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Fort Worth, Texas Metal Home with Breezeway by HL Custom Homes

Come experience Fort Worth, where bustling city vibes meet country charm. That said, finding an affordable traditional home can be a bit like searching through a maze, with average prices tipping over $300,000 in this Texan haven. Even though this is below the national average, it can still scare away budding homeowners.

But worry not, because we’ve got the scoop on a trend that’s changing the game – enter the world of barndominiums. Fondly known as barndos, these homes are not just structures. They’re a breath of fresh air in the housing scene.

Picture homes that break the mold, offering more than your run-of-the-mill structures. They emphasize affordability, style, and a touch of that good ol’ Texas charm. So, if you’re itching for a change, ready to dip your toes into a more approachable version of homeownership, the barndominium is your ticket.

This Fort Worth metal home showcases the best of modern country living. With a dash of rustic flair and a sprinkle of contemporary cool, this place is an invitation to live a little differently.

Get ready to be inspired by the versatility of barndos. Let’s dive right in!


Welcome to the exterior of this Fort Worth, Texas Metal Home crafted by HL Custom Homes. On every project, they deliver unparalleled workmanship along with premier customer service. HL Custom Homes takes pride in offering a wide range of services that meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost-effective workmanship.

Let’s dive into the specifics of this remarkable 2,000-square-foot house with an additional 1,500-square-foot shop building. The first thing you’ll notice is the classic Texas country home exterior but with a contemporary twist.

The choice of white metal siding and overall metal structure serves a dual purpose – not only providing robust protection against the unpredictable Texas weather but also creating a unique modern country aesthetic. A stone wainscot tastefully complements this modern touch, adding traditional charm to the exterior.

Front and back covered porches stretch from one end to the other, adorned with warm wood beams and columns. These covered areas contribute to the overall aesthetic and provide the perfect setting for enjoying the laid-back charm of Texas.

Imagine spending lazy Texas days outdoors, sheltered by the comforting overhangs, a quintessential part of the modern country lifestyle.

As you approach the front of the house, you’ll be greeted by an extended front door porch that adds character to the facade.

A welcome feature of the exterior of this Texas barndominium is the covered breezeway. The shop is outfitted with large and stylish black garage doors, and the breezeway is a transitional space that harmoniously connects two significant sections of the property.

A breezeway, in essence, is a covered passageway that allows for free airflow while providing shelter from the elements. In this context, it serves as both a functional connector and a design choice that adds flair and character to the entire property. 


In this Texas barndominium, stylish minimalism blends with rustic warmth. The interior showcases a thoughtful design incorporating wood and touches of stone, creating a space that feels modern and rooted in tradition.

Living Area

One of the first features to catch your eye is the stylish stained, cut concrete flooring throughout the home.

This flooring not only offers a durable and easy-to-maintain surface but also provides a warm, wooden aesthetic that sets the stage for the rustic interior. The sleek gray walls enhance the modern vibe, creating a neutral backdrop that allows other design elements to shine.

The open-plan layout, a signature feature of barndominiums, is immediately noticeable. This layout, coupled with the vaulted ceiling, contributes to an airy and spacious atmosphere.

Large windows flood the interior, inviting plenty of natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting living space.

The living room boasts a cozy woodstove, adding a touch of comfort and charm. It becomes a focal point in the room, adding warmth and visual appeal against gray. It’s a space that invites relaxation and socializing.

Kitchen & Dining

Moving to the kitchen, prepare to be impressed. The wood center island and range hood cover add a warm touch to the clean and modern white cabinetry. Glass light fixtures and modern steel appliances contribute to the overall contemporary aesthetic.

The kitchen also features a modern patterned tile backsplash, injecting a chic flair into the space.


 A pantry hallway connects the kitchen to the home’s second entrance, offering convenience and additional storage space.

Laundry Room/Mudroom

The second entrance leads to a combined mudroom and laundry room. This multifunctional space is a practical and organized hub, providing a place to drop off muddy boots and handle laundry duties seamlessly.


The bedrooms continue the understated elegance with the same stylish stained, cut concrete flooring. These versatile spaces allow homeowners to personalize their rooms, whether for a home gym, an office, a kids’ playroom, or even extra storage. 

The loft room is a particular highlight, offering ample space on the ground floor and creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere on the upper level.


The bathrooms exude luxury with a seafoam green aesthetic. A freestanding bathtub with a tile wall accent adds opulence, creating a spa-like retreat.

His and her sinks with contemporary fixtures enhance the functionality of the space, while a connecting walk-in closet provides ample storage for a seamless morning routine. Every detail has been carefully considered to elevate the everyday experience in this unique home.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see that this Fort Worth metal home with a breezeway represents the modern country home. From the cool gray and white walls to the stained concrete floors, and the inviting woodstove, each detail reflects a careful balance of practicality and style.

If the idea of barndominium living has piqued your interest, there’s no need to be a seasoned expert to dive in. Explore more with Barndominium Life – your trusted companion in unraveling the secrets, tips, and inspirations that this unique lifestyle brings.

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Your adventure into barndo living doesn’t have to be daunting. Start your journey today, and embrace the adaptability, creativity, and coziness that barndos provide. 

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