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Mike And Sarah’s Barndominium In Rosebud, Texas

Combining the charm of an old barn with modern comforts and amenities, barndominiums offer a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you prefer a rustic or luxurious look, barndominiums are worth investing in as your alternative dream home.

Located on a quiet street nestled in the countryside, our feature today is a barndominium that provides an ideal retreat for those looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Featuring the traditional rural surroundings and rustic aesthetic that barndos naturally provide, this Texas barndominium welcomes its guests with a quaint abode. This feature definitely warrants inclusion in your list of noteworthy barndominium design ideas

Let’s get started!

all-white exterior of Mike And Sarah's barndominium

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Our featured home today is Mike and Sarah’s barndominium in Rosebud, Texas. With a listing on Airbnb, you can enjoy an intimate setting and a tranquil stay with your significant other in this intimate 1-bedroom, 2-guest home.

With its all-white exterior, this barndo home’s aesthetic exudes sophistication. The gable roof porch also adds a dramatic touch, enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

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open parking - Mike And Sarah's barndominium

Open parking is available, and the guest entrance is conveniently placed at the first door to the right. A two-door garage provides ample parking for vehicles while giving homeowners plenty of additional space to set up a workshop.

an entrance door with a minimalist design

With the right decor, even modest entrances can be made stylish and welcoming. Keeping up with the sophisticated ambiance, the black light fixture, outdoor seating, and minimalist decor complement the white exterior.

fire pit place - Mike And Sarah's barndominium

A fire pit is an ideal outdoor gathering space for keeping warm while enjoying the outdoors in the company of your loved ones.

outdoor lighting

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your outdoor space, consider adding outdoor lighting. With careful placement of light fixtures, this Texas barndominium lets its form shine.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

Get started today with our program "Barndominiums Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium" and get 200+ barndominium floor plans included!


With mostly crisp white walls and vaulted ceilings, Mike and Sarah’s barndominium exterior complements the interior. An open-concept plan is a popular choice for barndo homes, creating a communal living feel.

living space with a fireplace

Living Space

Opting for rustic furniture with comfy leather seatings and wood accents is an excellent way to tap into the country roots of barndo living. We would also like to draw attention to the fireplace, which is the focal point of the living space. Smooth concrete gives a sleek contrast to the predominantly white interior.

Speaking of concrete, barndominiums also typically feature stained concrete floors. This style offers many design options and is cost-effective while still providing a high-quality appearance.

laundry room of Mike And Sarah's barndominium

Laundry Room

Also serving as the guest entrance/mudroom, Mike and Sarah’s barndominium provides a no-frills, highly functional laundry room that is suited to heavy-duty work. If you have a large family, investing in a bigger laundry room can do wonders to help you manage the chaos!

play area for kids

Play Area

A barndominium often provides plenty of space for customizing your rooms, so Mike and Sarah converted this space into a play area for their kids. 

It doesn’t take much to turn a white room into the perfect playroom with child-friendly seating, eye-catching colors, cozy decor, and plenty of toys. Adding your child’s artwork to your playroom adds a warm, personal touch.

A play area is just one way to use a spare room. You could convert yours into an office, a mini-gym, an art studio, a games room, or a mini-theater. The sky’s the limit!

kitchen area of Mike And Sarah's barndominium


We’re in awe of the impressive kitchen island with generous seating that serves as the centerpiece of the space. Several black and white finishes, as well as a variety of shelf knick-knacks, contribute to the overall industrial yet homey appearance.

If you expect to host gatherings regularly or have a large family, you may want to allocate plenty of space for your kitchen. This is a high-traffic area that is both social and functional. With the right design, your kitchen can become an efficient, well-organized space where friends and family can gather comfortably.

bedroom with minimalist color scheme


Guests will enjoy this spacious and homey bedroom that combines wooden elements with a minimalist color scheme. As a natural element, wood generally adds a sense of coziness and warmth to any room.

bathroom with black and white theme


A familiar black-and-white theme is reflected in the bathroom as well. Black fixtures lend a modern, clean look to any room. 

Customizing your barndo home bathroom is both enjoyable and tricky since you need to keep your house’s overall style in mind. For more inspiration, check out our top barndominium bathroom ideas.

Final Thoughts

Mike and Sarah’s Rosebud, Texas, barndominium combines a white aesthetic with various elements designed to create a homely, intimate ambiance. Barndo homes are also clearly capable of meeting the needs of both a small family and a multi-family household.

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