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Macon Georgia Barndominium by Ronnie C Bradberry

Looking for a home that seamlessly blends your work and personal life? The solution you’re looking for might just be a barndominium. The popularity of these unique homes continues to grow, with Google trend searches showing an upward trend since 2020.

At its core, a barndominium is a functional and practical living space that allows its occupants to stay close to nature while enjoying all the modern comforts and conveniences. It provides a sense of freedom and space that is difficult to find in traditional urban homes.

Beyond its practicality, a barndominium also represents a lifestyle choice. It embodies a desire to exist sustainably and in harmony with the natural world while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology and design.

And today, we’re thrilled to showcase this charming Macon, Georgia barndominium by homeowner Ronnie C Bradberry. Not only is this home a beautiful example of barndominium living, but it also incorporates a functional workspace, making it the perfect place to both live and work.

Are you ready to take a look? Let’s jump right in. 

Macon Georgia barndominium

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This Macon, Georgia barndominium is by Ronnie C Bradberry, whose goal was to create a barn-style home that allows for the shop to be located on the ground floor and the home to be placed on the upper floor.

As a designer and builder, Ronnie created this home from the ground up, doing most of the labor himself. Without a doubt, this home is a work of love, as well as being built with practicality in mind. 

Should you be interested in building your dream home, you should understand where to begin and how much work you can do to properly distribute the construction and budget.

The monitor-style roof barn home is often associated with a rural lifestyle and can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for those who love country living. 

The combination of natural materials like wood or stone, along with the distinctive roof design, makes for an impressive and timeless exterior that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

With its monitor roof design, this home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The raised center section provides additional headroom, allowing for loft spaces or second-story rooms with ample space and natural light. 

Additionally, the clear-story window can be opened to provide natural ventilation, improving indoor air quality and reducing energy costs.

Post-frame home construction is used on this Macon Georgia barndominium. Compared to other building methods, post-frame homes are often easier to build, as they require fewer materials and labor costs. This makes it ideal if you prefer building your home yourself or doing as little contracting as possible.

Want to make your outdoor space stand out with creativity in your next home project? Build a playhouse for the kids!

Aside from providing the family the opportunity to create and design together, this charming (and cozy!) playhouse motivates the kids to spend more time outdoors, get active, and have fun outdoors.

By having your shop on the ground floor, you can easily access tools and equipment, work on projects, and manage your business without leaving your property. This can be especially convenient for those who work from home or have a hobby that requires a dedicated workspace.

At the same time, having your home on the second floor provides a private and comfortable living space separate from the work area. This allows you to maintain a clear separation between your work and personal life, creating a more relaxing and peaceful environment to unwind in after a busy day.

We’re absolutely blown away by the workmanship Ronnie has shown at the entrance. From the design of the door overhang to the meticulous trim, it’s a showpiece that will welcome any guest. 

Dedicating the effort to designing your home’s entrance is crucial since it sets the tone for the overall aesthetic of the home while adding a touch of personal style.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

Get started today with our program "Barndominiums Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium" and get 200+ barndominium floor plans included!


As you walk through the door of a barn home with a mostly wooden interior, you’re instantly transported to a rustic and charming space that seamlessly blends functionality and beauty.

With the ground floor dedicated to the workspace and the second floor as a cozy living space, this unique home design offers the perfect combination of practicality and comfort.

A sturdy barn door separates the home from the ground floor workspace.

Pine wood is mostly used throughout the home. Pine is a relatively soft type of wood, which makes it easy to cut, nail, and carve, and it readily absorbs stains and other finishes. Thanks to its ease of use, working with pine usually results in quicker project completion times.

As Ronnie designs the interior of his home, the smallest details have been taken into consideration.

This is among our favorite barndominium stair designs, featuring intricate tile designs on the risers of the stairs.

For smaller spaces, a half-turn staircase can be practical, allowing you to decorate the turn area while providing a dramatic glimpse of the upper floor.

Nothing is more adorable and ingenious than this stair idea for a pet opening that lets the furbaby rest between the steps!

Living Room

Typical of barndominiums, the living space is open-concept floor plan. This is a preferred home layout because it provides a seamless interior that opens up the living area. 

Barndominium homeowners favor wood-clad ceilings due to their rustic ambiance. Opting for darker stains can lend a farmhouse or country vibe to the overall design.


There’s no reason why your kitchen shouldn’t stand out, even if you have limited space. The striking pure white backsplash and sleek metal furnishings and appliances blend well with the predominantly wooden interior.

With clever shelf placement, rustic trinkets can be displayed and used as storage.


The bedroom features mostly wood in a darker tone to evoke warmth while providing a more contemporary feel with a clean wall finish.

The rustic furnishings and soft lighting of this bedroom add a genuine sense of coziness and comfort, which are perfect for relaxing in after a tiring day.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and designs in your home to make it unique. By omitting wood finishes, this bathroom evokes a modern look yet remains rustic in its decor. A soothing color shade completes the design.

Final Thoughts

This Macon Georgia barndominium by Ronnie C Bradberry is truly a labor of love that merges practicality and individuality in a remarkable way. Combining a traditional monitor barn with innovative design choices and personal touches creates a one-of-a-kind home that seamlessly blends work and living spaces.

It’s a testament to the endless possibilities of barndominium design and its owners’ creativity and vision. This remarkable space is sure to inspire others to follow their dreams and create their own unique living spaces.

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