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Luxurious South Dakota Barndominium with Open-Plan Kitchen and Beautiful Bathroom

Today’s featured home on is a modern, versatile, and infinitely spacious South Dakota barndominium that exudes luxury from every facet!

Combining clean, sharp lines and a minimalist color scheme with a grand, ultra-modern facade that so many barndominium projects aspire to, there’s no shortage of things to love about this beautiful home. 

Boasting 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, including a bathroom that wouldn’t be out of place in a luxury condo, as well as a magnificent first-floor living area and an industrial-size shop, this home is a truly stunning example of high-end barndominium builds.


South Dakota Barndominium exterior

The view from the front of this home is a striking teaser for the luxury inside. Surrounded by rolling Datoka countryside and rows of verdant trees, the property is divided neatly into two parts; the home itself, and a towering shop with three garage doors for trailer access. 

In the home portion, the first and second floors feature rows of large, uniform windows which allow a far-reaching look into the grand interiors and fill the first floor with natural light. Running contrary to the more traditional exteriors seen in country barndominiums, the front door is tucked away beneath a wide porch, sharing a corner with an outdoor entrance into the shop. 

The exterior color scheme is simple but elegant, with the white walls in a classic barndominium texture complemented beautifully with the black window frames, wainscotting, and roof, a hint at the neutral, stripped-down decor found in every room inside.

First-Floor Living Area

South Dakota Barndominium living room

The first-floor living area is this home’s star attraction by a mile! The space towers two stories with large windows covering two of four walls, giving you sweeping views of the bucolic landscape outside. 

The flooring is divided into faux walnut vinyl around the front door, and a pale smoke-colored carpet marking the living room area, where a luxurious suite of brown furniture sits facing a large mounted TV. 

Immediately after the front door, a grand staircase goes up behind a dining table and wraps around a large second-floor landing with its own couch and TV. This is divided from the rest of the space by a beautiful walnut railing with black bars, giving anyone on the landing a full view of the first floor and the land outside.


South Dakota Barndominium kitchen

The open kitchen starts right at the edge of the first-floor living area, and boasts the same high degree of luxury. Tall walnut cabinets with classic raised-panel fronts and black matte handles matching the taps epitomize the sleek, understated style of the home. 

A suite of high-end chrome appliances, marble-effect counters, and unique honeycomb tiling on two walls offer a nice foil to the darker colors, especially in the six squat bar stools that surround the island.

With its huge marble-effect island (containing extra storage itself), a halo of modern spotlights in the ceiling, and easy access from the first floor and nearby hallways, this kitchen seems to be the perfect place to entertain family and friends in large gatherings.


South Dakota Barndominium bathroom

This South Dakota barndominium’s main bathroom is conclusive proof that you don’t need to buy a pre-built home to enjoy a truly luxurious lifestyle!

A marble-walled walk-in shower with a cobble-effect floor and two built-in nooks are complemented by a huge triangular bathtub with the same lavish masonry surrounding it. The sense of tasteful opulence is just as present around the bathroom sinks, set in a broad marble effect countertop with a mirror taking up most of the back wall. Like other parts of the home, this bathroom has a distinctly modern character locked in by bright, clean whites on the walls and masonry and deep blacks in the doorways, and a full-length mirror frame.

We love the subtle contrast between the pale walnut of the flooring and the slightly darker hue of the cabinets and drawers underneath the square basins. With the white walls, the spotlights in the ceiling, and the sheer size of the mirror, this bathroom manages to feel large and airy with only a single window!

Garage and Shop

South Dakota Barndominium shop

The shop and garage aren’t usually one of the stand-out features of a barndominium, but this property is certainly an exception to the rule!

This shop is one of the largest we’ve seen in a featured home, with two stories’ worth of height contained within the barndo’s exposed steel walls. It has enough floor space to contain a two-post car lift currently used for work on dirt track race cars, a rounded seven-seater couch and separate recliner, a large industrial shelving unit, and a variety of different workshop tools and benches. 

The shop is accessible from the front porch and through three large roller doors tall enough to accommodate trucks and trailers, and with a row of ground-level windows letting in natural light through the day, this space seems to be a gearhead’s dream come true!

Wrapping Up…

South Dakota Barndominium railing

With its grand spaces and stunning interior decor, this South Dakota barndominium shows just how luxurious rural barndominiums can be!

If you’re interested in building your own barndominium, why not check out the Barndominium Life Program to ensure you start your build right and avoid some of the common pitfalls which can stop the project from getting off the ground.