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Building a Barndominium in New Hampshire | Your Ultimate Guide

A custom home build is one of the most rewarding and challenging things that a person can take on in their lifetime. While many people think about what it would be like to build a house that is specific to their needs and individual wants, most people don’t actually do it. This can be for a wide variety of reasons like money, time, or just the inability to find a good place to make a build like this happen. That’s why building a barndominium in New Hampshire is a great option.

There are so many different variables when working on a large home project, but a barndominium makes a lot of them easier than it would be for a traditional home. Because of this, a barndo is a lot more accessible to a wider demographic of people. If you have found yourself thinking about building your own home but haven’t been able to put the pieces together, this may be the project for you. 

barndominium in new hampshire exterior

While it is always a challenge to get a construction loan for any type of custom home, barndominiums are becoming much more popular and visible in the public consciousness. With the popularization of things like tiny homes, shipping container homes and mobile homes, people are looking for different ways to get their piece of the American dream and banks are starting to see the value in that. Because of these pop culture phenomena, there has never been a better time to start thinking about building a barndominium in New Hampshire. 

In this guide, we have put together some of the most important information you will need to get your barndominium project underway. By taking this advice and running with it, you could start building a barndominium in New Hampshire that will be specific to your tastes and needs and bring you many years of happiness. If you finish this guide and would like even more professional tips and expertise, be sure to check out the ebook, Build Your Dream Barndominium by Don Howe. 

What Is a Barndominium and What Are Some of the Advantages? 

A barndominium is a custom home that has been built out of the shell of a metal pole barn. These prefabricated, durable buildings are generally used for industrial purposes like stables or shops, but with a little bit of modification, they can be turned into beautiful country-style homes. Many barndominiums are so well designed that you would never know they were originally made for farming or other agricultural purposes, and on the inside, they look just like any other home you might come across. 

One of the major benefits of building a barndominium in New Hampshire over a traditional home is the fact that they take so much less time to build. Generally, a barndominium will take about half the amount of time due to the easy construction and prefabricated nature of the metal buildings. Not only does this save you time, it will also save you stress and money. When it takes so much less time to build something, you are spending less time dealing with builders and inspectors and more time enjoying your new home. 

barndominium in new hampshire exterior

The other huge advantage of building a barndominium in New Hampshire is the durability of the metal building. This is especially helpful if you are building in an area that gets a lot of snow like New England. Unlike homes that are built primarily of timber, barndominiums are incredibly resistant to rot and mold, which can be costly fixes. If you would like a home that is built to take a lot of abuse from the weather and other elements, a barndominium in New Hampshire could be your best bet. 

Cost of Building a Barndominium in New Hampshire 

One of the first things you will need to do when you are planning out your barndominium in New Hampshire is the budget. Understanding exactly how much home you can afford will help you put some boundaries on your plans, which will give you the parameters that you can work within. This makes it easy for you and your builder to figure out your floor plan as well as any extras you might want to include with your home. This budgeting is usually done by figuring out the price per square foot, so you can get your floor plan dialed into your exact budget. 

The cost of building a traditionally constructed home in New Hampshire is around $290 per square foot. This cost only includes liveable spaces like living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If it is a necessity for you to have areas like attics and basements, you will have to add some different costs for those and work with your builder to get a good price. 

Conversely, building a barndominium in New Hampshire costs, on average, $210 per square foot. This may not seem like a major downgrade in price, but when you spread this out over the 2,000 plus square feet of a barndominium, you are saving a massive amount of money. This extra cash can be used for things that make your home completely your own like appliances, custom cabinetry, or artisanal granite countertops. 

Barndominium Builders in New Hampshire 

Aside from the budget, one of the most important things that you will have to decide when building your barndominium in New Hampshire is what construction company you are going to hire to build it. While many people choose to be their own general contractor, this isn’t an option for everyone and in many cases it can actually end up being cheaper to hire someone to do the major building for you. They will have the tools and experience to do it quickly and efficiently. 

barndominium in new hampshire exterior

Choosing the right builder for your barndominium in New Hampshire can be difficult, but there are a couple of things that you can look for to see if they will be a good fit for you. One of the things you should look for is how they have treated their past clients. This can be done by looking at reviews online and seeing how people have felt about not only the final product but also the entire build process. 

Perhaps the most important thing you should look for in a builder is their experience. The construction industry is incredibly varied and it can be difficult to find a builder that has worked with metal pole barns if you don’t know what to seek out in your search. Luckily, there are many builders who specialize in this very thing. To help you get started, we have put together a list of a few of the best barndominium builders in New Hampshire

American Barn and Building

American Barn and Building is a licensed and insured builder in the state of New Hampshire. They have a combined 20 years of experience in the construction trade and they specialize in the exact type of building you will need for your barndominium in New Hampshire. 

Construx, Inc.

Construx, Inc is a builder and designer of steel buildings that has experience with projects of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to build a barndominium in New Hampshire that is unique and completely new in design and function, they could be a great choice for you. 

Yankee Barn Homes 

Yankee Barn Homes has been building barndominiums in New Hampshire for many years. They put an emphasis on quality of construction as well as design. If you want a partner in your barndominium project that will be able to help you along in the process and get you something that will be uniquely yours, they are a good option. 

Barndominium Kit Providers in New Hampshire 

While building a barndominium in New Hampshire from scratch might be the way many people want to go, for others, a barndominium kit might be the best bet. Barndominium kits are prefabricated and come with everything you need in one convenient package. If you are anxious to get started on your project and don’t want to spend time sourcing materials and making sure everything is compatible, a kit could be the solution you’re looking for. 

Barndominium Financing in New Hampshire 

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Farm Credit East 

Farm Credit East is a one-stop-shop for building projects and rural construction in New Hampshire. If you would like to work with a lender who can help you with every single step in the process from lending to tax preparation, they might be a good option for you. 

New Hampshire Rural Development 

New Hampshire Rural Development is a government agency that specializes in getting people the construction and land loans they need for their rural development projects. If working with a large government entity that has the interest of the community in mind appeals to you, this might be the way to go for you and your barndominium in New Hampshire. 

Where to Find Land for a Barndominium in New Hampshire 

Before you begin looking for a loan or finding a builder, you should be thinking about the piece of land you will buy to build on. Finding the right piece of land for your barndominium in New Hampshire is one of the key elements of the project and if it is done correctly and with longevity in mind, it can set you up for success. 

You should look for a piece of land that is accessible to utilities and services your home will need. It can be pricey to bring these things to your land, so the closer it is, the better. You should also find land that is easy to clear and will not be susceptible to things like fires and floods. Getting an environmental impact report from the local assessor’s office can help you get this information. 

Barndominium Floor Plans in New Hampshire 

Barndominiums for Sale in New Hampshire

Don’t want all the hassle of building a barndominium from the ground up? Then you may want to buy an existing barndominium in New Hampshire! With our Barndominiums for Sale Marketplace, you can browse to your state and find a barndominium for sale near you.

The beauty of buying an existing barndominium is that it can be really easy to customize the floor plan to your liking. The previous owners’ setup is just a starting point! Also, by buying a barndominium in New Hampshire, you bypass the potential troubles of the building process – delays, dealing with contractors and subcontractors, and city or county bureaucrats trying to make your build process a nightmare.

Don’t delay – find a barndominium for sale in New Hampshire now!


By understanding everything that goes into building a barndominium in New Hampshire, you can start yourself on the right track. Hopefully, this guide has given you the information you need to get started and set your barndominium project up for success. If you would like even more helpful tips from the experts, be sure to check out the ebook, Build Your Dream Barndominium by Don Howe. 

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.