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Arkansas Barndominium With Open-Plan First Floor and Modern Interior

Arkansas Barndominium - Exterior

Today’s featured barndominium is a homey 2-story build in Arkansas, featuring beautiful rustic aesthetics on the outside and a clean, modern look within. 

We adore how this Arkansas barndominium is filled with open, comfortable living space, the simple yet effective color scheme of the interiors, and the soothing natural beauty of the surrounding land.

Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful barndo!


Arkansas Barndominium - Pond View

This barndominium’s exterior shows off a classic, monitor-style structure, with a raised roof running the length of the building and two first-floor wings. The front facade breathes a classic sense of ranch-style living. A peaked roof extends a short way above the front door, with fanned-out, exposed beams in a dark wood creating a pretty sense of symmetry from the get-go.

Arkansas Barndominium - Entranceway

The exposed wood of the porch’s posts and the front door itself, along with a pair of colonial panel windows on either side and twinned dormers on the second floor, work to emphasize the tastefully rustic, “old-world” elements of the home’s design. We also love how the white walls and pale stone cladding wrapping around the exterior base creates a beautiful contrast against the dark woods, the monogram mounted above the door, and the black lights dotted along the front porch.

Arkansas Barndominium - Rear Exterior

The positioning of the home, with the front facing a pond with its own simple wooden jetty, makes the whole exterior view even more picturesque, and a perfect example of barndominium country living.

Arkansas Barndominium - Porch

Main Hall / Living Area

Arkansas Barndominium - Living Area

The entryway of this barndo opens onto a great hall that invites you in with a potent sense of space and breathability. The white walls, stretching up to the high, peaked ceilings on all sides, are contrasted masterfully by the deep browns of the wall molding, the doorframes and window frames, and the railing that separates the mezzanine from the rest of the hall. 

Arkansas Barndominium - Fireplace

All the features of this space gravitate naturally towards a gorgeous focal point; a modern, minimalist fireplace that extends a short way out of the wall with a white front framed by dark molding on the top and bottom, and a black-framed window showing you the mellow glow of the fire within.

Arkansas Barndominium - Main Hall 1
Arkansas Barndominium - Main Hall and Kitchen

Kitchen / Dining Area

Arkansas Barndominium - Kitchen

The kitchen and dining area of this barndominium is located just off the living area, nestled underneath a large nook created by the mezzanine.

Arkansas Barndominium - Kitchen Island

We love how an almost floor-to-ceiling grid window occupies a corner of the kitchen area’s back wall, letting natural light pour in and further stress the immense size of the first floor. A central kitchen island with a marble-effect top, and the same stone cladding seen on the exterior of the home, stands in the center below a strikingly unique light feature: six unshaded mason jar bulbs hanging on wires from a black panel in the ceiling.

On two walls facing the island, there’s an array of cupboards and drawers with the same beautiful dark wood that’s used to frame the windows and doorways, in a stark, though not overwhelming contrast to the white walls. We love the choice of a gray brick-effect backsplash and the black classic lampshade that hangs above a window in-line with the kitchen sink.

Arkansas Barndominium - Dining Area

The dining area has a simple yet effective layout, with a medium-sized classic design dining table just off the kitchen and below another hanging-bulb feature in the ceiling. The positioning of the dining table couldn’t be better. Dead-center of the mezzanine’s nook and near the large window looking out onto the back of the property, it allows easy access from both the kitchen and living area and invites long, relaxed meals for family and friends.


Arkansas Barndominium - Bathroom

The bathroom of this barndominium runs with the design conventions of the rest of the home, marrying design conventions from the old and the new in a tasteful, beautiful mesh. 

Like the spaces on the first floor, generous uses of whites and beiges are contrasted boldly by blacks and deep browns in the flooring and trims. The sink unit uses this color scheme particularly, with a spotless white basin in a quiet, minimalist shape, mounted on a black unit of drawers and cupboards below. The rounded black tap and the black-framed mirror, and the black light fixture above adds to the already stunning contrast.

Arkansas Barndominium - Bath

Opposite this unit, you’ll find a square jet bathtub in its own nook created by one of the home’s two dormers. Like the basin, its gleaming white surface is offset by the black faucets, and a dark wall cladding surrounds it with a charming weathered wood effect that’s mirrored in the window frame.

Arkansas Barndominium - Shower

The star of this space is the shower, with mirrored black showerheads, mounted on opposite sides of the weathered wood-effect cladding. We love the unique way the builders have plumbed these showers in, as well as the dense, somewhat industrial-looking water flow controls mounted on the walls beneath the heads.

Wrapping Up…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look around this stunning Arkansas barndominium, where modern designs find a perfect intersection with a rugged, rural aesthetic. If you’re looking for help and inspiration to build your own barndominium, be sure to check out our Barndominiums Made Easy Program!