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Breathtaking 3-Bed Missouri Barndominium With Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Check out these scenic pictures of this featured Missouri Barndominium! With a seemingly boundless property, this shot of the barndominium taken against the sunset is so gorgeous it looks like a dream.

By far the most noticeable feature of this barndominium is its outdoor kitchen and bar area. We absolutely LOVE this idea, and think more barndominiums should feature an outdoor kitchen area. Scroll to the bottom to see the pics!

This nice-sized structure has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths and 2 half baths within the main house that is 1984 sq ft, plus an approximately 200 sq ft wraparound porch. It has an attached garage that is approximately 1660 sq ft and a wine shop with a 400 sq ft area. Another bonus, the loft above the wine room that also has its own bath is 450 sq ft.

The building heights between the main house and the garage are different. The garage has a ceiling height of 14′ while the main house ceiling height is only 9′.

Missouri Barndominium Exterior

While the exterior already grabs attention with just its size, you’d fall even more in love with this dream home on the inside. The simplicity of its interior only adds to the beauty and homey atmosphere of this owner-built home.

The owner, Mike Wacker, basically contracted some of the work but did most of the work himself together with his son. They only hired out for the rough-in, metal, cabinets, and drywall. Imagine the amount of work they had to do for this huge property! But it all definitely pays off just seeing this beauty all done and standing proud in the middle of wide open space and the greens around it.

Missouri Barndominium
Missouri Barndominium view

The front porch is decorated with wine barrels, some iron ornaments, and plants. And we bet, you too, love that pop of reds against the earth tones of the building front.


Missouri Barndominium Interior

As much as the exterior is already breathtaking, the indoor is also magnificent. Taking after the simplicity of the outside, the indoor looks very basic. It is mostly accented by charming lighting fixtures and a very creative wall fabrication out of reclaimed wood. The winery wall could actually be the best accent in the stretch of open space from the living, dining, and kitchen area. It showcases what the family’s lifestyle is. The homeowners love to make homemade Grand Marnier and wine. With this said, there’s another awesome part of the house that shouldn’t be skipped on this virtual house tour. We’ll get to it as we move along.

Living Room

Winery Wall
The winery wall is made out of reclaimed wood from Rack Houses of old distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Hallway to Common Bathroom and Bedrooms
Living Area
Open concept Living, Kitchen,and Dining Area

Kitchen and Dining Area

Missouri Barndominium Kitchen
The granite countertop and black cabinets look a great match to the entire home paint colors.
Dining Area
The kitchen wall color is Sunburst by Behr.

Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet

The Missouri barndominium master bedroom has a different vibe against the open concept living, dining, and kitchen areas. This whole quarter is adorned with wood- from the bedroom to the bathroom, including the sliding barn door. Warm wall colors and carpeted floors keep the room cozy and perfect for great relaxation.

And, since there is only one window in this room, the owner made sure to get enough natural light in to brighten the room with a glass door. This door is also a way out leading to the back porch.

Another cool addition is the pocket door connecting the master bedroom (through the closet) and the laundry room. This is practically getting popular among barndominiums. The setup has already proved its convenience.

Missouri Barndominium Master Bedroom
Missouri Barndominium Master Bathroom
Utility Room
Pocket door between master closet and laundry area.

2 Other Bedrooms

Bedroom 1 and Bathroom

Add in proper storage areas in this room and you get a sprawl of huge space that could be fun to rearrange around. The red wooden wall looks amazing. It would be nice not to have anything leaning against it and have it all exposed. Quirky wall pieces could definitely bring this wall to a highlight.

The house uses split and HVAC air conditioning. The main house uses typical HVAC, this bedroom, the winemaking room, and the loft above the wine room have a mini-split.

Bedroom 1
Using the wine barrel for a sink is really creative!

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Pantry, Utility & Mud Rooms

The pantry area is 5.5′ x 10′ with two doors- accessible through the main kitchen and the winemaking room.
Mud Room

Food Grade Kitchen Area (Wine Making Room)

The family makes homemade wine, but this room also comes in handy when they prepare pounds of meat for smoking.

Commercial Kitchen
The room goes though the outdoor washroom.

Barndominium with Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, and Washroom

So we’ve mentioned that part of the house we shouldn’t miss. And here we are, the outdoor bar! This area is practically the highlight of this tour. It says so much about what the family does and their lifestyle. This area, though, isn’t totally set up for something commercial. On the contrary, it is modestly decorated and still has the welcoming touch of a family who loves to entertain and have guests over. And what better way to welcome guests than serve them with homemade wine and smoked meat. That said, let’s head over to the bar and get ourselves a drink!

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar
Outdoor Bar
Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor washroom is situated by the bar but also goes to the winemaking room through the opposite door. While it mainly serves as a washroom, another function it conveniently serves is for immediate safekeeping of alcohol when it really gets so hot out. The sink is multi-functional.

Outdoor Bathroom
Below the sink is the immediate safekeeping for alcohol.

Other Areas

Door Connecting the Shop and Living Space

The Missouri Barndominium built by the Wacker family is a picture of a modest home. It is very simply-decorated, yet each piece screams of character about the family’s lifestyle. Making this home even more special is the fact that the family built it themselves, acting as the general contractor and more so, doing most of the work themselves.

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