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Morgan Mill House in Texas | 4-Bed, 2-Bath Beautiful Barndominium with a Cabin Feel

Wouldn’t you be inspired to come home to your warm and cozy dream home, located in the middle of vast land, all quiet and close to nature with a beautiful landscape? That’s the feeling that our featured barndominium, the Morgan Mill House in Texas, gives out. 

This house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The living space is huge and cozy, with a great rustic feel because of the touches of brown from the ceiling to the floor and other bits and pieces. The interior slightly even gives more of a cabin feel while the metal sides and roof make it more industrial-looking on the outside.

There aren’t many words to describe the warmth that emanates from this house. So, let’s proceed and check out some amazing photos of this beautiful home.

The Morgan Mill House Exterior

The exterior is an eye-catching black and white combination. While these colors somehow make the home a bit industrial-looking, especially with the metal sides and roof, the wainscot creatively fixes that to give a more homey feel. Wood doors and posts in the porches give the exterior a natural touch. The stylistic wall sconce lights by the entrance bring added warmth and make the home more inviting even before setting foot indoor.

The porches are great for a relaxing morning, sipping hot coffee, or small talk at the end of the day, or even just appreciating nature’s beauty in sunrise and sunsets. Cliche scene, but who cares? It’s the best way to enjoy country living in your barndominium.

Ready to step inside?

Morgan Mill House exterior
Morgan Mill House back view

Interior of Morgan Mill House

Get yourself seated because it’s a different atmosphere inside. The Morgan Mill House is a perfect image of warm and cozy. Even though you are already indoors, you still get a lot of nature and rustic feel with the browns and neutral colors around. The vast space is noticeable upon entering. The high wooden barndominium ceiling looks very attractive and gives the inside a feel of being in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

The shiny stained floor creates a rustic feel. The baseboard lining the wall footing, window sills, and door casing- surely built for wall protection, also looks fantastic as creative ornaments breaking down the whiteness of the textured walls. Having these textured walls is quite refreshing when we’re used to plain and smooth wall textures. The roughness adds to the more natural vibe and the cabin feel of the wood ceiling.

Huge windows let a lot of natural light in, making the interior look brighter and bigger. The reflection that the natural light gives on the floor makes these floorings look like shiny leather- naturally beautiful. And with this much light indoors, you are sure to save up on electricity bills.

The living area going to the kitchen is an open space where family and guests can share activities together. The archway wall openings lead to the bedrooms and a common bathroom and add to the privacy of these quarters.

Moving on to the kitchen is a beautiful combination of modern and rustic. The stainless appliances and charming lighting fixtures over the center island give this area a more modern touch. The rest of the kitchen is an entire look and feel of a country home, from the cabinets, center island, that exquisite chandelier piece where the dining area could be placed, and oh, those lovely island chairs!

Natural light also keeps the kitchen area bright, and the sink window holds a beautiful outdoor view. The door by the sink leads to the laundry area, which also leads to a back door where the carport is. Convenience is always a great thing, so the laundry area is also connected to the master bathroom and closet.


Moving on to the Morgan Mill House bedrooms, on the left side from the entrance is the master bedroom while on its opposite side are 3 smaller bedrooms and another full bath.

The bedrooms each have huge windows for beautiful outdoor views and, more especially to let light in, ceiling fans, and own closets. The master closet connects the master bedroom and bathroom.


The barndominium bathrooms are not behind with the beautifully rustic and modern combination. Lovely wood furnishings accentuate the bathroom. Spacious bathrooms with good lighting set a lovely mood for comfort and relaxation and really make up for a hard day. The bathrooms also have ample storage spaces with cabinets made of wood to keep bathroom necessities well-kept and organized.

The best thing about barndominiums is that you can design them however you want and make the most out of your space. It always comes out beautiful because you create it with aesthetics and purpose in mind. It’s a dream home! How nice would it be to be able to make your dream home last a lifetime? With barndominiums, it’s possible.

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