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5 Stock Tank Pool Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Backyard

Summer is the perfect time to think about getting a stock tank pool for your backyard. Need some great stock tank pool ideas for creating your dream backyard oasis? No worries, we have you covered.

Having a stock tank pool in your home is affordable and easy to install, providing the perfect setting for backyard parties and hangouts with friends and family! 

Depending on the shape and size, you can purchase galvanized metal stock tanks that are wood-fire-ready on Amazon for a little over $270.

It is also a great option to have a stock tank pool in your barndominium to keep cool during the warm country weather. So, here are some great stock tank pool ideas to check out when you are considering getting one.

stock tank pool ideas
Source: Albert Wong (Florida)

Winterize Your Tub

Although stock tank pools are most commonly used during hot summer days, the addition of a heater can transform your stock tank pool into an improvised hot tub.

While in-ground pool heaters can cost up to $5,000, you can convert your stock tank pool into a hot tub as a DIY project for a fraction of an in-ground pool’s price. 

Even though it may take some time to complete the project, it can be accomplished by using an electrical heater or a propane heater. 

While stock tank pools are expected to last less than in-ground pools, you can make the most of your stock tank pool by using it as a hot tub during colder seasons. 

Plus, it provides the relaxing experience of soaking in warm water while taking in the beauty of nature in a different way.

stock tank pool ideas
Source: Levi Oldham (Amarillo, Texas)

Insulate Your Tub

Since a stock tank pool is constructed in a particular manner, it presents a challenge to maintain a particular temperature. By insulating your pool properly, you can cut energy consumption, while maintaining your desired temperature for longer. 

Carpet padding, wool padding, or foam board are three easy-to-find materials you can use to wrap your pool.

Once the pool has been insulated, you can decorate the exterior by sealing it with wood or by placing it on a deck. 

It is also a good idea to wrap your tub with an overlay designed according to your preferences. Stock tank pool ideas are mostly DIY, so you can customize them to fit your taste and home aesthetic.

stock tank pool ideas
Source: Carilyn Jacqueline (Southern Ontario, Canada)

Keep Your Tub Mosquito-and-Algae-Free

When left unused and unmaintained, pools can, unfortunately, attract mosquitos and algae. More specifically, this applies to smaller stock tanks that are more likely to be left out in the open. 

The good thing here is that you can easily avoid algae growth by using chlorine tablets sold in containers for $60.

We understand how expensive it can get to frequently refill your stock tank pool. So, if you want to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there, you could cover the pool with mosquito netting. 

Adding this clever DIY solution to your backyard setting will add a touch of charm as well. Plus, it’s detachable, so you can just place it back when needed.

Utilize Your Space

One of the best stock tank pool ideas out there is to simply make the most of the space you have. If you already have a deck, try boxing it in or placing the pool within the deck. 

On hot days, you may want to consider placing your pool under a shelter or tree shade to provide better cooling. If you have spare plywood or planks, you can create a backdrop to enhance your pool space.

There are several simple options that can enhance the overall experience of using your pool and elevate the presence of your existing space without having to spend a great deal of money on renovations. 

Having a stock tank pool is great because you can relocate it easily if you want a new aesthetic or pool placement, so don’t be afraid to try things out.

stock tank pool ideas
Source: Sheilah Dixon Huckabee (Georgia)

Suit Your Taste

If a barndominium can be transformed into a stunning modern abode, then you can too with your pool space. Make your stock tank pool edge stand out with a striking dark matte color, and elevate your patio with sleek lounge chairs and a fireplace. 

The choice of design is ultimately yours. Decorate your pool with white or striped colorful patterns, surround it with plants and outdoor mood lighting for a more private setting, fill it with flamingos and inflatables, or make it the focal point of your yard. 

You can renovate your space for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, or you can spend thousands, depending on how much you are looking to invest in this project.

stock tank pool ideas
Source: Matt N Michelle Baughcum (Georgia)

Final Thoughts

The best stock tank pool is one that suits your preferences and home aesthetic. As this alternative to an in-ground pool is completely customizable, you can upgrade and decorate your space easily with a stock tank pool to meet your specific requirements.

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In case you didn’t know, barndominiums are a great alternative to traditional housing, and include a wide range of styles, including farmdominiums, shopdominiums, garagedominiums, and more!