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Best Barndominium Floor Plans in Florida

We help you find just the right barndominium floor plan in Florida.

Are you searching for the perfect barndominium floor plans in Florida? If so, we will help you find the perfect floor plan you have been searching for. We have hundreds of floor plans, from small floor plans, to large home floor plans and everything in between.

If you find a great floor plan and have a few changes that you would like to see, you may want to take advantage of our modification service that is available.

If you are still trying to decide on the perfect floor plan, this Barndominum floor plan software can help you find just what you are looking for.

Need help finding the perfect barndominum floor plan in Florida? Check out our tips below to help you find the best floor plan in Florida that suites your family’s needs.

Are you building a barndominium in Florida? Be sure to see our complete guide on building a barndominium in Florida.

10 Tips When Choosing the Perfect Barndominium Floor Plan in Florida

When choosing the best barndominium floor plan for your needs, it’s important to think about several factors so that you are happy with your barndominium the day it is built, as well as many years in the future.

If you live in Florida, you will want to consider these tips when finalizing your floor plan.

Identify Your Needs

Start by making a list of your requirements and preferences. Determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, the size of the living areas that you would like, and specific features you want within your home.

Do you want a mudroom with a sink? Do you dream of having a large walk-in closet in the master suite or a big pantry? Do you want the kid’s bedrooms near the master or on the other side of your home? Make a list of all the things you want that are non-negotiable that the home must have. Make another list of the things you would really like. This will help you to find the best barndominium floor plan in Florida.

Think About the Future

You will want to consider your long-term plans that may impact your living space. Are you starting a family or adding a child or two to the mix? Are your parents or grandparents eventually going to move into your barndominium?

By anticipating these things now, it can help you find the perfect floor plan that will fit your family now as well as in the future. There is nothing worse than building your dream home only to realize it no longer suits your family a year after building it. Renovations are pretty costly, therefor considering these things now can save you money in the future.

One Story or Two?

One-story barndominiums are very popular, and for a good reason. They do tend to cost more to build due to more materials needed and the size of the foundation that is required. Determine if you have a preference when it comes to your Florida Barndominium.

Lot Size and Shape

Your lot size in Florida will determine how big your barndominium can be. There are many factors to consider, such as “setbacks,” property lines, easements, and other factors. Make sure you pick a floor plan that fits your lot.

You will also want to consider things like the slope of the property as well as the proximity to the wetlands.

Flow and Functionality

Think about the flow and functionality of the layout of your home. How close are the bedrooms to the bathrooms? Is the dining room close to the kitchen? Is there flow from the outside in? A good floor plan will help the flow of your home be efficient and offer you all the conveniences you are looking for.

Open Floor Plan?

Do you prefer an open floor plan that flows from room to room? Most people prefer the kitchen and living room to be open so that whoever is in the kitchen can still be part of the conversations in the living room. There are many open floor plans available, and these continue to still be very trendy. We don’t see this trend dying anytime soon.

Room Sizes

It is important to think about room sizes when it comes to your barndominium floor plans in Florida. If multiple kids are sharing a room, you may want to opt for larger rooms. Do you have furniture you want to ensure fits? Be sure the kitchen, living, and dining areas are the right size to give you the desired space.


Be sure to check how much storage is available with the desired floor plan. Is there sufficient closet and cabinet space? Are other storage areas available to hold all your belongings? This helps keep your home neat and organized, and clutter-free.


When looking at floor plans, be sure to determine if building a home that size is within your budget. Use a barndominium cost calculator to help determine costs.

Account for the Outdoors

You want to be sure that your floor plan allows for space outdoors. Building a big barndominium on a smaller lot may limit the outdoor space that your family may really enjoy.

Once you find the right size home, be sure that you are able to enjoy outdoor living if this is important to you. Be sure there are doors to the backyard, patios, or porches if you desire.

Remember, choosing the best barndominium floor plan in Florida requires a balance between your personal preferences, functionality, and practical considerations. Taking the time to evaluate these factors will help ensure that your floor plan meets your expectations and enhances your daily living experience.

Need more advice? Reach out to modification team to help you create your dream floor plan. Learn more about how to build your dream barndominium with our barndominium program.

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