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Nature-Surrounded Lincoln County, Oklahoma Barndominium by Shiela Miller

Imagine a home where the soothing embrace of nature isn’t just a distant daydream but an integral part of your everyday life. The pandemic gave us all a reality check – being stuck indoors made us appreciate the great outdoors even more. That’s where barndominiums come into play – the modern antidote to our “nature deficit.”

Barndominiums might sound like a mouthful, but they’re essentially a clever blend of a rustic barn and a modern home. They’re not just buildings; they’re a lifestyle choice.

These open-concept structures offer a good blend of indoor and outdoor living. In a world where outdoor access is a luxury, barndos offer a slice of the beautiful outdoors right at your doorstep.

So, why the buzz around barndos? Well, they combine space, style, and affordability in a way that’s hard to beat. These versatile homes, once mainly seen in rural areas, are now making waves as barndominiums in the city. They’ve carved a niche that’s hard to ignore.

Today, we focus on an all-black barndominium surrounded by Oklahoma’s stunning natural beauty. The sleek exterior doesn’t just look good; it sets the stage for what’s inside.

Say goodbye to feeling disconnected from nature – with this home, nature is part of the package. It’s time to reimagine what a home can be.


Greetings from the Lincoln County, Oklahoma Barndominium by Shiela Miller. It’s no secret that building a barndominium in Oklahoma is steadily becoming a trend, and for good reason. 

Affordability and the promise of a unique living space have caught the attention of many, with an increasing number of contractors and kit providers hopping on board.

Approaching the property, a charming trail path guides you toward the two-story marvel of Sheila’s home. The first thing that strikes you is the harmonious contrast between the all-black exterior and the lush surrounding nature.

The black metal sidings and gable roof type don’t just add to the home’s contemporary allure but also offer a cost-effective solution that can stand strong against the varying seasons of Oklahoma, efficiently shedding water and snow – a must for an area with often extreme weather fluctuations.

One standout feature of this barndominium is its second-floor balcony, a space designed not just for visual appeal but for embracing the beauty of the surroundings. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a quiet evening on this elevated perch, soaking in the panoramic views stretching before you.

And speaking of views, the balcony turns into a winter wonderland retreat, with the homeowners’ clever choice of plush seating ensuring that comfort is never compromised.


Step beyond the black exterior and explore the interior’s contrasts. The sleek black facade gives way to a warm, light-filled interior that harmoniously balances modern design and cozy comfort.

Living Space

You’ll find a captivating blend of contemporary aesthetics with subtle industrial elements inside. The predominantly white backdrop is the canvas for a symphony of wood, metal fixtures, and exposed concrete finishes.

The open-concept layout seamlessly connects the living room, dining area, and kitchen, creating a fluid space for entertainment. It’s a living area that marries comfort with style, as leather seating mingles with wood flooring and metallic accents.

Natural light floods the space through abundant windows, enhancing the industrial design’s natural affinity for light play. The concrete fireplace is a standout feature, a design gem that beautifully contrasts with the clean contemporary walls. Wooden shelves peppered with knick-knacks add a touch of personal charm to the space.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and dining area are nothing short of magazine-worthy. Despite its compact design, the kitchen exudes an air of spaciousness through clever organization. 

Stainless steel appliances mesh with dark wood cabinetry, while the dining area boasts a massive wooden table slab and a modern twist on barrel stools.


When it comes to the bedrooms, cozy rustic elements harmonize with contemporary comfort. One of the highlights is the children’s bedroom, where a playful triple bunk bed maximizes space while inspiring a fun-loving atmosphere. The walls adorned with kids’ artwork and shelves brimming with toys create an endearing, homey vibe.

The walk-in closet, with shelves neatly lined along the walls, offers a smart storage solution. This closet serves a dual purpose: storing clothes and displaying a variety of books conveniently located to grab and read.

The main bedroom provides a shift in atmosphere, exuding understated elegance. Stylish metal and wood finishes are thoughtfully incorporated here, too.


Even the bathroom embraces the seamless design theme, rounding off the interior journey with a nod to cohesion. 

From the captivating open-concept living space to the rustic yet contemporary bedrooms, Shiela Miller’s barndominium interior paints a picture of contrasts blending in perfect harmony.

Final Thoughts

As we draw the curtains behind this Lincoln County, Oklahoma Barndominium by Shiela Miller, we see that within its black exterior lies a world of design contrasts and harmonies.

But remember, this is just a glimpse of the diverse design styles that barndo homes can offer. If you’re curious to see more, there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you at Barndominium Life.

Embrace the innovation, creativity, and spirit of living that barndos are known for. Whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and charming, there’s a barndominium out there that resonates with your style – and Barndominium Life has all the information you need. The barndominium of your dreams is just a click away!

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