it, you will want to make sure that you’re including everything you could need for your business, your family, and your budget. This will require a comprehensive and well-thought-out floor plan. In this guide, we have laid out a few things to think about for your 3 bedroom shouse floor plan as well as some excellent examples. 

3 Bedroom Shouse Floor Plans – Things to Consider

The floor plan for your 3 bedroom shouse is one of the most important things you will put together. Because you will need to decide on where everything on the interior is situated, it is best to sit down and write down everything you will need in order to make your 3 bedroom shouse work for you and your business. This will give you the opportunity to get everything organized and put together in a cohesive list. There are some things you should think about and consider when you’re putting together your ideas for your 3 bedroom shouse. 

Your Work Requirements 

3 bedroom shouse foundation

Because you will be working in the shop portion of your 3 bedroom shouse, you should think about what you need for your business. How much space does the shop need to have? Are you going to be building large-scale items or smaller things? How much equipment do you have? All of these things will come into play when you start putting your floor plan together and start thinking about the layout you will have in your shouse.

You should also think about utility requirements. For example, if you have a lot of equipment, you should make sure that there is going to be space for it and any electrical work or units that it will need to run. Thinking about these things will help stave off some unwelcome surprises once you actually start building and moving in. 

Your Family’s Needs

When putting together the floor plan for the residential portion of your 3 bedroom shouse, you should consider what your family’s needs are. For example, do you or someone in your family regularly go to bed at earlier times? If so, you might want to make sure the bedrooms are situated further away from the living area. This will help stave off some of the noise back in the bedrooms while the rest of the family is awake. 

You should also think about what size kitchen you will need. People tend to congregate in the kitchen no matter how spacious your living area is. One of the ways you can adapt to this is by installing a kitchen island with a lot of seating. That way, you can be sure that you will have enough room when you’re actually trying to do some cooking. 


3 bedroom shouse shop

Storage is another issue that you should consider when putting together your floor plan. This is especially true if your residential space is going to be smaller than your workspace. Having enough closets and storage areas will help it look clean and organized no matter how much stuff you have. 

One thing you should consider when putting together your 3 bedroom shouse floor plan is built-in shelving. Built-in shelving is a great way to save room and have storage recessed into the walls so you don’t have to take up valuable floor space with shelving units and other furniture. Plus, it gives the home a very comfortable, craftsman-type feel, which is highly desirable and fashionable. 

3 bedroom shouse frame
Steel structure of a new industrial building

Traffic Flow 

Perhaps the most important thing you should consider when putting together the floor plan for your 3 bedroom shouse is the flow of traffic. This is especially important if you have a family and you want to make sure that everyone has the room to move around and go about their lives. If the flow of your home isn’t conducive to this, you could be spending more time getting in each other’s way than you anticipated. 

There are all kinds of different floor plans with different traffic flows. An open concept opens up the living space and the kitchen to create one cohesive area where everything is connected. It keeps the whole feeling of the home open and is a great example of how your floor plan can dictate the entire vibe of your house. 

3 Bedroom Shouse Floor Plans – Get Inspired With These Floor Plan Ideas

Sometimes it helps to be able to look at some floor plans and see what you would and wouldn’t want to include in your own 3 bedroom shouse. To help you get started, we have put together some floor plans to help you get inspired and start thinking about what you would like to include in your floor plan and how it can help make your life more convenient for both work and home. 

These ideas can be used in your own floor plan or you can combine them to create something entirely unique. They are all designed with different size concrete slab foundations in mind. The size and dimensions of your slab will determine how much room you have for both your shop and your house. Carefully consider how big you want your foundation to be and what you can fit on your actual property before putting together your floor plan. This will help you know what your limits are and what you can and can’t fit in your 3 bedroom shouse. 

3 Bedroom Barndominium Example 1 – LP-2800


This barndominium with loft showcases making the most out of all the space available. Vaulted ceilings create a huge indoor space. All the rooms are on the main floor while the loft can be turned into additional storage or a private space for guests. It features a front porch and a patio, and the garage can fit2-3 vehicles.


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60×60 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 2 – PL-15001

3 bedroom shouse plans

This 60×60 3 bedroom shouse has a fantastic layout that is perfect for running your business and keeping your home life separate. With an entrance to the shop portion through an office, this floor plan is designed for people who want to keep their work contained to its own specific area. This, combined with the fact that the back bedrooms are entirely separated from the rest of the home makes this a great choice if you like your spaces to be self-contained so everyone in the family can get their work done and live their life without being on top of one another. 

30×60 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 3 – PL-15002

3 bedroom shouse plans

While the previous floor plan is designed to be built on top of a square slab foundation, this one is more of a long, thin rectangle. This floor plan also has an office that acts as an entrance to the shop as well as ample storage and utility space so you have plenty of room for any kind of equipment storage or space for your family’s belongings. It also features two bathrooms and enough space in the kitchen for island seating. 

33×120 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 4 – PL-15003

3 bedroom shouse plans

This floor plan is also featured on a long, thin concrete slab with enough space to have a massive shop and enough room for the family. One of the nice things about this design is that the shop is a massive portion of the layout. If you have a lot of work you need to do and need a lot of space to do it, this could be the best design for your needs. Plus, it features three doorways in the shop that give you plenty of access space. 

40×80 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 5 PL-15004

3 bedroom shouse plans

This floor plan is a great option for people who want absolute separation between the shop area and the residential area. The only access to the shop from the house is through a large utility room, which helps bring a sense of detachment from your work and home life. It also features two half bathrooms and one full bath next to the bedrooms toward the back of the house. 

40×50 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 6 PL-15005

3 bedroom shouse plans

This 40×50 3 bedroom shouse is a great layout for people who want to save a little bit of space on their property but still have enough room for their work and home life. This floor plan features a half bath in the shop and a full one in the house, plus a massive walk-in closet in the master bedroom. This is a great example of having plenty of storage space in the residential portion of the house, even if it isn’t that big of a foundation. 

50×100 3 Bedroom Shouse Example 7 PL-15006

3 bedroom shouse plans

This unique floor plan features bedrooms and bathrooms that surround the living space and make the open kitchen and living room the focal point of the whole home. The shop is isolated by a large office and storage space that gives you enough room to do your work and run your business. It also features a large shop door on one side that allows access for large equipment or machinery without disturbing the residents of the house inside. 

There are so many shouse ideas to use for inspiration when it comes to your shouse floor plan. These shouse floor plan ideas can help inspire you even more!


No matter what kind of 3 bedroom shouse you decide to build, it’s important that you make it work for you and your life. By taking your time and really thinking about what kind of home you need, you can get yourself a perfect work and living space. 

If you would like even more guides like this one, be sure to check out the rest of There, you will find all kinds of helpful tips and tricks from the pros so you can get a head start on your particular 3 bedroom shouse and get it as customized and specific to your needs as possible.