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Wick Buildings Review

It’s a well-known fact that you can get more land for a lower price when you plan to build your dream barndominium in the Midwest. But when choosing to design your barndominium in a naturally rural community, it can feel overwhelming to find the right metal building specialist that is actually worth the investment. Wick Buildings is a metal building specialist based out of Wisconsin that serves the American Midwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains areas. With the help of a reliable metal building kit from Wick Buildings, you can break ground on your barndominium while working with a company that stands out above the rest with its customers.

Choosing a dependable barndominium builder takes away the hassle of collecting the building materials for your barndominium while also putting together your ideal barndominium floor plan. And Wick’s nearly century-long experience in the metal building field means they know how to keep the cost of your custom barndominium build down.

Read on for our review of what Wick Buildings offers, why they are a trusted barndominium builder, and how to order from them in the future.

Wick Buildings Review

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Wick Buildings can trace its history back to 1954 in Wisconsin when it was founded by John Wick. With John Wick’s background in agriculture, business, and engineering, post-frame building construction was an easy fit for Wick’s professional endeavors. He used his knowledge and education about metal building construction to design barns that improved farmers’ work and their animals’ quality of life. The company John Wick founded has always focused on quality service and cutting-edge construction designs.

With the help of a metal building blueprint from Wick Buildings, you can create a structure that can be used as a barndominium, shopdominium, or even a large suburban home. Wick Building’s goal is to keep their business local, which means they can promise you are receiving a product they are proud of at the end of construction.

If you are looking for a company-owned barndominium builder who is unmatched in their industry experience, Wick Buildings could be a great fit for you. Their expertise in metal building construction allows you to focus your budget on all the custom design elements you want to add to your barndominium while working with a company that knows exactly how to give you peace of mind throughout the metal building construction process.

What products does Wick Buildings offer?

What products does Wick Buildings offer?

A trusted barndominium builder will make your dreams become a reality without you having to do all the work and research on your own. When the metal siding, roof, and concrete flooring are all set up for you to purchase in one place, your time and energy are left to focus on what details you want to add to make your barndominium feel like home. The sky is the limit, as long as your budget can stretch that far. Maybe you want to include statement lighting inside or a stock tank pool in your backyard.

Wick Buildings offers metal building designs in 8 different categories, ranging from security rooms to equestrian barns. All of their metal building designs could easily bring your recreational and residential life together under one roof. Their website also offers 3D design and color planner software to help you work out the details of your barndominium home before breaking ground on your real-life design.

To give you a better idea of the quality of metal buildings you will get through Wick Buildings, check out these 3 categories.

Suburban Buildings

Adults can have toys too, and with the help of Wick Buildings, you can create a space to store all of your toys under one roof while still adhering to the HOA codes of your neighborhood.

Whether you are looking to design a backyard getaway to work on your car or motorcycle collection or you need a place to store your mobile camper when you’re not traveling, Wick Buildings knows how to design a metal building that will keep your big toys weather-proofed and organized.

Suburban buildings by Wick can also include metal building primary residences or a metal roof that will help your home better withstand changing seasons and temperatures over time.

Shop Houses

As is pointed out on the Wick Buildings website, a shop house gives you all the flexibility in your floor plan, along with the high ceilings of a custom home, at a price that is more affordable than you think.

A shop house, also known as a shouse, can be used primarily as a lake house, cabin, craftsman, or modern home. Or it can be customized to include a multi-story, multi-wing, large porch, or overhang roof design. With a Wick Buildings shop house project, you are promised faster construction time, better foundation options than a traditional home, and an easier ability to add additions in the future.


According to Wick Buildings, you are looking to create a barndominium when you want a single-family home with a post-frame design. This structured style doesn’t require load-bearing beams or walls throughout the floor plan, which gives you the high ceilings and large square footage of a barn and all the custom luxury of a condominium lifestyle.

The Wick Buildings website offers resources on types of barndominiums they can help you construct, barndominium interior ideas and free barndominium floor plans to get your project started. If you live between Colorado and Ohio, North Dakota and Oklahoma, Wick Buildings could be a great fit for your barndominium build.

Why choose Wick Buildings

Why choose Wick Buildings

The metal building trend continues to gain traction for its easy construction and quick building timeline. But it’s still important to work with a company you can trust to get the job done right. You want to purchase a barndominium kit from someone who has plenty of experience in the metal building industry and who is going to sell you a quality product.

Because a trained engineer founded Wick Buildings, John Wick has built up his company with the help of experienced metal building engineers who can help you create a unique barndominium that will last for years to come. The Wick Building promise also includes a commitment to quality building products, either metal or wood, and paint that helps keep your metal home at the temperature you want year-round.

Wick Buildings has been involved in the steel construction industry for 68 years. In that time, they have received many awards and accolades for their work with metal buildings, including:

  • 2020 Rural Builder Gold Key of Excellence Award
  • National Frame Building Association Awards
  • Gail Miller Excellence in Safety Award

Wick Buildings keeps their business local to better ensure you end up with builders who know the community where you’re building and who can keep your barndominium build free of delays. If you are looking for a great place to start your barndominium project today, you should reach out to Wick Buildings.

Wick Buildings Pricing

Wick Buildings Pricing

Here is a basic breakdown of some of the metal building plans currently listed for sale on the Wick Buildings website, each of which could be easily converted into a barndominium:

The Bayfield

This plan would create a 768-square-foot home, and it includes the following features:

  • 2 12×11 non-master bedrooms
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Shed roof modern style
  • Covered porch and fireplace option

The Juneau

This plan would create a 1677-square-foot home, and it includes the following features:

  • 16x 12 master suite
  • 2 12×12.5 non-master bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Gable ranch style
  • Covered porch and optional garage

The Richland

This plan would create a 2254-square-foot home, and it includes the following features:

  • 13×16 master suite
  • 2 13×14 non-master bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms, 1 half bath
  • Gable shouse style
  • Walk-in closets, garage, and optional fireplace

Wick Buildings Warranties

Wick Buildings Warranties

Wick Buildings is proud to offer warranties on their work. They offer two warranties that vary based on where you live and which specific Wick Buildings construction company you work with. Both the construction services warranty and build packages warranty through Wick Buildings include replacement or repair options for up to 50 years after the original setup of the building. You should contact your local Wick Building provider to learn more.


Wick Buildings is a company that believes in the products they make. As an employee-owned company, every person involved in your barndominium design has a personal stake in creating a home you will be proud of for years to come. You should consider working with Wick Buildings whenever you are ready to start your journey toward your ideal barndominium lifestyle.

Now that you’ve read through our review of Wick Buildings, the only thing left is to start building your barndominium! Feel free to look for further barndominium inspiration on our Barndominium Life blog, including the ultimate barndominium landscaping guide and information on building your dream garagedominium.

Want to learn more before you commit to a metal building kit provider? Make sure to check out our program, “Barndominiums Made Easy.” It’s affordable, informative, and will give you every resource you need to move forward confidently with your barndominium build.

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