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Luxury Missouri Barndominium: 4 Bedrooms Plus a Shop on 50 Acres

Who hasn’t dreamed of designing their own home? For most of us, that vision fades away and we’re relegated to choosing a pre-made plan or working with a builder who has experience. Not so for Colleen and Mitch Roberts and their family! She sketched and designed their luxury Missouri barndominium herself and breathed life into her dream home.

With all that being said, Colleen is a professional civil engineer with experience designing home additions, remodels, and more, so she did not go into the process of creating barndo floorplans green. She also took some gorgeous shots of her home, which she was gracious enough to share with us here.

This impressive Missouri barndominium measures 40’ x 50’ x 18’ with 3,800 square feet of finished living space and includes not just four bedrooms and four bathrooms, but also a massive shop, a basement, and more. However, despite that size, it doesn’t dwarf the surrounding landscape and manages to nestle perfectly amongst the surrounding hardwood trees.

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The Luxury Missouri Barndominium Exterior

Mitch and Colleen decided to go with white siding, a dark sheet metal roof, and stacked stone wainscotting across the front of the home, garage, and shop, as well as wrapping around the support beams for the massive front porch. While that wainscotting is certainly gorgeous, it actually provides additional benefits, including adding a protective barrier to scuffs, mud, and other potential sources of damage.

The white siding will reflect much of the sun’s heat, keeping the home cooler during the summer months and reducing the Roberts’ utility bills, too. Lighter-colored siding also requires less cleaning – darker colors show dirt and pollen better, meaning you’ll need to pressure wash more often.

A spacious concrete slab provides ample space in front of the shop and garage doors, and a walkway connects that space to the porch and the front door. While the Roberts’ home is certainly spaciously sized, it does not overshadow the beauty of its rural setting.

Luxury Missouri Barndominium exterior
Closer look of Luxury barndominium with the black entrance door, white walls and dark roofing
Banrodminium back view
Main House and Garage Exterior
Main entrance with stone wainscotting

The Missouri Barndominium Interior

Step through the front door of the Roberts’ home and you’re in an entry hall that leads you forward toward a high-ceilinged living area surrounded by loft space. The luxury Missouri Barndominium living room features a gorgeous digital fireplace (with no TV installed over it!), flanked by massive windows to let in plenty of natural light and to show off the view of the lake behind the house.

The Missouri Barndominium Entry Hall
The Missouri Barndominium Living room
Interior digital fireplace
Stairs to the second floor with dark brown stained wood railings

Stairs on the right lead up to the second floor where the kids’ bedrooms are (the master is on the main floor for privacy and ease of access). To the right of the living space/loft, you’ll find yourself in Colleen’s amazing kitchen. It’s an incredible combination of elegance and rural charm thanks to the ultra-modern appliances and the gorgeous wood and brick. It manages to evoke French Country style with an undeniable dose of Americana (and we’re dying to sit at that marble island bar with a cup of coffee and maybe a plate of Belgian waffles!).

View of the stairs leading to second floor and view fo the kitchen
Kitchen with white cabinets and brick stone backsplash
Gorgeous white kitchen with white marble island
center island with wooden seats
Beautiful kitchen lights with wood case
Decorative wreath on kitchen exhaust vent and top view of the stainless kitchen stove and marble countertops

Also on the main floor of the luxury Missouri Barndominium, visitors will find a laundry room with access to the outside. The Roberts’ experience running a working farm taught them (the hard way) that clothing takes a beating, and you don’t want to walk through the entire house coated in mud (and worse) just to get somewhere to disrobe. The laundry room even has its own attached shower for faster cleanup. Talk about planning ahead!

The Master Bed and Bath

The master bedroom offers plenty of space for rest and relaxation, plus lots of natural light thanks to plenty of windows. Of course, the view of the lake from the bedroom certainly adds to the experience. The large, walk-in closet provides ample storage space to cut clutter, while the soaking tub and separate shower offer the chance to luxuriate after a long day working. And, seriously, who wouldn’t want to luxuriate in that marble-surrounded tub with its own fireplace and HDTV?

Bathroom sink, vanity mirrir, bathtub with LED fireplace and TV

The Upstairs

Venture up the stairs at this Missouri barndominium, and you’ll find the children’s bedrooms, as well as loft space. A separate entertainment area and play space for the kids takes up most of the loft, while providing them with a place where they can enjoy themselves. The upstairs also has its own bathroom.

View of the living room from upstairs
Loft space with entertainment area and children's play space
Washroom sink and vanity mirrir

Out Back

Finally, step foot out the back door of the luxury Missouri Barndominium and you’re instantly ensconced in nature. The Roberts’ kept as many mature trees as possible, ensuring that the home is completely surrounded by nature. The lake behind the house is both a focal point for interior views and a recreation option for the family! Of course, you could also choose to just sit on this gorgeous porch all afternoon and enjoy the views.

Luxury barndominium outdoor lounge

Is the Barndominium Life for You?

The Roberts are certainly living their best life in their incredible Missouri barndominium. What about you? Is it time to make the leap? Unsure where to start, or even whether a barndominium is right for you?

If so, make sure to check out our eBook, Build Your Dream Barndominium: From First Concept to Move In Day, Here’s What You Need to Know. It covers everything new barndo owners should know before, during, and after their build.

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