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Stunning Modern Woodland Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Welcome to this beautiful slice of nature where we will find today’s stunning feature; Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller. These stunning pictures for today’s tour were provided by Vanessa and showcase their lovely 1 bedroom (soon to be 3) and1.5 bathroom Indiana Barndominium.


Indiana Barndominium - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Andrew and Vanessa Miller’s Barndominium is quietly nestled among beautiful natural landscapes in Elkhart County, Indiana. Featuring a perfect blend of modern and rustic, this stunning woodland Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller is a sight to be seen.

Carefully designed and meticulously crafted, this rural oasis was brought to life by Dynamic Custom Homes. As we make our way through this spectacular Barndominium, you will quickly notice the craftsmanship that makes this property truly one of a kind.

Indiana Barndominium Entranceway - Andrew and Vanessa Miller


The first stop on our tour of the Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller is the dramatic front entranceway. The black french doors and dark gray vertical siding and roof provide a stark contrast when paired with natural elements such as the exposed wood pillars and stonework.

Two large garage doors also painted a brooding black, tied the entire front area together, and give an overall effect that oozes modern elegance with a touch of rural charm. Spanning 2,040 square feet for the main house and 1,850 square feet for the garage, the Miller’s Indiana Barndominium offers an ample amount of space throughout the entire property.

Also noted, is the large multi-car laneway that can easily double as a multi-purpose patio area. Whether you are looking to host an outdoor gathering or just enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by nature, this area is perfect.

Indiana Barndominium side exterior - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Heading over to the side of the Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller we find not one, but two sets of sliding doors and a handful of sizeable windows. Looking at the face of the home we can see a wall of windows which no doubt allows tons of natural light to stream through what must be a beautiful and spacious open concept interior. Can you just imagine waking up in the morning and having that view as your first sight of the day?


Indiana Barndominium Interior - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

The dramatics continue in Andrew and Vanessa Miller’s Indiana Barndominium as we venture indoors. Showcasing just how extensive the amount of windows this rustic wooded retreat boasts, the interior great room is equally as impressive at night as it is during the day.

It’s hard to tell what the most eye-catching feature is in this room. From the high-contrast dark beams against the natural wooded ceiling to the stunning stone corner fireplace to the gleaming marble countertops, every inch of the Miller’s Barndominium begs one to come and unwind.

Some notable features found throughout what is sure to be one of Indiana’s most impressive Barndominiums are the beautiful dark cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and unique light fixtures. This expansive room also features one of the two sliding doors and as noted previously, a generous amount of windows.

Indiana Barndominium ceiling - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Adding black beams to a ceiling can give any room an instant sense of sophistication. The contrast of the dark beams against the lighter background creates a striking visual effect that is sure to impress. Natural wood beams add a touch of rustic charm and can help to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. When paired with the right decor, black beams and natural wood can make for a truly stunning ceiling as found in this Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller.

Indiana Barndominium Kitchen - Andrew and Vanessa Miller
Indiana Barndominium Kitchen (2) - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Taking in the kitchen from another angle allows it to really shine. The dark cabinetry creates a sleek and modern look, while the high ceilings make the room feel open and airy. The stainless steel appliances add a touch of luxury, and the black marble countertops provide both function and style. The large island is perfect for entertaining guests or for preparing family meals, and the 8 stools provide ample seating for everyone.

All this cabinetry space ensures that there is plenty of storage for all of your kitchen essentials. This barndominium kitchen is both beautiful and functional, and it would be the perfect gathering place for family and friends, which we are sure was part of the plan when designing this Indiana Barndominium for the Miller family.

Indiana Barndominium Bar Area - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Another exciting feature found in this Indiana Barndominium is this beautiful bar area. Providing additional space for storage, this popular spot keeps with the dark cabinetry theme. Found in the kitchen area, this bonus bar is a great addition to the home, especially when entertaining guests!

Indiana Barndominium Barn Door - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

These dark sliding doors are a great way to add a touch of drama and sophistication to this Indiana Barndominium. The rich color of the doors helps to anchor the room, while the sleek lines add a sense of depth and dimension. In addition, the doors provide a visual barrier between areas, creating a sense of privacy and intimacy.

Used for both style and function, Andrew and Vanessa’s Indiana Bardominium features two dark sliding doors that add style and personality to their home.

Indiana Barndominium Pantry - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

As we make our way through the barn door we stumble upon what many would consider the best surprise in the Miller’s Barndominium. A dedicated pantry room is a luxury many only dreams of! With further cabinetry and countertop space, there is so much space for entertaining and hosting, not to mention all the extra room to hide unsightly appliances.

Indiana Barndominium Laundry Room - Andrew and Vanessa Miller
Indiana Barndominium Laundry Room (2) - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Continuing through this Indiana Barndominium of Andrew and Vanessa Millers we find an expansive laundry room that features the home’s signature dark cabinetry as well as a wash sink and even a laundry hanging cabinet. Again, this Barndominium surprises us with the vast amount of interior space and luxurious additions.

Indiana Barndominium Bedroom - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

The possibilities for this large master bedroom are truly endless. The neutral wall color, stunning ceiling, and dramatic black trim are the perfect blank canvas just waiting to have the owner’s personal touches added. Featuring the Miller’s Indiana Barndominium’s second set of sliding doors, additional windows also ensure there is plenty of natural light captured in the room.

Indiana Barndominium Bathroom - Andrew and Vanessa Miller
Indiana Barndominium Bathroom (2) - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

The final stop on our tour of Andrew and Vanessa Miller’s Indiana Barndominium is the beautiful bathroom complete with dark cabinets, light walls, black door and trim, and dramatic lighting. Featuring mirrored his and her sinks with gleaming marbled countertops, like every other room in this Indiana Barndominium, there is no shortage of storage space.

Indiana Barndominium Double Shower - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

What’s better than his and her bathroom sinks?

How about his and her side-by-side showers!

Arguably the most luxurious and enviable feature, this stunning shower area features intricate herringbone tile work on the ground and even a handheld shower head in the middle. Relaxing waterfall-style shower heads are sure to wash any remaining stress away.

Indiana Barndominium Bathrooms (2) - Andrew and Vanessa Miller
Indiana Barndominium Bathroom (2) Sink - Andrew and Vanessa Miller

Featuring equally as impressive tile work, the guest bathroom holds true to this Indiana Barndominium’s rustic and elegant style. A statement wall adds depth and dimension and the sink area mimics the feel of the master bath.

This stunning woodland Indiana Barndominium for Andrew and Vanessa Miller is both beautifully designed and masterfully crafted, with a rustic ambiance that’s been given a modern twist. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be impressed by the high ceilings, exposed beams, and an open-concept floor plan. Combined with the many luxurious features such as a separate pantry, large laundry room, and exquisite double shower, it is easy to see why they are thrilled with their wooded dream home oasis. If you are interested in learning more about making your own dream Barndominium a reality learn more with our Barndominium Made Easy Program.

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