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Michigan Barndominium: 2,900 Sq Ft Built With Open Plan Kitchen

This Michigan Barndominium is today’s featured barndominium. It is 2,900 square feet and has a great open floor plan with a loft. We love what the owners, Nick and Caitlin Brummel have done to this modern barndominium. We can’t wait for you to check it out!

Michigan Barndominum Front Exterior 

This modern-looking Barndominium home with a white exterior, black fascia, and soffit features gives this home a very clean and warm look. The glass windows and doors are perfect for looking at the greenery and any passing wildlife while also letting the natural sunlight into the home. 

The patio is a stunning area where the family can sit outside and enjoy the sunlight while watching the kids run around the front yard.

This Barndominium home has a side entry garage which allows you to have a perfect view of the front of the house as well as plenty of room for the kids to play in the back without worrying about a garage. 

Michigan Barndominium front view with garage

Michigan Barndominum Interior

You are welcomed by a brightly lit open plan living room and kitchen area as you walk into the front door. The ground floor includes a living room, kitchen, and dining room.

All the necessary features of a home while maximizing the space without compromising the spacious and homely feel. One of the most incredible things in this Michigan Barndominium is the built-in speakers installed throughout the house. This is perfect for allowing music to play throughout the home in any room.

Interior kitchen and loft view
Living area
View of living area and loft


The Barndominium kitchen features a conducive island that you can use to prepare food or put out snacks for the family to grab while you are preparing dinner. Parents will also be able to keep an eye on the children if they are playing in the living room. 

The walk-in pantry also makes it easier to store supplies for a perfect dinner.

Black and white kitchen
Kitchen Island
Dining area

Coffee Bar

Everyone knows the only way to start your day is with a good cup of coffee, so why not have your very own coffee bar in your Barndominium home.  This is perfect to house all your favorite coffee supplies or even set up a hot chocolate bar for the kids in the wintertime. 

We are in complete awe of the staircase. We love the bright white mixed with the brown stained steps. It is so clean and perfect.

Coffee bar


The bedroom features a stunning shiplap wall with a sliding door leading into the master bathroom. The floors have stained concrete which is so easy to clean. You will love all the natural light that flows into this room.

Master Bedroom


Main Bathroom

The large cabinet includes a bathroom sink with a variety of space for towels and toiletries and gives the bathroom a luxurious look.

Main Bathroom

Master Bathroom

The massive shower gives a family plenty of space to ensure the kids are clean and entertained while making sure you aren’t hitting your elbows on the walls. The large bathtub will also help anyone relax after a long day at the office. 

The black and white pattern on the tile wall adds a beautiful touch to the bathroom.

Master bathroom shower and bathtub
Master bathroom double sink and mirrors

The bathroom includes an extremely well-lit counter perfect for getting your hair and make-up ready for the day.

Master bathroom vanity area

Guest Bathroom

The additional bathroom in the Michigan Barndominium home will help make sure that all the family members or guests have enough space.

Guest bathroom toilet and sink with huge mirror

Play Room

Entertaining young children must be one of the most challenging things to do. However, this play area will make all those rainy days much easier to manage. 

The laminated flooring allows the clean-up to be quick and easy while still keeping the modern look.

Play area

The high ceiling gives the Barndominium home a spacious feel while allowing parents to keep an eye on the ground floor.

Downstairs view from loft

Laundry Room

Laundry is one of those things that never truly comes to an end so having a laundry room in the Barndominium home with a variety of storage spaces to help sort and pack away clothing items makes life simpler and your house a lot less messy. We love this barndominium mudroom!

Laundry Room

Door and Receiving Area

The double doors are an excellent way to welcome guests to your home with the coat rack to hang up their coats when they enter.  The Hallway is beautifully lit, with natural light coming in from the windows surrounding the Barndominium home.

Entrance and foyer
Receiving area

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